How to upload photos and videos to Instagram from your mobile without losing quality

How to upload photos and videos to Instagram from your mobile without losing quality

One of the most used social networks in the world is Instagram. This social network is mainly focused on the world of mobile devices. Uploading videos and photos is very easy , the problem is that in the same way that happens with other social networks and applications, it is that when uploading the photo it loses some quality. Today you will learn how to upload high-quality Instagram photos and videos from mobile phones.

On Instagram, many users tend to take different photos and place them in your story, but they don’t know who sees them . We inform you that there are ways to do it and thus know how many and which people see your published stories.

If you want to learn more about Instagram and the tricks that this social network has prepared for you and Apple users with their iPhones. You should know that they have quite a few and you should discover them in our themes.

How to Upload Photos to Instagram WITHOUT Losing Quality

How to upload photos and videos to Instagram from mobile without lose quality

How to upload photos to Instagram?

There are many people who upload photos to Instagram and when they already published it they realize that the quality of it is not as expected In many cases, the phone’s camera is blamed, but that is not the reason for the poor quality of the photo.

The issue is that, in order to upload a good photo or video quality, it is necessary to use the camera application of the mobile device, that is, you do not have to take the photo from Instagram, but you must do it from the camera application and then go to the social network and upload your photograph by looking for it in the gallery of the mobile device.

When you make videos or take photographs from the Instagram application, it reduces the final quality of the photo or video you are taking, that is why it is recommended to use the App of mobile camera .

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In short, the best way to upload a photo with high quality is taking it directly from the camera and not from the application and with the correct configuration.

In addition, in case you want to add some kind of filter to the photo, then I recommend that you also use some other application to be able to do it since This way you will lose less quality because Instagram, when applying filters, also reduces the quality of the a photo.

In a few words you should use the social network only to upload the photos and nothing else, the rest would be: Take the photo, edit it, etc. All this with third-party applications or in case you can edit it with your computer, much better.

How to post videos on Instagram?

In order to uploading and publishing the videos is the same as with photos. When recording them with the Instagram App, it dramatically decreases their quality, obtaining unwanted results. That is why we also recommend that you use the direct application of the camera of your Smartphone and then upload your video to the social network without problems.

There are many applications that are different subjects are forced to reduce the quality and size of a photo. For example, when we send a video or photo through WhatsApp , the quality and size are obviously greatly reduced.

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This happens so that the data is sent and received much faster , something that is appreciated when one cannot be connected to Wifi, since not only is it downloaded faster with data but also , consumes less of them.

That is why many applications make the decision to reduce the quality of their photographs because, overall, it is not that it affects so much The final quality is remarkable.

We always recommend that you update your Instagram App to its latest version if your Smartphone does not do it automatically. You can do this quickly and safely from any platform, whether it is Android or iOS. This way you will have all the advantages and updates that this application gives you.

If by chance you lost your password or do not remember the username. You can recover everything from the platform’s home page in the section that says Forgot your login password?

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