Instagram is down or not working: how to fix

Instagram is down or not working: how to fix

You definitely want to post a new photo on Instagram or reply to a story because it really made you laugh, but you have noticed that you can’t use the application. You have tried asking around by contacting your friends and you have found that they too have encountered the same problems as you. What happened is nothing more than a phenomenon of Instagram in a state of “down” , a term that in English means “down” and indicates the malfunction of a web application.

If you find yourself in this situation, unfortunately there is not much to do but wait for the normal functioning of the social network to be restored. But sometimes you may confuse this phenomenon with a problem that instead only occurred on your smartphone or account. In the following tutorial, I will explain how the connection to Instagram works and how to understand if there is a network problem or, conversely, how to check if the malfunction is exclusively limited to your device.


How the connection to Instagram works

To understand if there is a network error such that you cannot get Instagram to work, I first try to explain to you how the connection to the platform works, whether you log in from mobile or browser. The model on which the connection is based is the server / client one: this means that the photographic social network, like all sites and applications, is hosted on a network of servers constantly connected to the Internet (24 / 7), or to a central system that manages and transmits information to those who request it, i.e. the client (the user’s device), also connected.

Each time you perform an action on Instagram, therefore, the client sends a request to the server, which in turn retrieves the data to be sent in response to the same client. However, when an Instagram down occurs, users are unable to receive certain information from the server, because it is temporarily out of service.

What does it mean that Instagram is in a down state?

Instagram in stato di down esempio astratto semaforo rosso

Sometimes it can happen that Instagram doesn’t work, for example you can’t send or receive Direct, you can’t view the profiles of those you follow or upload new posts. In these cases, looking on the Internet or other social networks, you might read the phrase “Instagram is down”, but what does it mean? As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, this means that the web server on which Instagram is hosted – for some reason – is not responding.

We talk about Instagram down when the application does not work for longer users at the same time , in different countries or geographical areas (e.g. only in Italy, in Europe or even in the world); while if only you are unable to perform certain actions on the social network, then you may have some connection problems or the like.

When Instagram is down there is a real downtime , that is a period of inactivity of the server which – as a rule – is always active every day at any time, and the only thing you can really do is wait for it to resume its normal functioning.

How to understand if there is a network error on Instagram

When downtime occurs, there are no actions you can take to get back to using Instagram in the long run short time possible. This will depend on the app developer team, who will restore the service as soon as possible.

You can only try to understand if only you are unable to access the social network or if a general network error has occurred (for most of the users or for all). Let’s see how to perform this check.

Check the status of the Instagram server

To eliminate any doubts and understand if the problem depends on your smartphone / tablet, your connection, or if a downtime has occurred, you can check the status of the Instagram servers with some online tools.

For example, you could access this page of the DownDetector site, which allows you to analyze the number of reports relating to malfunctions that have been sent by users over the last 24 hours. If the peak is considered abnormal, therefore above the red line, then it could be a common problem for a few users.

Check out the known problems of Instagram

To check if there is a network error on Instagram or if only you are having some difficulty in making the application work, you can consult the known problems collected in the Instagram Help Center.

If your situation is reported in the list, you could try to solve it with the suggestions described on the page; if the problem persists and you do not find related information, instead, it could be that there was a downtime.

Follow the hashtags

If there really was a downtime of the Instagram servers, many users would have been involved, who then – just like you – would have proceeded to look for related information. In addition, they may have described their issues on Facebook and Twitter using specific hashtags.

To monitor the situation, while you wait for everything to work normally again, you could follow the hashtag #Instadown on other social networks.

What to do if the Instagram service is down

If Instagram is down, as I told you, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to get the application working again. The problems are not due to your smartphone or your connection, but to a temporary inactivity of the server, over which you have no direct control.

You can only wait . In no time, everything should be back to normal. In the meantime, you can continue to inform yourself and follow the reference hashtags on the other platforms; alternatively, if you were one of the first to notice the malfunction, you could contact Instagram to report it.

What to do if Instagram doesn’t it works on your device

app di Instagram con icona della modalità aereo

On the other hand, Instagram may not work only on your device, or in any case on your local network. This happens for various reasons, and there are just as many solutions you can adopt to start using social media again without a hitch from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Below, I’ll explain some of them.

