How to zoom in on Instagram

How to zoom in on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that has become very popular in Italy only in recent years, after it had already spread in the US for some time. It has come to undermine the hegemony of its “textual” predecessors: its characteristic, in fact, is that it revolves entirely around images and videos, following a now universal trend of modern communication that prefers this type of content over words. Today, the application linked to this social network is available for both iOS and Android, and is continuously updated to offer new services, while respecting the general cleanliness of the controls and the interface, which has always characterized its philosophy.

However, the simplicity and intuitiveness of the application sometimes create problems for users. In particular, the rumor has spread – unfounded – that it is not possible to zoom in on Instagram , precisely neither the photos nor the videos published by the contacts. It would also seem that we cannot publish photos or videos that show the typical cinematic zoom effect, which in the past could be obtained with optical lenses, and still has a great effect on our video-photographic creations today. Very often, however, appearances can be deceiving. And with this tutorial, I’ll prove it to you. In any case, I state that in the guide I used – and will still use – the zoomed Anglicism, more common also in Italy; I am aware that the more correct term is zumare.


What does it mean to zoom in on Instagram

come zoomare su Instagram

As you know, Instagram allows you to post photos and videos in the form of posts or stories. We must therefore distinguish two different possible contexts in which you may need to use the zoom function: the first certainly concerns the posts of others ; the second, instead, the contents of your creation that you intend to share with your followers.

This last possibility is enriched by the large amount of editing tools that the same application offers, especially with regard to videos, including a considerable number of “Special effects” very nice and very successful.

Now, I will show you in detail the various possibilities to zoom in on Instagram, indicating exactly the gestures you will need to perform to get the results you want.

Since Instagram offers its application for both iOS and Android, and they are absolutely identical, my advice will apply to both operating systems. I will therefore not make a distinction in the steps described, for this very reason.

It goes without saying, however, that the final quality of the images and videos will depend on the camera mounted on your device and, among other things, on the how the operating system interacts with it. So make sure you have at least the latest version of the Instagram app and the operating system of your smartphone.

How to enlarge the posts of other users

come zoomare su Instagram post

The Instagram app was conceived natively for smartphones, imagining an extensive use of touchscreen functions. This is one of the reasons why the zoom function seems to be incomprehensible to many users.

Actually, to zoom in photos and videos posted by the people you follow , then of all posts that appear in the feed, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the post to zoom;
  2. Slide your thumb and forefinger on the screen , in the opposite direction to each other, that is to pinch-to-zoom on the multimedia content, starting from the point to be enlarged.

As long as you keep contact with your fingers (you never have to detach them), the photo or video will be enlarged where you want. In the case of videos, for example, the playback will continue quietly in the meantime that the enlargement will continue.

I specify that you can place your fingertips in the center of the photo and enlarge towards the sides, horizontally or vertically, or you can also take a less restricted position: the zoom will be automatic and will adapt to every situation.

How to enlarge your own Instagram stories

come zoomare su Instagram storie proprie

More complex (but also more fun), is the creation of content with a zoom effect , which is especially appreciated in videos published as stories.

You can access the function from the main page of the social network, by pressing on your profile picture or on the interactive button called Your story . If you have never created stories before, you will be asked to allow the application to access the camera and microphone (otherwise, you will not be able to create content using the “Camera” function integrated in the app).

Once you have given the permissions, a screen very similar to the common “Camera” application on your mobile will open, but with a notable variant: below, you will see some options (such as “Normal” , “Boomerang”, etc.), which constitute the various automatic shooting functions programmed by the developers.

For now, let’s focus on the Normal mode, which allows you to create a common content multimedia. In this case, to get a zoomed photo , just slide your fingers on the screen as I explained earlier, and then take the photo by pressing the capture button .

