How to upload a video to IGTV from cell phone or the Web?

How to upload a video to IGTV from cell phone or the Web?

Over time, platform developers have created multiple social networks or tools that lead to better comfort when interacting with other people around us , loved ones or relatives, obtaining in this way a satisfactory audience that seeks to manage their needs.

These platforms have become the day-to-day of many people or mostly, since they are useful both at work and social level , large companies use these tools to facilitate communication method among its workers, in the same way, have provided society with different sources of employment over the years.

Through them we can obtain great advantages for us , giving them a useful life, we will create considerable financial gains, users on the network have found in these platforms the goal they seek, have an immediacy and full reliability in the development of its technological activities. That is why using them with their due restrictions brings us a better service, with greater supplements.

subir un vídeo a IGTV desde el celular

Instagram What is an IGTV and how does it work?

The social network Instagram is one of the most used in the world by different users, becoming since its launch a power in society at a macro level, and even so better due to its various functions specific that have improved every day for the good of the general public, with the option of having it both on mobile phones and downloading it on our PC.

Among them we have IGTV, which is a new creative functionality to express ourselves, works like Instagram TV so to speak, in order to reach the youngest users of the network, it allows us to publish videos of up to 1 hour in length.

The best thing about this function is that we can find it within the main menu of Instagram, or simply, the can be downloaded through the Play Store , and it is completely free, which is good news for those who want to save a little money and also time.

Main functions of the social network Instagram

For the public there is no doubt that the Instagram application is the best for photographs and videos , allowing to publish in excellent quality, for greater aesthetics, one of the best functions of Instagram is that It allows us a clean editing of images, counting on effects within its menu for a better comfort, and of course it allows to upload images and videos from the gallery.

Also for your improvement it has the instant messaging option , or rather ‘direct’ is the name within the main menu, allowing us to send and play temporary photos, GIFs, stickers, emojis, audios , images and of course videos.

One of the most acclaimed by users is the ‘stories’ function where we can publish several photos in a story, short videos, or moods, a very expressive way, which has a visible duration time for the Maximum followers of 24 hours or we can eliminate it before the stipulated time if we want, and we can observe who has seen our storie.

persona utilizando instagram en el telefono

Upload a video to IGTV from the App

Instagram TV or IGTV is a television channel integrated into the Instagram application, from which you can see content from other users in a personalized way, that is, the application will make channel suggestions according to the content you usually watch. Uploading videos to this platform is very simple, you just must download the application and log in , if you already have an Instagram account you can enter with it, skipping the step of creating a registration, then you must follow the following steps:

Once inside the application you must select the plus sign ‘+’ located at the bottom of the screen, then you must touch the video that you want to upload to your channel, once you choose the video you must go to the next step, you must take into account that to upload videos of up to 15 minutes you have to select the ‘long video’ option if your video lasts less than 60 seconds then select short video ‘.

You will have the option to put a cover on your video, for this you must return to the ‘+’ sign while editing the details in your video and choose a photo from the gallery, before upload the video you should also put a title and a description to make your video easier to locate. And finally when publishing, IGTV gives you the option to put a preview on both Instagram and Facebook, if you want more people to see your content, just confirm this option and that’s it, you’ve already published your first video on IGTV.

Put a video on IGTV with Instagram from Android

To carry out this function it is extremely simple through the main menu, what we must do is, click on the ‘+’ symbol that appears at the bottom of the screen, then we select the video that we want to upload to IGTV and click on ‘next’.

Next, we opt for the ‘long video’ option, this must be done to be able to share it on IGTV, it must be a video that has a duration of at least 60 seconds . Then we put a title and a description that can complement our video.

aplicacion instagram

It offers us the option to publish in our feed directly, with pesto we will get more views, that is, more audience, finally we click on ‘publish’ and that’s it, it’s done, our video published on IGTV from Instagram.

We can publish IGTV also through our computer using the website and selecting the option ‘upload IGTV’ by following the same procedure above.

Upload a video to IGTV on PC with the Web version

If you don’t have a mobile device from which you can download the application, don’t be discouraged! Since you can also upload videos to this platform from your computer, just you must go to the Instagram website and follow the following steps:

Log in to your Instagram account and click on the IGTV icon, once we are there we can see the option ‘upload’ which is the one we are going to click on, then By selecting the plus sign ‘+’ on the screen , we choose the video we want from our documents.

In the same way as in the application you can choose a cover, put a title and a description to your video and select if you want to share it also on Facebook, once these preferences are selected, you do click ‘publish’ and you’re done .

Keep in mind that one quality of uploading videos from your computer is that they can last up to an hour .

Characteristics of the video to be uploaded on IGTV

Like any video platform, your content must meet certain qualities in order to be uploaded to the page, you only have to look at these aspects when uploading a video:

Weight and format

The videos you upload on this platform must have a maximum weight of 650 MB for a common account and in case of being a verified account it will have a limit of 5.4 GB , the format must be MP4 and in portrait orientation.

subir un vídeo a IGTV desde la web


On this platform you can choose the duration of your videos, they are usually divided into ‘short videos’ less than 60 seconds and ‘long videos’ lasting one hour.

How to share a preview of the IGTV video on the profile or feed

The previews in IGTV videos have a duration of 15 seconds, to share a preview only you must activate the ‘Post a preview’ box that will appear in the menu just before publishing the video in your account.

What to do if I can’t upload videos to IGTV?

If IGTV does not upload your video, you must make sure that it meets the requirements that the page demands to be able to do so, check that the video does not weigh more than 650 MB, that the format is MP4 and with portrait orientation . If your video does not meet these qualities, you will have to edit it, reduce it or change the orientation of the screen so that it is accepted by the platform.

How to upload a video to IGTV that is longer than the limit?

You must take into account that when uploading your videos from the phone, the maximum duration that they can have is 15 minutes, if you want to upload a video much longer than this, you should only enter from your computer , go to IGTV and at the plus sign ‘+’ select the duration of the video, which here can be 60 minutes, proceeding to upload your content from the computer.

What do I do if IGTV does not appear on Instagram?

First you must make sure you have updated the Instagram application on your phone, since if you have an old version the IGTV option will not appear for any lake . In case you have the updated app, but the IGTV icon does not appear, you just have to click on the magnifying glass in the lower menu, this action will make you see the IGTV option in the upper left part of the screen and from from there you can use the application normally.

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