How to start a conversation on Instagram

How to start a conversation on Instagram

It happened! You have finally managed to find out the name of that person you like and would like to know better. You added her on Instagram but, in addition to putting some likes, you don’t know how to attract his attention. So did you think of starting a conversation with her in the DM , that is, through the messaging service of the photo social network, without however seeming rude or obvious.

If you have arrived here, it is probably because you are looking for some suggestions on “how to take the first step on Instagram”, as well as some inspiration to write a catch phrase and thus start the first exchange of words. In the tutorial that follows, in fact, I will explain to you which steps you should follow to start a conversation about IG; these are tips that are not limited only to finding the right words, but also to configuring your profile in the best possible way, so that it can be as in line as possible with your interests. Before proceeding, however, I want to remind you that on social media it is very easy to meet new people and overcome your shyness, but we must never forget to respect others and not to be angry if someone decides not to answer: it could happen to everyone.


Which profiles can you contact on Instagram?

come iniziare una conversazione su Instagram

Theoretically, you could contact all accounts registered on Instagram , but in different ways and in compliance with their privacy settings. For example, you could contact the profiles you do not follow, both public and private: in the first case, looking for the person or the Page, you will immediately find the “Message” button next to the “Follow” button; in the case of a private account, however, you should select the three dots (top right) and choose the “Send message” option.

If these users were not among your followers , the chat would end up in Instagram message requests and would be less visible. You should wait for your message to be accepted to continue the conversation, and you may not even know, in the meantime, if it has been read.

It’s different to start a conversation with a user who follows you on Instagram . In this case, you could select him directly from the “Direct” section (the paper airplane, top right), looking for his name among your followers. Once contacted, he will receive a notification (like on WhatsApp) and you will be able to know if he has viewed what you have written to him.

Obviously, you will not be able to search or contact users who have blocked you on Instagram. These are people who have decided to avoid you on this social network. I therefore suggest that you respect their decision.

Difference between communicating on Instagram and on WhatsApp

Although there are no big differences between WhatsApp and Instagram DMs in terms of sharing content (audio, video, photos, voice notes, etc.), some substantial aspects that distinguish these two chat services should be emphasized:

    You must have a person’s phone number to contact them on WhatsApp;

  • To start a chat on WhatsApp, you must not be accepted by a profile that does not have yours number;
  • Instagram allows you to send voice messages only up to one minute, WhatsApp has no time limits;
  • WhatsApp allows you to make phone calls and video calls, Instagram only to video calls.

How to send a Direct message on Instagram

iniziare conversazione Instagram invio Direct PC

You can deliver a Direct message on Instagram using the smartpho ne, tablet or PC. As for mobile devices, just open the app of Instagram for iOS or Android and move to the DM section by tapping the paper airplane icon (top right).

In that section, search the account you want to write to (it will appear even if you don’t follow it) and select it with a touch: this will open the chat screen . Tap (at the bottom) on the “ Send message ” button to start writing.

It is also possible to contact someone via Instagram Web . After accessing Instagram from the browser (or from the app for W10), click on the Direct icon (top right). A page will open with the chats already started on the right and, on the left, the button “ Send message “; you will have to select it and choose who to contact among your followers.

Alternatively, you could contact a user by visiting their profile and selecting the “Message” button. For more information, read how to chat on Instagram.

What to write in the first message

“Breaking the ice” is never easy. For this reason, writing your first message on Instagram might be a little anxious, especially if you really like to receive an answer.

If you were going to start a conversation on Instagram with a person who “Know only online” – maybe because you like or care what she publishes – and if you want to start talking to us, in the first message you could introduce yourself and try to explain why you are contacting her . Or you could show yourself fascinated by his last post published and ask questions about where the photo was taken, for example if it is a panorama.

If you want to contact a person you know even offline , albeit not in depth, in the first message you may remember your first meeting, even more so if you have recently introduced yourself, or ask how she is and what she is doing in this period, if you haven’t heard for a long time.

Advice for starting a chat on Instagram

Starting to write to someone on Instagram, however, should not be an action that is limited to “sending the first message”. Preliminary steps should be put into practice. Or, it would be better to think of alternative methods, so as not to be trivial to the recipient.

In this regard, below is a list of tips that may help you.

Configure your profile in the best possible way

The profile you create on social networks is your business card, and for this it must be a minimum of care, especially if you want to use the account to contact people who don’t know you live.