Change your internet connection

The first thing to check if Instagram isn’t working properly is your internet connection. It may be that you are in a place where there is no field; in this case move or wait to be in another place. If, on the other hand, there is a signal, but you still can’t surf the web, you could connect to a Wi-Fi router, as well as take advantage of a good 4G / 5G network through the mobile hotspot.

Check anyway that the internet works: do an internet speed test, open a web page via browser or another application. This way you will be able to understand if the causes are related to the connection or only to the Instagram app.

Connect with another device

If you believe that Instagram’s malfunction is due to the device you are using, you might consider connecting with another one. For example, if you are using a smartphone you could try to access the platform by logging in from a PC or tablet or PC; if doing so everything works properly, then the problem could be with your smartphone. In that case, try reinstalling the application (as indicated below) and log in again.

Reinstall Instagram

Another attempt you could do is to reinstall Instagram . First of all you have to delete the application from the ones you downloaded, and then download it again from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).

Don’t worry, your profile and posts that you shared will not be modified, you will only have to log back in with the connected accounts, remembering your username and password.

Try to access Instagram in incognito mode

If you are trying to access Instagram from browser, but you have noticed that it is not working, it may be that some extensions or cookies are interfering.

You can try to get around this small hitch with incognito browsing . If you are browsing from Chrome on Windows and Linux, press Ctrl + Shift + N at the same time to open a new incognito window, then type in the search bar . If you are using a Mac , press Cmd + Shift + N and try to log in to the social network again.

Connect with another Instagram account

If you are unable to take advantage of some Instagram options, such as like, comment or follow other users, it may be that you have received a temporary ban and not that the entire social network is down.

To find out what’s going on, you could then log in with another account. First of all you have to exit the one you are using by going to the profile, clicking on the menu at the top right, then on Settings and clicking on “Exit” at the bottom of the page. Then log in with another account you have or create a new one for the occasion, which you can delete as soon as the problem is resolved.

Disable the VPNs you are connected to

It is possible that you have set up a VPN connection to browse with greater privacy, hiding your IP address and your location, but that this does not allow you to log in regularly to Instagram or prevents some functions.

To use the app without problems you must therefore disable the VPNs you are connected to. You can do it from iPhone / iPad, following the path Settings> General> VPN , or from Android, following the path Settings> Network> VPN (variable based on the type of launcher or UI).

Check your device’s DNS servers

If you’ve tried the previous solutions but still can’t log into Instagram, you might want to check your DNS servers . In fact, you may have changed the DNS filters to block some sites from the Wi-Fi modem router, such as YouTube, and you may have accidentally made the social photo inaccessible as well.

What you can do in this case is to use DNS public without filters, such as those provided by Google, with addresses and , as well as by Cloudflare, with addresses and

Uninstall third-party apps related to Instagram

Finally, you may have installed apps related to Instagram, such as those to choose the most popular hashtags or some bots, but they have started to give you some problems and now the social network doesn’t work.

If you find yourself in this situation, try uninstalling such software or applications by holding your finger over the icon and selecting “Delete” or “Uninstall”. Another application that could interfere with the functioning of the social network is related to the “app block”; maybe you downloaded it to ensure greater privacy when your phone ends up in the hands of others. Also uninstall this from your smartphone / tablet and try to log back into the social network to check if this solution worked.

If you can’t access your Instagram profile

You can also find yourself in the situation where Instagram works great, you have talked to your friends and no one has encountered problems, but you just can’t access your profile. This can be because you don’t remember some basic login information, such as username or password, because you can’t access your email address, or, in the worst case, because you believe your account has been hacked.

In this case you can take action to retrieve your profile by clicking on the link “Get assistance”, which you can find on the main screen of the app, or by clicking on “Do you need further assistance?” and following the wizard. For more information, read how to recover an Instagram account.

If some Instagram features are not available

It can happen that not being able to take advantage of some Instagram options, such as like, comment or follow other users. This may be a soft ban, especially if you have received a related notification.

This happens because – even unknowingly – you may have broken some rules of the social network, which triggered a so-called “shadowban” for your account, or an action blocked on Instagram. To return to full use of the social network, you have to wait a period of time that usually goes from 24 to 48 hours, but can last up to 30 days.

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