How to unblock people on Instagram

How to unblock people on Instagram

By dint of receiving messages and Direct every 10 minutes, you have decided to take matters into your own hands by blocking the annoying user who tormented you on Instagram, so that you can finally use the photo social network without having to take into account the “serial jammer” every time. After a few days, however, you realized that you had acted too impulsively: perhaps that person just wanted a hand on how to use Instagram and how to start the climb to become a successful influencer like you (or at least hopefully!). Taken by remorse, you decided to remove the ban you activated against that subject, but at the best, you realized that his profile had disappeared.

What could have happened? If this doubt still haunts you, you’ve come to the right guide: in the insights you find below, I will show you how to unblock a person on Instagram based on different cases and with different devices. By doing so, you should be able to get back in touch with the user you haven’t heard from for some time.


What happens if you unblock an Instagram user

come sbloccare persone su Instagram

When you unblock a previously blocked user on Instagram, they can return to follow you and therefore receive your posts and stories on their feed. Of course, what he can see varies based on your account privacy settings.

In any case, if the user in question hasn’t blocked you as well, you will need to contact him to get you. follow again (and thus also retrieve the follow), especially if you have set your profile as private.

If, on the other hand, your profile is public, the presence or absence of the follow does not change much for him: just contact him and ask him to check your profile every now and then, perhaps apologizing for the fact that you had banned him.

Who can be unblocked on Instagram

Unfortunately, not all users you have blocked can leave the “tunnel” you have decided to send them to: the person who manages the profile in question has blocked you in turn , unblocking him will not lead to anything, since you will not be able to see his posts, you will not be able to contact him via Direct and you will not be able to see his stories. Obviously, having blocked you, your profile will also not be visible to that person, thus taking away any chance of recovering the report.

In some scenarios, however, you may not be able to unblock a contact blocked on Instagram , perhaps due to the bans issued by the social network itself: if the contact was a real “serial nuisance” (so it didn’t just bother you), the many reports and blocks received led Instagram to release one or more shadowbans towards that profile, which can prevent you from contacting it or avoid any kind of relationship with other users.

I will return to this topic in the final chapter, where I will tell you about the tips to apply in case you fail find the previously blocked contact.

Unblock a person on Instagram

After a few short introductory chapters, you have finally arrived at the actual guide! Here, I will show you how to unblock people on Instagram using any device compatible with the social network.

You will be able to intervene promptly and try to recover a tense or stormy relationship with one contacts that you had previously banned.


come sbloccare persone su Instagram iPhone

On iPhone, you can unblock an Instagram contact very easily . Proceed by opening the application and looking for the profile to unlock using the menu in the shape of a magnifying glass (found below).

When you’ve found it, tap it in the search results to open its tab. So, press on the three dots (top right) and tap the option Unlock.

A confirmation window will appear, where it is enough press a second time on Unblock and lastly on Ignore . Now the contact will be available and unblocked again!

Another method that you can use to unblock an Instagram user with the iPhone, is to press on the icon in the shape of a little man (bottom right), press on the icon with the three lines (top right) and choose Settings .

From that section, tap the Privacy menu and choose the Blocked Accounts item. In the list that appears, find the name of the person to unblock and proceed to do so.


come sbloccare persone su Instagram Android

If you use an Android smartphone from any manufacturer, be it Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or another, you can unblock previously blocked people on Instagram without too much difficulty.

To do this, open the ‘ social photo app , click on the button in the shape of magnifying glass and search for the name of the blocked profile. Then, tap on it in the search results to view its profile (which will have hidden contents until you unlock it).

In the summary screen, pressing on the three dots (in top right), just press Unblock to remove the user from banned profiles.

As an alternative method, you could always act from Profile settings . Enter it and follow the path Settings> Blocked Accounts . When viewing blocked users, it simply finds the name of the person of your interest and remove the block against him.


come sbloccare persone su Instagram PC

Although Instagram was born as an app camera to use on smartphones and tablets, you could also unlock accounts from PC and Mac . To do this, you could use the social network website (also in the mobile version) or, if you have Windows 10, the desktop app.

Continue by opening the Instagram web page and logging in with the profile in your possession. Next, search for the profile you blocked using the search bar (which appears at the top). Lastly, click on the Unlock button, present right next to the name.

Alternatively, if you do not see the unlock button, just select the menu with the three dots (next to the profile name) and use the Unblock this user item.

If you can’t unblock users in this way, try using the W10 desktop application . Once you have downloaded the computer software client, log in with your account. After that, click on the little man icon and then on the gear button next to your name. In that section, click on Privacy and lastly on Blocked accounts . From there, you can manage all banned users and unblock them at your discretion.

Reactivate Direct chat with an Instagram contact

come sbloccare persone su Instagram Direct

You no longer receive Direct messages from a previously blocked contact? In addition to unlocking it with the methods seen so far, you can try to “unleash the situation” by configuring another option.

Proceed by opening the Instagram app on your phone or tablet. Then, tap the paper airplane icon and enter the Direct chat with the person you can’t contact. Then, click on the i icon (top right).

In the new window you will see, make sure that the Activate i messages . Since you are at it, also check that Direct messages have not been blocked for that account. You will notice that this has not happened by checking the presence of the option Block account .

​​If you have not found the user blocked on Instagram

If a person has already blocked you on Instagram , you will not be able to follow the procedure described in the first part of the guide, since the account would be invisible in searches. In this case, in fact, you need to unblock your profile, as I explained in every second part of the procedures described above.

So try to access the path Settings> Privacy> Accounts blocked , to see if the name of this subject is present. In case you find it, proceed to remove the block.

Instead, if you can’t unblock the person on Instagram in this way, I suggest you put into practice the advice I have included in the guide in which I explained how to see who blocked you on Instagram. In this way, you will be able to know with relative certainty if your profile has also been blocked on Instagram or if the error is due to something else.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated when you intend to unblock people on Instagram, it is the time from your lock to the next unlock. In the meantime, the subject could:

  • Being unsubscribed from the social network;
  • Changing username;
  • Being banned forever;
  • Requesting the deactivation of the profile (which would hide it for about a month).

In these cases, you would have vain chance to fix it quickly, but you could ask for a hand to a mutual friend or to a relative , who surely follows this person. Using a shared account, or at least a second Instagram profile, you could find out why this user seems to have mysteriously “disappeared”.

If you can see the blocked account with this method, it means that he has set restrictive privacy settings for you. In this case, you could try to contact the user with another social network or with a chat app (such as WhatsApp or Telegram, for example, if you know his phone number), so as to finally be able to clarify the misunderstanding ( but don’t overdo it, otherwise you will get the opposite effect).

Do not show part of content to an Instagram user

If after having unblocked the Instagram user if you have any doubts about sharing some stories about you, there is no need to expel him from your followers. Instead, just adjust your privacy settings , making them more effective against him.

For example, you could hide your stories from that user . But be careful: if you do not want me to be able to view them anonymously, you will have to use the Close friends option. This is the only way to publish content without being spied on.

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