My suggestion is to set up a profile picture that portrays you : if you don’t feel like using a close-up, a photograph taken from afar is fine too. Also try to complete the information in the IG Bio and keep the profile active , posting some content in the stories or posts.

It is very rare in fact that someone replies to a message sent by an “empty profile”: the user may think that he has been contacted by a fake IG account.

Find the right words

Searching for the right words is one of the most difficult steps to start a chat on Instagram. One piece of advice I can give you is to avoid compliments for published photos, especially if they are selfies or self-portraits, because they would risk ending the conversation immediately with a “thank you” or a like to the message.

You could try asking for information instead, especially if you want to contact a person you respect for their creativity or for the type of work they do and show on the social network.

If you want to contact a person you have just met or you haven’t talked to for a long time, you might try talk about your first meeting , or if she remembers when you were dating, maybe back in school.

Reply to a story

It may happen that the person you want to talk to publishes a story with a background music you know, or that shows a photo of a place in which you have been recently, or which refers to topics and issues you are particularly experienced in. In such cases, you could comment on timed content with a question or phrase that demonstrates your interest.

Your message would be delivered to Direct and not public. But try not to resort to the pre-set reactions from Instagram, because the conversation could end immediately.

Send a post in Direct

iniziare conversazione Instagram invio post nei Direct

While scrolling through your feed or browsing the “Search” section, you may find a very funny and bright meme, a particularly beautiful photo or illustration, and maybe you think they may also like user you would like to chat with. So you could try to start the conversation by sharing the post and writing why it made you think of that particular person.

To send a post in the Instagram Direct , tap the symbol of ‘ paper airplane , under the content (next to the like and comment keys). A window will open, where you can search for the account to send the post to: then, press the blue button called Send; remember that you could also attach a message before selecting the user, using the space “Write a message”.

Don’t insist

Whichever way you choose to “take the first step”, don’t be pushy or pushy , especially if you see that the message has been displayed and you haven’t received a response. Maybe the person you contacted hasn’t found the time to answer you yet or they are also thinking about what to write.

In any case, if the user decides not to contact you, leave them free to do what they want , otherwise you could be reported on Instagram or, worse, law enforcement.

If the conversation is with a guy

Write to someone on Instagram it is not an action that varies according to the gender of who you want to contact. The ways to start and continue a conversation do not change, the important thing is to always be respectful of the other and polite.

If you want to write to a guy because you like, want to make friends or are interested in what he posts on the social network, try to get to know him based on the content he posted on his profile. You may find something that unites you and start chatting from that topic, or you may be interested in learning more about what he does in life and what he is passionate about.

conversation is with a girl

The same advice applies if you want to write to a girl on Instagram. Try to find out what she likes , obviously without exaggerating: seeing that someone genuinely cares about what you post online can be very pleasing.

But don’t limit yourself to compliments, reactions to stories or phrases for their own sake, because the conversation could end as it started after the first message.

Phrases to start a conversation on Instagram

It can happen to be “speechless” while writing the first message. Well, to find inspiration, you could use aphorisms and quotes , such as from books.

If you decide to start with a famous phrase, first of all keep in mind that must make sense : maybe the person you want to contact is passionate about literature, you know its author favorite and then you decide to use one of his sentences; or find out from the stories that he is watching a film you know a dialogue of by heart. In short, I advise you to understand the context well before using the words of famous people to start a chat on Instagram.

For the rest, there are many aphorism sites online that could help you, to example You should just figure out if there is one that fits your situation.

If you want to be contacted by an Instagram profile

It can happen that, despite your desire to start a conversation on Instagram, you just can’t take the first step . You will therefore wonder what you have to do to get contacted on the social network, but do not think that it is easier or that you do not have to do anything.

The person you want to write to you will have to find a reason to contact you, and for this you should follow some precautions. For example, you could keep your profile up to date and active, or use some story options, such as polls or the question box; show your interests and make it clear that you are ready to give information on the topic you are most experienced in. If you need help, read how to have a person write to you on Instagram or the in-depth study on how to hook up on Instagram.

Final thoughts

Finally, although it is easier today to try to meet someone online rather than live – especially for the more timid – the dynamics that are established do not vary much: after all, there are always people behind the screens. And no, talking to each other on Instagram isn’t like starting a chat on Tinder.

For this, my final advice is to always be honest , not being pushy and acting with education. With this in mind, jump in and start talking, the rest will come by itself.

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