How to update Instagram

How to update Instagram

As with the other applications you have downloaded on your smartphone, Instagram should also be periodically updated. Even if you are not a “geek” who can’t wait to try the latest version of this app, updating Instagram from time to time is still very important to make it work at its best and to have all its latest features.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re trying to do it, aren’t you? Well, luckily you are in the right place, because in this guide I’ll explain how to do it, case by case.


What are the Instagram updates

aggiornare Instagram

Have you noticed that Instagram “plays tricks on you” every now and then? You are not the only one, on the contrary. The users of this social network often complain of annoying problems: the application crashes and closes by itself (perhaps right in the middle of editing a post), the stories do not load, the comments are deleted, the followers decrease all ‘sudden. Well, the first attempt I recommend you make in cases like these is to update the application. The developers are in fact constantly working to implement Instagram through updates that are able to solve its bugs and therefore make the user experience satisfactory and smooth.

Also, let’s not forget that the updates on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network provide us with new tools every time. Over time, new post filters have been added, the possibility of inserting music in stories has been introduced, simple DMs have been transformed into full-fledged chats in which to exchange videos, photos and even audio. Even more recently, Instagram has welcomed the Reels, videos that “challenge” TikTok and in which users are already trying their hand at. And who knows what other surprises are in store! In short, if you want to use the latest features too, staying “in step” with other users, you don’t have much choice but to update the application.

Finally, when you install Instagram updates, you make sure also to use the latest available interface, each time designed and developed to make the user experience as simple, intuitive and pleasant as possible.

On which devices you can update Instagram

The Instagram app can be updated on smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems, as well as on notebooks and desktop PCs running Windows 10 .

Instagram Web is updated on the server side , which means there is nothing you can do to use the app functions from your browser (you will have to wait for the developers to release an automatic update).

Via iOS, Android or Windows 10, you can de you decide when to update Instagram, or whether to do it automatically. Make sure you do this, however, when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, when the battery charge is above 60% and if the device memory is free enough. An older device with little storage memory may in fact not be able to update the app with which it connects to the social network.

Types of Instagram updates

You should know that not all Instagram updates are the same. The common ones are part of the stable releases and are periodically released by the company in a public way (for all users), i.e. they are uploaded by the developer to the Android Google Play Store or the iOS App Store with a cadence of about one / two weeks.

Another type of update is what is called beta release : it is an update that the developers are still perfecting, so to be able to make it available to everyone only when every little detail is in place and “everything goes smoothly”. If you want to get early access to the features that are still being worked on, you can become a beta tester; in this way, you will have the opportunity to download and install Instagram updates before others, try them out and send feedback to those who are in charge of their “fine-tuning”. Using the beta versions of Instagram is fun, but not always “roses and flowers”: they are in fact unstable and – sometimes – problematic. Keep this in mind before deciding whether or not to join the beta testing program.

Finally, there are also updates to the Instagram API (acronym for Application Programming Interface), used from Instagram accounts of the Professional, Business and Creator type to manage their presence on the social network, providing them with complete statistical data and full control over all their online interactions.

You have noticed that a new Instagram update is available on the Google Play Store or the App Store and, if on the one hand you are impatient to install it and curious to see what new features it brings, on the other you are afraid that it could be risky. In reality, installing an Instagram update doesn’t hide any pitfalls. From the point of view of data, you can rest assured: they are all saved on the cloud network , so you would not lose anything, even if the application was uninstalled by mistake. In short, it is very different from updating WhatsApp.

The only catch could be the fluidity of the app after the update, especially if it is a beta type, but nothing that doesn’t will be appropriately fixed by the developers, or in any case irreversible (you can always go back, at least on Android).

In principle, updating Instagram should therefore be the opposite of “problematic”, because new versions tend to solve and fix bugs and small glitches, or to introduce new features.

Control of the changelog of the Instagram app

A very useful and interesting thing to do is check the changelog of each Instagram update. What’s this? This English word indicates the list of changes and improvements made to an application, program or operating system: a very simple page of text that is easily found online and that allows you to understand how a certain technological component has changed (that is, in which part of the software changes have been made).

You can consult the Instagram changelog through this web page or that of the Instagram API in this other one.

