Instagram: How to go back to the previous version of the App

Instagram: How to go back to the previous version of the App

When an application is updated, they add a number of functions or correct errors in the application, but in turn increase the weight of the application itself, sometimes being too heavy , or we just missed the way the app looked or developed in an older version.

Here we can also find Instagram, an application that over the years has changed from its design to the way it works, and many nostalgics prefer old versions because they tend to be more minimalist or more comfortable than the current ones.

Is it possible to downgrade Instagram on iPhone or Android? – How to do it?

From the official versions distributed through the Play Store, it is not possible to ‘downgrade’ the applications. In any case, this does not mean that it is impossible, but to achieve it, it will be necessary to access other repositories of Apps or APK .

How to download and install older versions of Instagram? – APK format

The first thing you should do is download the previous version of Instagram to which you want to return. To do this, you can use sites like APKPure where the APKs of many applications are deposited.

In fact, the applications will be listed here showing their version and other relevant data . Of course, it is most likely that you can not install versions that are too old. Now you just need to go back to the previous version of Instagram, a process that we will show you below.

usar version antigua instagram

Return to a previous version of Instagram

The easiest way to return to an old state of Instagram is reduced to simple steps, which anyone could do, however, something important must be taken into account, and it is that you cannot go back to an extremely version old, that is to say, of the first versions or a year or more of difference, because Android detects that the application is not according to the version of the device; Instagram also disables the use of very old versions, giving them a lifetime, where simply when they meet a certain date they expire.

  1. Uninstall the application , once uninstalled from the device you will be able to install a previous version of the application, in this way there is no registration of the application, make sure to effectively delete the instagram folder for cache traces.
  2. You cannot install the application from the Play Store, because it only installs updated versions of the applications and does not give the option to update a previous version, so proceed to look for an old version on the internet that does not exceed a year so that it can work.
  3. You will have to install the application manually using the Android installer, this is easy, you just have to open the downloaded file, in this case if a window appears asking you to grant permissions to install an unknown APK on the device, you grant it.
  4. This will install the application quickly and it will be an old version, be sure to open it and look for the version number to check this.


Now, Play Store will notify you about updating the application, you deactivate this in the Play Store settings, and make sure to keep the update option disabled automatically, because in this way the application will be updated in its most recent version, and all the installation work of the application will be in vain, also make sure that you do not have third-party applications that activate the update, because inside the instagram application to use new functions it will ask you to update, make sure you don’t.

How to go back to the old version of Instagram to recover messages

Recovering deleted messages has little to do with updating Instagram, in fact, you don’t have to go back to an old version of Instagram to recover messages. It is best to try the recovery options provided by the application as shown below.

  • It will be necessary to go to your Instagram account and then to your profile section. Now you must open the configuration options of the App, for this click on the three lines above and to the right and then on ‘Settings’.
  • In the ‘Configuration’ section you will see the ‘Security’ section, click on it to continue. Finally select ‘Download your data’ and enter your email and password for the Instagram account. In this way you will request the download of your personal data, although this information may take some time to arrive.
  • Once the verification is done, you will receive an email from Instagram, in it click on “Download information” . You will need to enter your Instagram account with your data and then click on the “Download Information” button again.
  • You will see a ZIP file that you must unzip, then open the index file and there look for the section ‘Chats’ . Here all the chats you have had will be shown, check if there is the information you are looking for.

Can I install old versions of other applications?

Using the same method and form used to install the old version of instagram, you can install old versions of other applications or applications that are not available in the region, that is, this applies to Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp.

aplicacion whatsapp

It must be taken into account that returning to old versions limits us in terms of functions and capabilities that are added in current versions, it may be in the case of instagram some filters or special options that were added in recent versions, or some commands or aesthetic visualizations that change.

Likewise, it can happen if old versions of Twitter or WhatsApp are installed, in the case of free messaging, it can deprive us of options such as performance or interface improvements, how states, image resolution and even including fewer emojis and current commands to our application, in this case WhatsApp or also Telegram, which like the aforementioned application is adding or improving functions or emojis to the application.

Instagram will be quite limited in interface improvement such as optimization and speed, thus being slower or with less visual and development capabilities, so it must be taken into account that returning to an old or past version does not always guarantee an improvement for the device, but it could spoil the development of the application , because these are adapting to new android versions and optimizing the way they work.

For this reason it is not recommended to go back to an old version if you want to optimize the application as opposed to trying to free up space on your mobile device.

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