To zoom videos, the procedure is more interactive. First, you need to know that on Instagram the “Normal” mode requires you to hold down the record button to make the very short videos used as stories. This means that you can zoom in on Instagram in two ways, which will give you a slightly different result:

  • The first is to hold down the record button with the thumb of one hand , while you swipe the screen to zoom in with the fingers of the other hand , exactly as we saw earlier to zoom the photos. This method, on the spot, does not offer maximum magnification, because the presence of three fingers on the screen is rather uncomfortable and does not allow for excellent movement;
  • The second method, which I recommend, is to slide up the same finger that you have to keep on the screen to record , without ever detaching it: by taking it to the limit, you will get the maximum possible zoom, and obviously, returning to the original position, you can reduce the magnification .


come zoomare su Instagram senza tenere premuto

If you don’t mind always keep the button pressed to record the video, consider that, by scrolling through the functions that follow the “Normal” mode, you will find one with the label “ Without holding down ”. This function, in fact, allows you to zoom in on Instagram without holding down the record button.

To record a video in this mode, just select it and press the record button once . Soon after, you can zoom using your two fingers as I have already shown you, in a much more practical way.

Superzoom mode

come zoomare su Instagram Superzoom

Instagram is known for pushing users to interact creatively, through a variety of witty effects to apply to photos and videos, and some of these are combined or adaptable to the use of zoom.

A very nice effect, for example, is the one obtainable in the Superzoom mode of Instagram (you can find it by scrolling, after the “Normal” mode). In reality, the adjective “super” refers to the effects that you can apply to the video you intend to make: to test it, simply select one and hold down the record button, so as to obtain a very slow zoom of the type towards the center of the image.

Obviously, you can also apply to the “Superzoom” all the techniques with the fingertips that I recommended above, although undoubtedly, the best result with the use of the effects is achieved by letting the app itself gradually perform the optimal zoom, which is more difficult to achieve without clicks using your fingers.

How to enlarge the Instagram stories of the others

The Instagram developers did not consider it appropriate to allow you to enlarge the stories shared by other users , perhaps coherent with the nature of this type of post, destined to disappear after just a day.

It is However, it is possible to independently download the contents of others thanks to some specialized sites, and then edit them by uploading them to Instagram or other video editing apps via your device. However, as I already pointed out to you at the beginning, such an operation must be avoided , because it damages the image and intellectual property rights of the author of the story, as well as violating the codes in general. of behavior to which users of the social network must comply.

If you have still been authorized to do this by those who hold these rights, after saving the Instagram story, be sure to indicate in the multimedia content that you are not the author; this, in addition to being appropriate for the reasons we have already mentioned, also serves to avoid implying that another person is hiding behind your account, creating a false belief in other users, a situation that absolutely must not be created. I also recommend that you give credit to the original author, a bit like when saving TikTok videos.

App to zoom Instagram photos and videos

You can enlarge the images saved on your device even outside of Instagram, and then upload them to the editor already edited. You can do this through the operating system’s capture features or (better) through free third-party apps and software .

A simple method (albeit a little rough), consists of using your thumb and forefinger (exactly as we have already seen) to enlarge the displayed image in the camera roll or in the gallery, and then make one screen : you can use it immediately on Instagram, by loading it in the app’s internal editor.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party editing app . On the Apple Store (therefore on iOS), there are many. I recommend Snapseed for photos , which offers a huge amount of functions, including one – called “Perspective” – ​​which allows you, among other things, to zoom to your liking a detail of an image, helping you with a handy grid to get an exact idea of ​​the aspect ratio.

As for videos , on the other hand, a very popular app on iOS, which allows you to perform even very complex editing, is Crop Video Square Editor, which has both free and paid features. It is not very easy to use, but you will find the zoom function immediately.

If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, a great app that allows you to zoom both photos and videos is InShot . Its operation is very intuitive, but to find the zoom function, you have to interpret the strange Italian translation of some commands: it is, in fact, labeled as “Canvas”.

To learn more about these applications, however, I suggest you take a look at the tutorial on how to save Instagram filters. In there, you will find many other free effects and apps that could also be useful in this situation.

Now, you too know how to best use the zoom function on Instagram. It’s up to you to make creative use of it to take advantage of the infinite communication possibilities of this popular social network.

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