How to unfollow on Instagram

How to unfollow on Instagram

Social interactions on Instagram are based on a following mechanism. Translated from English into Italian, this word refers to the verb to follow. It is in fact a social networking system that gives users the possibility to choose who to follow. Unlike Facebook, where users have to send a friend request to get in touch, on Instagram, you choose what to see between profiles and hashtags. And of course, you are also allowed to unfollow on Instagram , or stop following a user or a hashtag.

The action you take to remove the follow is called unfollow in the language English. But how do you do this? And above all, what does this decision imply? You probably came down here with these doubts. Well, if you have a few minutes, I could explain it to you right away. However, I state that by performing this action repeatedly and in a short time you may come across the action blocked on Instagram, that is, a shadowban . I therefore suggest that you use the tips described with caution.


What it means to unfollow on Instagram

come unfolloware su Instagram

As I anticipated, Instagram social interactions are based on a following and unfollowing mechanism, which allows you to arbitrarily decide what you want to follow and, consequently, what you want to see.

On Instagram, you are allowed to follow:

Choosing to follow someone or something on Instagram can be temporary. Maybe during the Christmas period, attracted by the colorful photos of decorations, gifts, sweets and sumptuous dinners, you started following the hashtags related to Christmas. Then, however, the holidays ended and summer arrived. You started seeing photos of Christmas trees in July and didn’t find them that interesting. It would have been better to populate the feed with photos of tropical beaches to dream of the holidays during the summer session or while you are at work.

And here comes the mechanics of unfollow . In fact, you can stop following anyone with a tap. By doing so, you would no longer see the posts of that particular hashtag, profile or place.

It can be said, therefore, that through the unfollow action, it is possible to adjust the contents of the feed so that they remain in line with their interests over time.

How to unfollow on Instagram

To unfollow someone on Instagram , you have three different solutions available. Specifically, you could:

  • Unfollow;
  • Block the user;
  • Hide their posts from your feed.

Let’s see in detail the steps to perform these actions.


come unfolloware su Instagram opzione Non seguire più

To execute the unfollow , just go to the profile of a user, a hashtag or a place. From there, tap the Follow Already option and then choose the Unfollow option highlighted in red.

By doing so, your username will be removed from the follower list of that profile. And as a result, you will no longer see his posts or stories in your feed.


come unfolloware su Instagram blocco

About the user block, it is a drastic operation. It can help you not to be contacted via Direct and not to be followed again. However, be aware that you may continue to be spied on if you have a public account (correct, anonymous).

However, if you intend to proceed, tap the three dots in the profile card of the user (top right) and choose Block . By doing so, you will automatically remove the follow as well.

Silence the profile

come unfolloware su Instagram opzione Silenzia

Then there is another option that, perhaps, could put an end to all your troubles: the one that allows you to hide the posts of a profile without stopping following it . This way you will be able to clean your feed and at the same time not disappear from its followers.

To perform this action, go to the profile of your interest, tap Follow already and choose Silence . Then, activate the option for Posts and Stories .

How to unfollow more people on Instagram

If you want to clean up your account a bit, because you may be following too many users, you may need to unfollow multiple people at once . Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Instagram does not offer the possibility to do multiple unfollows. The only thing you could do using the social network options, is to stop following users manually.

However, there are free apps to manage unfollows and to unfollow users. mass. I’ll explain how they work in the following discussion.

App for unfollowing those who don’t follow you on Instagram

come unfolloware su Instagram app Mass Unfollow

You may have installed some bots that follow users automatically. Or even, you may have adopted a follow replacement strategy. And now, you would like to know if the people you are following have followed you as well. If not, you would like to remove the follow. Well, if that were the case, you could use free apps to make it easier for you.

These apps allow you to identify followers who are not following you, but also to find those who certain things follow. I personally use the Mass Unfollow For Instagram app, available for both iOS (link) and Android (link). I suggest you try it, because it’s really useful.

