Ideas for Instagram stories

Ideas for Instagram stories

There are many ways to get noticed on Instagram and, among these, the IG stories, a function that allows you to share images, videos and interactive content up to 24 with followers hours. Not all Instagram stories are the same, however, and to stand out it is not enough to show what you are doing at a particular time of day or how beautiful the place you went on vacation is. Instead, a good dose of creativity is needed to emerge in the “sea” of photos that we are constantly subjected to on the social network.

If you have arrived here, it is probably because you are looking for ideas for stories. by Instagram . You need a pinch of creativity to make your content special, increase interaction and, consequently, your followers. Well, in the tutorial that follows I will give you some tips to make your IG stories even more beautiful and creative, taking advantage of the tools that the social network already offers or adding new ones. However, remember to always put your own effort into letting your personality and interests shine through, because only in this way will you be truly original.


What’s the point of being creative in IG Stories?

idee per storie Instagram

Being original on Instagram always pays off. Curating this type of content and applying your style, first of all, would help you find new followers , who may come across your story because they are looking for a hashtag or because you ended up in the “Explore” section. Furthermore, this would favor the creation of a niche of loyal users, who would follow you more closely.

It must also be said that the quality of the content also makes the difference from the point of view of collaborations: by publishing beautiful and different stories from every other user, companies in the sector may have a greater interest in offering you various income solutions.

Tips for making beautiful Instagram stories

You have therefore decided to increase your community and interactions with your followers. You are just missing some ideas or some tricks that you do not yet know to create beautiful Instagram stories. Maybe you are tired of the classic photo with geolocation, the sunset at the sea or the videos in the gym. Well, if so, I’d say you’ve come to the right place.

Below are some tips you could use so that your content doesn’t go unnoticed and can stand out clearly in terms of quality. Obviously, always remember to put your own into it, letting your tastes and personality shine through.

Use the Layout option

idee storie Instagram opzione Layout

An alternative to the classic photo mode, which allows you to shoot directly from social media or add new content from your device’s gallery, could be the Layout option . This is a feature that allows you to create photo collages directly from the IG Stories media editor.

To use it, open the Instagram app on iOS or Android and tap the camera icon . Swipe left until you find Layout mode ; from here, choose the template that best suits you based on the number of images you want to insert and take as many photos as there are spaces available in the grid. You can also upload photos from the gallery by selecting the + symbol (located at the bottom left).

Once the collage is complete, select the middle button and share the story with the your followers.

Use stickers and ask questions

idee storie Instagram adesivi e domande

An easy way to enrich your stories and interact with your followers, it could be to take advantage of the stickers, especially those for doing surveys, quizzes and questions. You can insert them from Create mode , by swiping right after selecting the camera icon to create a story, or by taking or uploading a photo and inserting them from “Stickers” section (represented by a smiley icon).

In this way, you can indulge yourself in polling anything you want, discovering the tastes and interests of your followers. You can ask yourself questions or ask for suggestions, as well as organize a quiz game. Either way, ask imaginative questions and find curious topics to talk about – or that you are particularly knowledgeable about – and you will see that you will receive many answers. Read also how Instagram questions work to learn more.

Use smilies from Gboard

idee storie Instagram faccine tastiera Gboard

Another idea for Instagram stories that I want to give you, is to use the emojis and stickers of Gboard , the virtual keyboard developed by Google for iOS and Android (you can download it for free from the respective digital application stores). The Gboard smileys are different from those already present in the Instagram stickers (as well as animated) and can give a touch of originality to your stories.

To insert them, once you have taken the photo or uploaded the ‘image (or video), click on the text icon, that is Aa . Then adjust the keyboard settings, choosing to use Gboard . At this point, tap the sticker icon (on the keyboard) and choose one or more with a tap.

Write with different fonts

idee storie Instagram font

You may also want to change the font of the Instagram stories . The photo social offers the possibility to choose between 5 predefined fonts. With those already installed you could, for example, create a shadow, placing, with a little precision, one writing above the other of the same size and using the same font. If that’s not enough for you, you could download third-party apps , which would allow you to use different fonts.

To write the text, however, you can always use the option Aa . The same, touching it repeatedly, allows you to vary the font. While if you had installed additional keyboards, from the usual screen, you would be able to activate / use them.

Edit with effects

idee storie Instagram effetti

Add the effects that Instagram offers is a very simple action that works in many cases. You can choose from 12 predefined filters – to be applied to photos and videos by swiping left -, which interact with the colors, contrast and sharpness of the image or video.

Also, after you have done tap on the camera icon to create a story, you could swipe to the right and choose the boomerang effect or the superzoom effect. The latter would allow you to shoot short 15-second videos, modifying audio and graphics and thus giving a certain mood to your story, making it as creative as possible. See how to superzoom on Instagram to see an example.

