How to uninstall Instagram

How to uninstall Instagram

As I have shown you several times, Instagram is undoubtedly the social network of the moment. Especially the new generations, the so-called millennials, particularly love the philosophy behind this service and which allows you to publish creative content in a few taps. Despite this, however, it often happens that a user wants to take a break, even temporarily, and therefore intends to uninstall Instagram .

If this is the case for you, know that today you are in the right place. In fact, in this guide I will show you how to delete the Instagram app or profile and the various methods you can follow to do so. Right from the start, I tell you that to uninstall the application, it is not necessary to delete the account, but you can follow an alternative path. Are you ready to follow me on this adventure? So come on, let’s get started.

How to uninstall Instagram

come disinstallare Instagram

Every day about 1.2 billion users use Instagram to upload their own data. These are truly incredible figures if you consider that only in 2013 the share of people registered on the social network did not even reach 100 million. This also shows you how more than other services, Instagram has been able to conform to current times, perfectly meeting the needs of users.

Despite all this success, however, it happens every day that thousands of people decide to uninstall Instagram from your device. In this article, I will not analyze the causes that lead to this decision, but I will provide you with an exhaustive guide to the various methods available to delete Instagram from your smartphone or PC.


What happens if I remove the Instagram app

Before seeing the practical part of this guide, I want to solve for you a question that many users ask me every day: “ What happens if I remove the Instagram app? “.

This is in fact the most frequent question asked by those who decide to delete the application, just wanting to analyze the pros and against the operation. So let’s see what the consequences of this action are.

Uninstall Instagram without losing data

The first thing you absolutely need to know is that it is possible uninstall Instagram without losing data , at least in most situations. By deleting the app from your smartphone, tablet or PC, in fact, your photos, likes and followers will remain safe until you decide to use the social network again.

This happens because the data of Instagram are saved on a remote server, then on the cloud, where they remain until you decide to delete them. Of course, for some this can be a notable lack, but I assure you that compared to the average, the security measures of this social network are very effective. I could almost say that the company has invested more in this field than in server stability, given the frequent downturns that affect them.

Uninstall Instagram from Android

come disinstallare Instagram Android

Android is currently the operating system installed on multiple devices and, precisely for this reason, the number of users who want to uninstall Instagram is wider than Apple products. Uninstalling Instagram from Android is a real breeze and I assure you that it won’t take you more than a few minutes to complete this operation.

First, then, unlock your Android smartphone and open the app drawer , which is the space where the applications installed in the internal memory are displayed. Here, you’ll find the icons sorted alphabetically, then scroll down or right to find Instagram .

Now, hold down the application icon until a small dialog box appears where you will have to select the Uninstall item and then confirm the operation.

How do you say? Were you unable to uninstall Instagram with the method I just described to you? Don’t worry, in this case I have an alternative solution ready for you. You should know that the Android options are accessible on all devices, but not all manufacturers implement them in the same way.

Then open the Settings and go to the section dedicated to Applications , usually called “Apps” or “Apps and notifications”. Here, in fact, you can view the complete list of installed applications . Then search for Instagram and tap on the name. In the screen that opens, then press the Uninstall button and wait for the operation to complete.

Uninstall Instagram from iOS

come disinstallare Instagram iOS

Likewise, if you own an Apple smartphone or tablet, you can uninstall Instagram from iOS with ease. Of course, the steps that I will show you shortly will not be the same ones to follow on Android, but the procedure is really very similar.

Then unlock your iPhone and look for the Instagram icon , which should be present on your home page or on subsequent pages. Now, press and hold the icon for a couple of seconds to start the app flickering . Then, press on the red X that appears on the screen, then select Delete to complete the operation.

Alternatively, to uninstall Instagram from iPhone, you can also follow another path. Open Settings and tap on General . In the menu that will appear on the screen, press then Space on your device and iCloud . Now, you just have to tap on Manage space , then going to locate the Instagram icon. Press on it and select Delete App .

Uninstall Instagram from PC

Did you know that for some time now is it possible to use the Instagram application directly from the computer? This option offers an alternative to browser browsing that could be interesting for many users.

If you are one of the first who decided to use this mode, but it has never made you crazy, it is most likely you want to uninstall Instagram from PC . Let’s see how to proceed for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Windows 10

come disinstallare Instagram Windows 10

In case you have a Windows 10 PC , you must know that uninstalling Instagram from your computer is truly an operation within everyone’s reach. First, open the search bar at the bottom left by typing the word “ App ” in it. Among the options that appeared, then click on Add or Remove Programs .

Now, you will find yourself in front of a new screen, where there is a search box in the center. Inside it, type Instagram and wait for the results to be returned to you. All you have to do is press the Uninstall button next to Instagram and wait for the procedure to finish.


come disinstallare Instagram uscita browser

The “park of applications” for Apple PCs, in recent years, has seen a significant increase. Among the new apps, however, at the time of writing, Instagram has not been included. This means that if you are wondering how to uninstall Instagram from Mac , it is very likely that you are using the browser .