The app behaves the same way, regardless of the operating system used. It requires you to login with your Instagram credentials , which you will have to do manually. After logging in, the app will present you a screen with an interactive menu at the top left, which will allow you to perform the functions of switching accounts and detecting popular hashtags.

Instead, remaining in the home of the application, you will have the possibility to see who does not follow you among the people you follow . You will also be allowed to unfollow and view the followers who have returned the follow.

There is also the whitelist , to be filled in manually. In it, you can enter the names of who you don’t want to unfollow. In addition, there is also the Copy followers function nearby. This option allows you to find profiles followed by other users.

To massively defollow users who do not follow you , all you have to do is go to the Do not follower and, at the bottom of the tab, tap on Unfollow .

Defollow everyone on Instagram

Using the same app I suggested in the previous discussion, you can also unfollow all users. Although there is no specific function to perform this action, you can do it in a few steps.

Proceed unfollowing first who does not follow you and then users you have mutual followers with . By doing so, you will un-follow all users you were following. If you wish to have further procedures available about massive unfollowing, follow this guide.

How to get unfollowed on Instagram

come farsi unfolloware su Instagram

If you don’t want to be followed by someone on Instagram, you can unsubscribe from their follow . The procedure is not very simple, but not too complicated.

To remove a user’s follow, go to her profile . Then, tap on the three dots (located in the upper right corner) and select the Block option. By blocking a user, you will automatically remove their follow.

If you don’t want to block that person permanently, you may unblock them right after. To do this, just go to your profile settings , choose the Privacy option and then Blocked Accounts . After that, tap on the username , press on the three dots and choose Unlock.

If you want to find the ghost follower and delete them, perhaps because in the past you followed the rules of “follow for follow” and now you understand that this is not the right way, read this other tutorial.

How to find out who doesn’t follow you anymore on Instagram

As you can decide to unfollow on Instagram, even those who follow you can perform the same action against you . Maybe he’s not interested in your stories or posts anymore.

You are probably wondering if this is possible. find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram . The answer to this question is not simple. In fact, if you receive a follow notification when someone starts following you, the same does not happen when your follower takes the opposite action.

The disappearance of followers, in fact, is often reserved and silent. . But there are effective ways to resolve the matter. So let’s see what they are and how they work.

Instagram Statistics

come unfolloware su Instagram account aziendale statistiche

Instagram provides you with a visual indicator, or rather, a counter , of those who are your followers. And if your profile weren’t very big and didn’t suffer too many subscriber variations every day, you could find the names of those who have stopped following you in a really simple way.

The first sign that suggests you, indirectly, to check the list of followers, is the decrease in the number of followers. But if your profile is dynamic enough and has noticeable follower variations, you may not realize that despite the growth, there are some followers leaving your audience.

If you have a business account or by creator , and therefore not a simple personal account, you could take advantage of some analysis tools made available by Instagram. Among these, there is a metric regarding the variation of followers , which tells you if there have been follows and unfollows on your profile. To unlock these statistics, activate your business profile as described in this guide.

Once you have transformed your account into a business profile, you should see Statistics (Insights ). Select it and choose the one called Public from the tabs shown to you. In this section, you will be informed about the number of followers who have started or stopped following you. Unfortunately, however, you will not be told who these people are.

Name of followers who no longer follow you

To find the name who has unfollowed you , and maybe unfollow them on Instagram in turn, you could:

  • Do a manual search;
  • Use external apps.

In the first case, if you remember your username , just look for it in the Search for followers section. You can find it in your profile by tapping the total number of your followers.

As for the third-party apps , you will initially be asked to log in with your account. After that, your profile will be scanned continuously, so you can catch users who stop following you.

The downside of these apps is that they often don’t allow you to see users who have done so. unfollow before they start. In any case, if you want to try one, you could opt for “ Unfollowers for Instgram, lost ” if you have Android (link) or for “ Unfollowers for Instagram ”if you have iOS (link). For more information, read this tutorial I’ve already written.

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