How to perform an Instagram update

You can update Instagram in two different ways, that is by activating automatic updates or by manually downloading and installing it. Let’s see how to differentiate the procedures according to the operating system used.

Update Instagram automatically on Android

aggiornamento Instagram automatico Android Google Play

If you use an Android device, here’s what you need to do to have Instagram always updated automatically:

  1. Open the app Google Play Store ;
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines (top left) and then on Settings;
  3. Press on Automatic app update and choose the option you prefer, that is via data and Wi-Fi , or via Wi-Fi only (I suggest the latter).

Keep in mind, however, that by doing so, in addition to the Instagram app, all the other applications installed automatically will also be updated. It is not possible to do this specifically.

Automatically update Instagram on iOS

aggiornamento app Instagram download automatici App Store iOS

Using iPhone or iPad the procedure is slightly different, but always automatic:

  1. Go to iOS Settings ;
  2. Tap on the item ” iTunes Store and Apple Store “;
  3. Locate the section” Automatic downloads “and activate the lever under” App updates ”.

Also in this case all the apps installed will be updated automatically, therefore not just Instagram. You can do this if you have not activated iOS power saving.

Update Instagram manually on Android

aggiornamento Instagram manuale Android Google Play

Here’s what to do to update manually Instagram if you have an Android phone:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app;
  2. Type “ Instagram ” in the search bar and select the app from the results;
  3. The tab will open of the application and, if a new version is present, the “ Update ” button would also appear;
  4. If you see it, tap the “ Update ”and wait for the installation to take place.

Update Instagram manually on iOS

aggiornamento Instagram manuale da App Store iOS

If you use an Apple smartphone or an iPad, the procedure to update Instagram manually is as follows:

  1. Open App Store ;
  2. Tap the magnifying glass (bottom right) and search for “ Instagram “;
  3. A screen will open with the application logo and the “ Update ” button, in case you are not already using the latest version available;
  4. Click on “ Update ”And wait for the installation to complete successfully.

Update Instagram manually on Windows 10

The Instagram app is available also for computers running Windows 10. To update it, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store app;
  2. Click on the button “ Check for updates ” (top right) and check that your version of Instagram is not the latest available;
  3. Then press “ Update ”and wait for the installation to finish.

Can Instagram Web be updated?

The answer to this question is no . As I told you a little while ago, Instagram Web, available through , is updated by the developers. So there is nothing you can do but wait for the maintenance to be done by the development team of the social network.

Update Instagram for mobile from computer

Maybe you didn’t know that, but it is possible to update Instagram on mobile or tablet even using a PC or Mac. To do this you have to first of all make sure that your computer and mobile device are connected to the same account Google (Android) or Apple (iOS).

Once this has been verified, just open the Google Play Store or the App Store from the browser, search for Instagram and send the update command on the mobile device (if this, of course, is turned on and has not already installed the latest version of the app).

How to install a beta version of Instagram

aggiornamento beta Instagram Google Play

To have access in advance of the most recent versions of the application, you must become an beta tester of Instagram , by subscribing to the appropriate program. Once registered, you will be able to preview the new functions the developers are working on, but you will also be asked to leave comments and opinions on the latter (feedback), to let you know if “everything works correctly”, if you encounter problems during operation or if something could be improved.

If you use the Android operating system, becoming a beta tester is very simple. On the Google Play Store , search for Instagram and scroll down the tab until you find “ Beta Tester Program “, then click on “ Join ”and wait for confirmation (it may take a few hours). It’s about the same thing you can do to become a WhatsApp beta tester.

If you’re using iOS instead, you can’t be part of the beta testing program (not expected at time of writing). However, you may want to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program, which would allow you to receive the latest versions of the iOS operating system and, consequently, the latest releases of all apps, more frequently.

If the Instagram update doesn’t work

You followed my guide and managed to upgrade Instagram. However, now the app doesn’t work as well as before and you don’t know how to fix it. Don’t worry, try uninstalling the Instagram app and installing it again, as well as see if an additional update is available (if the problem is known, in fact, the developers may have already released a version containing the so-called bugfix). p>

After that, if you still haven’t solved the problem on Android, I suggest you downgrade Instagram by installing the previous version of the app via APK file (you can find several on the net, but be careful to download them from known sources, like APKMirror).

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