How to use the link in bio on Instagram to sell

How to use the link in bio on Instagram to sell

The link in bio is the only external link that you can insert on Instagram where you can add your other valuable content external to the social.

Being the only external link you have to exploit it in the best possible way . Do you agree?

In this article we see how to use the link in bio on Instagram .

Come sfruttare il link in bio su Instagram e TikTok
How to use the link in bio on Instagram and TikTok

How to use the link in bio on Instagram

Not all of them have the same goal and often they are multiple, but with only one link available this means that every time you have to change links to promote different things.


These tools that I will recommend in this article will help you get the most out of that only applicable external link in your profile bio.

The operation of these tools is very similar, but there are some that offer different functions than others.

These tools allow you to enclose multiple links in one, users who visit your link will be directed to the page you created with different clickable links.

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An example would be:

  • Direct your followers to the website
  • Download a PDF
  • Promote your other social accounts
  • Products and services
  • Newsletter

There are tools that bundle all these links, and more, in one link.

Among these is Linktree , the most “famous” and probably used on Instagram. Its functions are very basic and allows the insertion of different links with some pre-set templates you prefer.

But there are also tools similar to Linktree that offer advanced and professional features, such as Taplink .

Some of the features that Taplink has are:

  • Custom domain
  • Deep link
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Link programming
  • SEO
  • QR Code
  • Form for lead generation
  • Countdown
  • Landing page
  • Receiving payments
  • Showing the location of your store

Of all the similar tools that I have tried, Taplink is among the best for functionality that offers.

It has both a free and paid version. But the price, for what it offers, is really very low: it starts from € 2 per month for the first paid plan and from € 4 for the premium plan with all the functions.

With the free version you can insert an unlimited number of links, including blocks for frequently asked questions and answers. Also included are statistics for each link and different templates.

With the paid versions you have the ability to create a custom template, advanced statistics, the ability to use videos and photos, the Facebook Pixel to retarget the people who visit your link, create landing pages and the ability to receive payments, create lead generation forms and much more.

Using the code breakingsocial7 you can use one of the paid versions for free for 7 days and evaluate all the options that this tool offers for yourself.

Click here and enter the code breakingsocial7 to take advantage of a premium plan of your choice free of charge for 7 days.


Well, we’ve seen how to make the most of your Instagram bio link . If used well, the link in the bio allows you to increase sales, convert your followers into customers or, in any case, make them do the action you prefer.

Biography is one of the most important things about an Instagram profile, so you need to optimize all the key details in order to convert visitors into followers and the latter into customers.

If you want to find out how to optimize all these small but important details, join my (for) free 7 day course where I will show you how to perfect your Instagram profile.

If you get to try Taplink let me know what you think in the comments below. I’m sure that if you are looking for a professional tool that allows you to take the leap in quality on Instagram, this will not disappoint you.

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