Instagram app closes by itself: how to fix

Instagram app closes by itself: how to fix

Instagram is one of the most loved and most used social networks, famous for the possibility of sharing posts, stories and, more recently, also IGTV and Reels. If you have ended up in this article, it is very likely that you too are among its (almost) billion users and that you would not give up for anything in the world to your daily “scrolling” between the contents of friends, celebrities and influencers. Still, there are times when this app really gets on your nerves. In fact, it happens that Instagram closes by itself , perhaps just as you are about to share a post, while you try to edit a story or while you are engaged in a conversation in DM.

How do I know? Simple: over time, this problem has been reported (and continues to be) by many users all over the world. A nice nuisance, right? Fortunately, in most cases, nothing unsolvable. In this guide we will understand together what are the most common causes that lead to the unexpected closure of Instagram, also identifying some possible solutions.


Why it happens

The first question that arises spontaneously when an anomaly is found in the functioning of any application is: what is the cause? In the case of the sudden closure of Instagram, there is no single answer.

On the contrary, there could be many reasons. For example:

  • Application not updated;
  • Possible bugs;
  • App down;
  • Cache full;
  • Connection or device problems.

Specific solutions

logo app Instagram su sfondo nero sinonimo di Instagram che si chiude e ha problemi crasha

As mentioned, those that I have listed you are just some of the possible causes for which Instagram crashes , but certainly the most frequent. Let’s see how to solve, case by case.


When Instagram closes by itself, the first thing I suggest you do is check that the app (which is right for you as a “client”) is up to date. Go to Google Play Store (if you use Android) or App Store (if you use iOS) and check if there are any updates available; if so, download and install it, then try Instagram again.

Once the app is upgraded, there is a good chance it will stop closing for no reason and will work again. perfectly. It’s a trick I suggest you try with other applications as well, when you notice that something is wrong.

Possible bugs

When our technology tools don’t work they hurt, we all tend to be stubborn, looking at all costs for a way to solve. However, there are times when we can’t do much. For example, Instagram could close itself due to some bug. Sit back and wait for the developers to fix things! Or, try connecting from Instagram Web (using your PC).


Here’s another situation we can’t do nothing against the malfunction of Instagram. In fact, it happens every now and then that this application goes “ down ”, as they say. In other words, it stops working, seemingly for no reason. In reality it could be a technical error, a hacker attack or server problems, but in any case, it is not up to you to find a solution.

If you want to make sure that Instagram closes itself because it is in a down state, try to check on the app site or on other online sources, for example Twitter, where users usually do not fail to tweet when other social networks are not reachable. To learn more, read how to tell if Instagram isn’t working.

Cache full

The more data is stored on Instagram, the more the “weight” of this application increases, as its cache is stored in the local storage memory (so some phone / tablet storage space is taken up). This, sometimes, could lead to an anomalous functioning of the social network, which for example starts to crash suddenly.

Well, what to do in these cases? Simple: try clearing the cache of your device. It would be a good habit to do it periodically, in order to “lighten” the smartphone, but it is not always as easy as you might think. While Android devices allow you to clean the Instagram cache, the same is not possible from iPhones and iPads; however, even in the case of the iOS operating system, there is a way around the problem.

Empty Instagram cache on Android

  • Go to the Settings of the smartphone / tablet;
  • Tap on “ All applications ” and select Instagram ;
  • A screen will open with all the data on the amount of memory occupied and the “ Clear cache ” button. Press the latter and confirm.
  • For more information, read how to clear the cache on Android.

    Empty the Instagram cache on iOS

    Before proceeding, please note that reinstalling Instagram on iOS (which will allow you to delete its cache) generally does not involve any kind of risk. However, you will need to have the credentials of your accounts to access the social network, as well as a possible code for the 2FA (if it is active).

    That said, to delete the IG cache, proceed as follows:

    1. Go to the Settings of the iPhone / iPad;
    2. Tap “ General “and then choose the option” Free space “;
    3. In the screen that opens, you will see the space occupied by Instagram and the entry” Delete app “. Select this last option and confirm;
    4. Reinstall Instagram via the App Store and log in again with your credentials.

    Connection or device problems

    If, after trying everything, you realize that Instagram keeps closing suddenly, I suggest you do not rule out any external problems” “, such as a failed or unsatisfactory internet connection, or any defect in the device you are using.

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