Instagram algorithm: find out how it works to get more visibility

Instagram algorithm: find out how it works to get more visibility

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1. Content that generates high levels of Engagement

Generally, posts with high engagement (likes, comments, shares, views, etc.) will benefit from the Instagram algorithm .

When a post receives hundreds of likes and comments, the Instagram algorithm will report it as high quality content , thus obtaining a better ranking in people’s feed.

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Obviously, the Instagram algorithm not only takes into account the Engagement level, but also how quickly this Engagement is achieved.

An example of this is easily seen by viewing the best Instagram hashtags. The “top posts” section present within the individual hashtags (ie the 9 photos that are displayed at the top of the hashtag results page) usually takes into account how quickly the engagement of such content has grown, rather than the total engagement level .

2. The duration of viewing the content

Like Facebook, the Instagram algorithm takes into account how much time is spent viewing content as a factor in determining whether or not to show that content to people.

This is why putting a effective description into photos has become essential. If you use a description that captures attention, people will be interested in reading it in full, then clicking on the “more” button, which will increase the time spent viewing the content.

This is why videos, GIFs and carousel photos work so well with the Instagram algorithm … because it takes longer to view them!

3. The time of publication of the contents

In March 2018, Instagram announced that the algorithm behind the platform would receive a significant change in its operation.

According to the announcement, in fact, the new Instagram algorithm would have given greater importance to the chronological order of publication, while still influencing the feed with all the various factors that the algorithm already takes currently present.

Before this change, in fact, the feed had become unrelated to the chronological order (a bit like it happens on Facebook). In fact, it often happened to view content 3-4 days old from the present date.

Since the algorithm reasons in chronological order, we have returned to give importance to the time of publication, thus reasoning about the best time to publish your content.

4. Your friends, your family and your favorite profiles

Here’s another interesting secret about the Instagram algorithm. If you interact or view frequently with certain profiles, Instagram will prioritize the content of those profiles and show them to you more frequently.

The same thing will happen for those who love your content! If someone regularly likes, comments and saves your content, or watches your stories often, your content will appear more often on their feed.

5. The Type of Content

Another secret about how the algorithm works lies in showing you different categories of content you prefer, obviously taken from the hashtags on photos and videos published by the profiles you follow.

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In other words, Instagram understands if you love a certain type of content and will try to show you similar content that might interest you.

6. The searches carried out

It might sound strange, but another factor that the algorithm takes into account is the searches carried out within instagram .

When you search for a specific account, Instagram understands that you are interested in the content of that specific profile you are following and could show it to you in the feed.

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7. Posts shared via Direct Message

Although there is no way to know how many times your content has been shared via Direct Message , Instagram takes this into account as a further factor, within the algorithm.

When you share other people’s content to a profile via Direct Message , Instagram evaluates this as a form of Engagement , it will therefore understand that that kind of content is of particular interest to you and will try to show it in the feed.

If you create impactful content that gets a high engagement rate, people will share it with their friends, promoting the visibility of your profile and your content by the Instagram algorithm.

8. How many times do Followers interact with your Stories

The algorithm considers important the frequency and the number of Times with which your Followers view with your Stories, especially if after viewing a story they perform a interaction, such as sending you a reply, or sharing it in turn.

The more times people interact with your Stories, the more often they will be ranked first in order of display in the Stories feed.

Increase the engagement of your stories in favor of the Instagram algorithm by making your followers participate with the various interaction tools such as polls, questions and the Swipe Up (only available if you have more than 10,000 followers).

9. Interact with your Followers

The Instagram algorithm also considers it very important that you interact with your followers.

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This is why it is very important to interact on content by writing and replying to comments, especially in the first hours of publication. If you don’t, you risk seeing your visibility drop dramatically.

10. Use all the features of Instagram

The latest news I discovered just this year is that the Instagram algorithm rewards those who use all the features on the platform!

I conclude with a short tip: when Instagram releases new features, use them right away to benefit as much as possible. Always experiment with these features in various ways to gain exposure and make sure your posts show up!

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