Instagram comments: how to manage them

Instagram comments: how to manage them

What would social networks be if users were unable to interact with each other? Think of Instagram: if all of us limited ourselves to posting photos and videos – and, of course, watching the photos and videos of others -, the sense of this virtual space would be completely lost. One of the most interesting and fun aspects of Instagram is the fact that you can have a conversation with other people, both privately (through DMs) and publicly (through comments).

In this guide I want tell you about the Instagram comments . I am sure that you yourself have written and received many since you joined this social network, and yet – probably – you do not know everything about them yet. How exactly do they work? What tricks are there to increase them? What to do if someone leaves you an unpleasant one? I’m ready to answer these and other questions, so let’s get started!


How they work

applicazione Instagram sezione Esplora commenti

Instagram comments work in a simple way, almost identical to other social networks, such as Facebook and TikTok.

When you see a post that you like, disagree with or on which you want to express a any type of opinion (as long as it is polite), just tap on the “ Add a comment ” item below it, write what you want and then proceed with the “ Publish “. And that’s it! In this way, the creator will receive a notification of your comment, will be able to read it and possibly reply to you.

Who sees them

It should be noted that the account that published the post will not be the only one reading your comment:

  • If the profile is private , your comment will be visible to all those who follow him;
  • If the profile is public, it will be visible to anyone.

In short, pay attention to what you write in the comments and remember that, if you want more privacy, it is better to use Instagram private messages (DM ).

Everything I’ve described so far also applies to “inverted parts” , that is when you receive a comment rather than write it.

Tips to increase them

As you hang out between various accounts, you realized that there are some that receive, under their posts, a huge amount of comments. Often these are creators such as celebrities and influencers, who have a very large following, consisting of thousands or – even – millions of followers; in these cases, it is normal to have a lot of comments.

However, you too can make the comments under your photos and videos increase. Even if you may not reach as stratospheric numbers as those of a VIP, there are some tricks to increase the interaction with your fanbase. Here are some of them:

  • Publish regularly and take care of your profile, proposing interesting contents;
  • Comment on the posts of other creators , so that they too are encouraged to do the same with you;
  • When someone comments on your post, always reply with courtesy and, whenever possible, search to keep the discussion going;
  • Conclude your captions with questions , inviting your followers to answer you in the comments.

It also exists the possibility of buying comments through external services, but is a practice that I strongly advise against adopting . Fake comments are easy to recognize and add no value to what you share on Instagram.

How to delete

You might get a comment that you find objectionable. In this case you can delete it in a very simple way, that is by swipe to the left on it and then by tapping on the garbage bin icon , or by selecting the option “ Delete ”. You have a few seconds to change your mind and retrieve the comment using the “ Cancel ” option.

It is not possible to hide the comment to make it visible only to that user and his circles (which is feasible on Facebook).

How do-they-report

If a comment you receive (or that you read under the posts of others) seems particularly serious to you, you can mark it. To do this, swipe left on it and press the exclamation mark icon ; after that, Instagram will ask you if you want to block the user who wrote it or report the comment itself. If you choose the second option, you will need to indicate what reason is why you think that comment should not be on Instagram (for example, because it is spam or because it incites hatred). p>

I remind you that it is also possible to report the profile to Instagram. Do this if you believe it is a fake account or a profile managed by a person (or a bot) that spreads dangerous content.

How to fix it up

Instagram also gives the possibility to “pin up” comments. If you receive many and you would like there to be one in particular to appear first (so as to highlight it and make it visible to all), you have to swipe left on it and tap on the pin icon . Of course, you can only do this on posts you publish.

How to like

Another action you can take is to “like” the comments you receive under your posts or the comments you see under the posts of other creators.

To leave an appreciation, just double tap on the comment in question or click / tap on the heart-shaped icon that appears next to it.

As mentioned, comments from public accounts are visible to everyone and it is often fun to take a look at what users have written under other people’s posts.

To view replies to a post, first individual in the feed or by connecting to the creator’s gallery. Then, choose the “ View all comments ” option under the photo or video you are interested in.

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