How to understand if you have been silenced on Instagram

How to understand if you have been silenced on Instagram

Did you notice that that person no longer sees your stories? Has it been a while since you haven’t liked or left a comment under the last post you published on Instagram? Yet, you checked, that user is still among your followers and uses the social network regularly. What may have happened? Perhaps, you have been silenced. Don’t panic, it can happen to anyone! Today, the actions we perform online have about the same value as those performed offline. If you have been silenced on Instagram by someone, in fact, it means that that person, for the moment, does not want, gets irritated or saddened to see what you do or think, or to receive in his feed the content you post. It could be the consideration, in the real world, of those who do not want to see you, but do not even want you to know.

When you are silenced, in fact, you do not receive any notification and you do not have the same certainty as when, for example, your account is blocked. The person who has silenced you also receives a notification in the event of a tag on a photo or comment, thus continuing to interact with you, if she wants, without being discovered. However, do not despair: first of all, this is a reversible condition, and it may be that in a short time it can change; second, if this has happened, it is not necessarily your fault. In the tutorial that follows, therefore, I’ll explain if any of your followers, while continuing to follow you, have chosen not to see what you post, also trying to understand why it happened and what this condition entails. I state that it is rare, however, that an account notices that it has been “silenced”, especially if it has many followers. That’s why we will proceed by trial and error.


What does being silenced on Instagram entail?

come capire se ti hanno silenziato su Instagram

If your follower chooses to mute you on Instagram, they can decide whether to deactivate only your posts , your stories or both content. Therefore, it may no longer see the content you post, even though it continues to follow you.

This, for you, should not be a problem, except that doing so could reduce your views , likes and comments on the content you post. But if one or a few users do not see what you publish, the variation would be almost imperceptible, which is why you rarely notice it, especially if you already had few interactions with them.

Which accounts can be silenced on Instagram?

silenziato su Instagram opzione Silenzia

It is possible to mute Instagram posts and mute IG stories, i.e. published content from the accounts you follow , such as profiles and Pages , public or private. Just use the appropriate option found in the post gallery of each board.

It is not possible to activate the silent mode for the Sponsored Pages or for the accounts that are in the Search section. What does this mean? That will surely have been silenced by your follower .

Why are you silenced on Instagram?

silenziato su Instagram motivi

If someone has silenced you on Instagram, it’s because they doesn’t want to see what you do , who you are with, what you think or just what you post, but they don’t want you to know. Unfollowing you might seem like a drastic and more “passable” choice.

As I said at the beginning, you don’t necessarily have to have done something wrong to have been silenced, the reasons can be multiple. Sometimes you are silenced at the end of a relationship, whether it is love or friendship, the person who decides to do so simply wants to take a break from you even online so as not to suffer. Or the contents we publish can annoy some followers, perhaps due to different political opinions; or arouse envy, did you by any chance post photos of Caribbean beaches in January? Sometimes family members or colleagues are silenced, that is, people with whom we must necessarily have an offline relationship and therefore we choose to save their social content.

Remember, however, that if a person does not want to see your content , does not mean that it is completely closing relations with you.

How to understand if your Instagram account is silenced

Understand if your profile has been muted is not as easy as when, on the other hand, you are blocked on Instagram or someone stops following you on IG. For this, once you have identified the followers who may have pressed the “Silence” button, you will have to proceed by trial and error.

Stories view control

silenziato su Instagram visualizzazioni storie

To check if you have been silenced by someone on Instagram, you can start your search from stories . The social network, in fact, allows you to disable either only the stories or only the post of a user, or both.

Once the content (photos, videos or GIFs) has been published, it will remain visible for twenty-four hours, so , start looking at IG story views. You can do this on each, by pressing on the eye icon , which returns the list of names. The order of the Instagram stories also suggests which are the most active fans, that is, those with whom you interact or who view your profile most frequently.

If you find among the followers who have viewed the person or people you think have silenced you probably not , unless they specifically went to your profile to see what you shared.

Another solution would be to check the comments . If users who you believe have disabled your content left a comment under your post, then they may not have silenced you, because it probably appeared in their feed.

Control of likes

Also for likes the same goes for comments. Once you’ve posted a post, if the person you think has silenced you has liked you, chances are they’ve seen your content in her feed. So, your account shouldn’t have been silenced.

Checking Insight Data

silenziato su Instagram esempio dati Insight

One more thing you can do, is to check the Instagram Insights active on each post and story, that is, the statistics that the social network provides to users with a company profile. Thanks to this data you can see the coverage of your content, that is how many users have reached, and the conversions, the actions that have been made starting from what you have published such as likes, comments, shares etc.

If you have a lot of followers, but data and views are low , it may be that among your following there are fake Instagram profiles or that someone has silenced you, so as not to see your posts and your stories.

Ask profile-manager

An attempt might be to ask a question point blank who you think has silenced you, to be sure that this is the case or to disprove this belief.

This is a real investigative strategy. You can in fact publish a post and ask the person in question if they liked it . If he followed you on Instagram, he would not answer doubtfully and the content would appear among the last published in his feed, otherwise he would have to go and look for it in your profile.

Of course, remember that users may not have seen the post as well. for other reasons , not necessarily because you have been silenced.

See the list of silenced-profiles

silenziato su Instagram lista utenti silenziati

The only way to be sure that your follower has deactivated your content is to look at the list of profiles that have been silenced by their account . Obviously, it must be someone you know and who has given you consent to do so.

Once connected, go to your profile (by tapping the thumbnail photo, bottom right ), select the three horizontal lines (top right), choose Settings and tap Privacy . In the Contacts section, you can check the list of silenced accounts . If yours appears among these, you will have found what you were looking for. Read how to remove muted accounts on Instagram for more information.

It is also true that, if you are familiar with the person who has silenced you, you could ask them directly, remembering that everyone is free to do the your choices.

If you have a lot of followers

It’s difficult to tell if you’ve been silenced by someone when you have a very consistent following , unless there is a drastic drop in views or conversions.

If, on the other hand, only a few people have deactivated your content, it is rare for you to succeed to notice, unless they are dear to you and therefore their virtual absence could weigh in some way.

If you have few followers

With smaller numbers , on the other hand, you will have a clearer idea of ​​who might have silenced you on Instagram . Often, in fact, these are users you know and with whom you have any kind of relationship even in the offline world.


In conclusion, if you do not use Instagram to work, but only as a pleasure and pastime, the fact of having been silenced by some account should not cause you much harm, especially if, as I said at the beginning, you have not published any content inconvenient and therefore you have not intentionally annoyed your followers.

Therefore, do not lose your head trying to figure out who may have disabled your posts or stories, and remember that this is a condition reversible : the silent can be removed at any time.

As in reality, even on social media everyone is free to make their own choices and decide to customize their feed based on what wants or does not want to see. And if your posts don’t appear in this selection for now, that doesn’t mean it will be like this forever.

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