Activate AR Filters

idee storie Instagram galleria filtri AR

An idea for stories Totally original Instagram, it’s about AR filters . These are useful for changing some details of your face or that of other people in the shot, as well as for playing – and thus interacting – with the community, for example using the question filter.

You can search for Instagram filters in the “Effects Gallery” or you can save the IG filters you like when viewing your followers’ stories. All the saved lenses are collected in small circles at the bottom of the screen: just tap on the one you want to use, then take a selfie or start shooting a video.

You could also create a face mask AR for Instagram in total autonomy, using a 3D rendering program called Spark AR studio (to be installed on the PC). In this way, in addition to creating a truly original story, your followers – but also those who do not follow you – could download and use the filter you created; you would gain, therefore, in terms of visibility.

Add music

idee storie Instagram musica

What’s better than background music to make the atmosphere of a content you are publishing magical? Yes, inserting your favorite song in a photo or video could be another good idea for your Instagram Stories.

To do this, after uploading an image or video, tap the stickers icon (above) and tap on “ Music ”. The page with the list of selected songs “ For you ” will open; alternatively, you can type a particular song in the “ Search Music ” section (above).

Once you have found the right song, choose the part you want to play scrolling the track at the bottom. You can decide whether to enter the text (there are 4 different font options), or whether to simply leave the sticker with the cover of the single. For more details, read how to put music in Instagram stories.

If you are short of ideas on what song to listen to or include in your stories, you might consider using the question sticker to ask a question about music, interacting with your followers to ask for suggestions.

Use themed sentences

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of graphic virtuosity or photographic to create a good story. the right phrase at the right time could also be enough, to be inserted on an image or on a gradient background, which you find in the “Create” section (by swiping to the right).

You could write a quote that refers to the time of day you are posting the content; or, if there is a particular recurrence, you could write something themed ; or, again, you could use a author’s phrase that summarizes your mood at a particular moment.

Exploit trends of the moment

Another tip for Instagram stories that I can give you, is to take advantage of the trends of the moment and, perhaps, be among the first to do so. For example, has a new song come out that is already a hit on TikTok too? Use it in your stories and maybe someone will thank you, because they were looking for that very title; have you noticed that some influencers use a particular facial filter? Apply it too to your stories and add custom hashtags; you could launch a new trend!

Take advantage of current events and talk about topics you know. Maybe someone will follow you precisely because they have the same interests as you and are able to inform themselves / have fun through your content.

Be creative and constant

One very important thing on Instagram, but also on other social networks, is the constancy in the publication , otherwise your followers may get tired and stop following you. Whatever modality you have chosen among those I have suggested, to make your stories more creative, try not to publish them only sporadically.

Of course, you don’t have to overdo it either, otherwise you risk the opposite effect. If you are short of ideas, instead, use the times of the day to wish good morning or good night to your followers, but try to change phrases, backgrounds and contexts frequently so as not to bore.

Decorate your profile picture

To increase interaction, you could try adding a double circle to your profile picture, which – usually – it is the cover of the “Stories” section. In addition to the default circle – colored orange and purple for regular stories, green for those shared with close friends, and rainbow if hashtags are used -, using photo editing apps you could add a second circle to your profile photo (smaller diameter) to create a particular visual effect.

However, I recommend that you only do this if you are posting stories regularly (at least one every 24 hours). Otherwise you risk confusing your followers, who may believe there is new content to view, when in reality there is not.

If you are trying to get someone’s attention

Posting beautiful and original stories might be a good tactic if you’re trying to get someone to write you on Instagram. Regardless of whether it is a brand you want to collaborate with or a user you would like to start a conversation with, posting quality content would certainly help you: in the first case, you could also tag the company profile in the IG story or, at least, hashtag the brand you are talking about (e.g. you could do it when you show a particular product to your followers); in the second case, instead, you could try to interact with the user you are interested in through the question stickers, or share a story that has a song of his liking as background, and see what happens.

Search be creative anyway, because chances are that a stunning image won’t be enough to get noticed. You will have to amaze every time and put your own to create the “wow” effect.

If you have a popular profile with at least 10,000 followers, you can use another option to improve the quality of your Stories: the Instagram swipe up . This function allows you to link your content to a web link , which can refer to your e-commerce (for example if you manage a company profile), to an in-depth article, to a video of your YouTube channel, and so on.

If your account has the right characteristics, you could insert this link in the timed content by clicking on the chain icon (located in the top of the media editor) and choose a web link or IGTV. Your followers, scrolling from bottom to top while viewing the story, would be redirected to the page you have selected.

This is a very coveted option, as it allows not only to “boost” a story, but also to make money through Instagram (and Facebook, if the accounts were interconnected).

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