Of course, you already know how to post photos on Instagram from PC, using the mobile version of the browser. In this way, in fact, you have always been able to share photos and videos from your computer.

However, it is likely that you are tired of doing it and that you no longer need to use this method. Well, if you really want to delete your data from the browser, you could remove the cookies of the website

To do it with Chrome , just go to Settings , choose Advanced and then Site settings . Then choose Cookie and then Show all cookies and website data . At this point, search for and click, next to this item, the trash can symbol to delete the cookie.

In doing so, By connecting to again, you will be prompted to log in again. This will mean that you have successfully logged out of your account.

Alternatively, you could log out of the website . Just click on the profile icon , select the gear and choose Exit .

Uninstall Instagram from Facebook

come disinstallare Instagram da Facebook

Uninstall Instagram from Facebook , is nothing more than a method to delete the link between the two social networks, thus preventing the automatic sharing of content and profile information. It is therefore likely that you want to keep the two social profiles separate.

If so, to proceed, open the Instagram app and, if you have not already done so, log in with your access data. Then, open Settings from your profile page and click on Account.

Here, select Account connected and then click on Facebook , which should have a blue check next to it, as evidence of the account connection.

Now, to uninstall Instagram from Facebook, you just have to press the Disconnect key and confirm the operation. From the next post or the next story, you will notice that no IG content will be published on FB.

Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

Sometimes, it may happen that some applications they no longer work the right way, producing really weird bugs that leave you baffled. In this situation, the best solution is perhaps to uninstall and reinstall Instagram . As I already told you above, nothing will happen to your photos and videos. Therefore, you can proceed carefree.

Once you have deleted the application as I showed you in the previous paragraphs, all you have to do is download Instagram for Android via Google Play or Instagram for iOS via the App Store.

I can’t-install Instagram again

How do you say? After following my advice are you no longer able to download Instagram ? The first two tips I can give you “point blank” are to restart your smartphone or tablet and check your Internet connection . These are in fact two of the main causes that usually prevent users from downloading applications.

If even these tips fail to unblock the situation, it is likely that your device has a few years on its shoulders and that Instagram no longer supports it, a bit like it happened recently for WhatsApp. So let’s see how to proceed in this case:

  • Android: If you have an Android smartphone and can’t uninstall and install Instagram again, you could try to get the .apk file directly. To search for it online, just open Google and, in the search bar, type “Instagram APK”. Once the download is complete, to install the application, you will need to activate the Unknown sources option from the security settings;
  • iOS : on iPhone or iPad, the situation is a little more complicated than on Android. If you can recover the .apk file on Google’s operating system, the same cannot be said for Apple’s. My advice, in the first place, is to contact Instagram support, and then proceed with a system settings reset if necessary (after backing up the data). Alternatively, you could use a beta version of Instagram by subscribing to the program similar to that of the WhatsApp beta.

Change Instagram account

come disinstallare Instagram cambio account

Instagram is also highly appreciated by those who use it professionally, because it allows you to manage multiple accounts at the same time . This means that you can interact with your personal profile and with a simple tap change Instagram account and select the one of your business.

First of all, however, you will have to add your secondary Instagram account . Then open the application and go to Settings , accessible from the Profile page. Here, at the bottom of the page, select the item Add account and enter the data necessary for login (username and password).

Now, to change your Instagram account, go to page dedicated to your Profile . Here, next to your name (top left), a down arrow will appear. If you press it, you can, with a simple tap, choose the profile to use without logging out.

Uninstall Instagram permanently

come disinstallare Instagram eliminazione account

If you have decided that you no longer want to have anything to do with the social network, then you will surely want to know how to uninstall Instagram permanently . In this way, in fact, in addition to deleting the application, you will delete all your data from the servers, leaving no trace of you around the network.

I recommend that you do this directly from browser , because it is the easiest way to go to delete the Instagram account. Then open this link from your smartphone, tablet or PC and, if you have not done so, enter your login details.

Now, in the drop-down menu that appeared, select the reason for which you are deleting your Instagram account. You will be asked to re-enter the password and press the “ Delete my account permanently ” button to confirm the operation.

Careful however, in this way you will no longer be able to recover your account or the data inside it, such as photos, comments or likes. Alternatively, therefore, you can decide to temporarily disable the Instagram account by clicking on the corresponding option that is present at the top of the same page.

In this way, in fact, your account would be hidden , but not deleted, and you could recover it later and use it as you wish. To complete the operation, complete the fields on the page and finally press the Temporarily disable account button. More information can be found in the guide where I explain how to delete the Instagram profile.

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