Instagram engagement: what’s a good engagement rate?

Instagram engagement: what’s a good engagement rate?

Is your goal to increase engagement on Instagram?

There are several strategies to increase the rate of interactions but, mainly, it is always based on excellent content.

In this we will see what is a good engagement rate and some strategies to increase it .

Engagement Instagram: qual è il tasso di interazioni perfetto
Engagement Instagram: what is a good interaction rate?

Instagram engagement: what is the perfect interaction rate?

How do you know if you’re doing a good job and if your followers really like the content? When to be “satisfied” ?

These are the average percentages below:

  • below 1,000 followers: 8%
  • between 1,000 and 5000 followers: 6%
  • between 5,000 and 10,000 followers: 4%
  • between 10,000 and 100,000 followers: 2,5%
  • over 100,000 followers: 1,7%

If your engagement rate is less than these percentages, it means that something is wrong and needs improvement.

If very similar, you’re doing a good job but there is still room for improvement.

If it’s above, congratulations – you’re doing a great job.

Engagement Instagram: how to calculate it?

But how do you know what the interaction rate of your Instagram profile is?

There is a calculation to be made, but honestly it’s a bummer. 🙂

However, there are tools that analyze your profile in all respects (for free) that allow you to have the percentage of your interaction rate in a few seconds.

In fact, you can use or Ninjalitics, much more accurate, to find out the percentage of your engagement rate, the average likes and comments of your posts and much more.

Instagram engagement: how to increase it?

Now that you’ve figured out your profile’s engagement rate, how do you increase it if it’s below average?

There are some strategies for increasing it. Let’s see them:

Create Reels

Reels are the latest big news from Instagram, so the social network wants users to use it as much as possible.

Being a copy of the TikTok video format, Instagram has given Reels more exposure than classic posts to convince TikTok users to come back to Instagram, above all.

Reels have great visibility in Explore , so if you can get your Reels going viral you can both increase your interactions and your number of followers.

Share multiple videos

Videos have a higher rate of interaction because they have the “power” to entertain audiences more.

Also putting your face to it will help you build a community and have a stronger relationship with your followers (the same goes for Stories ).

Share “shareable” and “saveable” content

Don’t just focus on Likes. What you should do is create content that also brings other types of interactions, such as shares and saves.

These two types of interactions are more “appreciated” by the Instagram algorithm and content with a good number of these interactions are more easily inserted into Explore.

But what content to create to achieve these interactions?

The “saveable” content is definitely informative, tutorials, lists and advice on how to solve a problem of some kind. Carousels are usually suitable content for saves.

“Shareable” contents are fun, so memes, and curiosities.

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Interact with your followers

Take time each day to respond to comments and messages from your followers.

In addition to strengthening the community and the relationship with users, the algorithm will show your content to these users more frequently.

If you do this regularly, you will create something of a habit in users, who will continue to comment and interact with your content.

Use stories

In addition to putting your face on it, as I said before, it uses the tools that Instagram makes available to interact with followers.

Then use question stickers, quizzes, surveys and others to get users to interact.

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Optimize hashtags

hashtags no longer bring as many views to posts as they did a few years ago, but they can still give some satisfaction when used well.

Manually searching for hashtags directly on Instagram has become complicated because related hashtags and other details that were used to choose the right hashtags for your profile have been removed.

Lately I have therefore relied on Flick , a tool that helps and analyzes hashtags in detail.

This tool, among many things, analyzes a hashtag in every detail, also saying how many people you can reach using a specific hashtag.

Since I started using it I have noticed an increase of about 20% in the views to posts coming from hashtags, compared to the manually searched ones I used previously.

This obviously brings engagement and new followers.

Re-submit your old posts

You can also repurpose your old posts that have received a good number of interactions, but in a different format.

A photo with a long caption could become a Reel, for example, and you could repurpose it in this format.

You could use an old carousel to record a video for IGTV, or do a live stream where you discuss a topic covered in the stories or in a previous post.

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Well, we’ve seen what a good engagement rate is on Instagram and how to increase it if it’s below average.

Always try different strategies and always try something new so as not to bore your followers.

Now get to work and make sure you increase the percentage of your Instagram engagement: I’m sure you will succeed with these tips.

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