Instagram message requests: meaning and use

Instagram message requests: meaning and use

As you surely know, Instagram isn’t just a virtual place to share posts and stories. Of course, showing your followers excerpts of your life through photographs and videos (and vice versa) was and – still remains – the main purpose of this social network; yet, often and willingly it is also used for the exchange of private messages, just as it is done with WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and other applications dedicated to instant messaging.

If you usually use Instagram to chat, you will probably have noticed that not all the messages you receive end up automatically on the main screen, which is the one accessed by opening the app and then tapping the paper airplane located at the top right (or, alternatively, swiping left at a point any of the screen). Sometimes it happens to you to find some messages in a separate box, under the heading “Requests”. What is it about? How do Instagram message requests work? Yes, can I accept, reject, block or possibly recover? If you are here, I guess you are asking yourself one or more of these questions. Well, in the course of this guide, I will try to dispel all your doubts.


What are requests and what are they for of Instagram messages

richieste di messaggi Instagram

When someone you follow (follow) privately writes to you on Instagram, their message will end up – along with everyone else – in the main mail screen; in these cases, all you have to do is open it and decide whether to answer or not.

If instead, an Instagram user you don’t follow and with whom you have never interacted before , a message request will come to you. Obviously, as the name itself suggests, this is precisely a request, and therefore it can be accepted or not: if you accept , the other person will see that you have read and can continue chatting with you; while otherwise it will not notice anything, neither that the message has been read nor its refusal.

Everything I have explained so far, naturally also applies to inverted parts: if you are the one to send a Direct Message to someone who does not follow you, that someone will receive a request that, at their discretion, can be accepted or not.

We understand what requests for messages are on Instagram … But what are they really for? It is mainly a function made available with the aim of protecting and safeguarding users , who otherwise could potentially receive DMs from anyone, often and willingly without appreciating.

Requests IG messages can also be considered a form of “safeguard” against famous people and influencers, whom many people try to contact every day and who, otherwise, would find the chat rooms “clogged” with thousands of DMs.

Where are the requests for Instagram messages

Finding the requests for Instagram messages is very simple:

  1. After opening the app, tap on the airplane (top right) or swipe to the left, anywhere on the screen;
  2. At this point, you will find a list of all chats currently in progress and, at the top, a search bar. The requests for messages are located right in the middle of these two elements, in the upper right, between the list of conversations and the search bar;
  3. You will immediately understand how many requests you have pending (you will read for example “1 request” or “2 requests”, and so on); and if you don’t see anything, it simply means that you don’t have any messages waiting to be accepted or rejected.

Who can send Instagram message requests

As I explained at the beginning, you get a message request every time someone you don’t follow – and that , most likely, you don’t know – he writes to you.

This means that anyone can send you a message request, as long as you are not their follower. It can be a complete stranger, a fan of yours, someone you’ve blocked, a Page, a creator or, sometimes, even annoying spam.

So if you want to get someone to write you on Instagram and you still don’t follow it, beware of message requests.

Notifications of Instagram message requests

In Instagram notification settings , you can enable or disable alerts related to Direct Message Requests .

However, even when enabled, DM request notifications may not be delivered ( often the problem is found on iPhones and iPads). I therefore suggest that you check, periodically and manually, if there are new Direct requests pending.

Can Instagram message requests disappear?

This question might seem bizarre, but it’s not at all. Maybe it has already happened to you too: you left a message request pending for a long time, undecided whether to accept it or reject it, and at a certain point you realized that it was gone. Well, this is an easily solved mystery, because there are only three options:

  • The user who sent you the request, has canceled the sending of the Direct message;
  • The person who wrote you has deactivated the IG account (or, for some reason, it has been deactivated by the application itself);
  • More than 4 weeks have passed, and therefore the DM request was automatically deleted.

Now that you know, I’m sure you will be less hesitant and will quickly make a decision when faced with a message request .

How to see message requests on Instagram

If you want to check message requests on Instagram, you can use either smartphone application that access your account via your computer’s browser.

Message requests in the Instagram app for iOS or Android

richieste di messaggi Instagram app iOS e Android

  1. Open the app, then tap the airplane (top right) or swipe to the left , anywhere on the screen;
  2. Under the search bar – always at the top right -, you will find the blue link named request / e ;
  3. You will find the Primary Message Requests and, by tapping on All requests , you can access the complete list;
  4. By tapping a DM request, you will be able to read it incognito.

Message requests on Instagram Web

richieste di messaggi Instagram Web

  1. After connecting to from browser (IG Web), click on the airplane icon (top);
  2. Under the icon representing a notebook and a pencil, click the request (s) ;
  3. Locate the conversation of your interest and select it to read messages anonymously.

Accept or delete a message request on Instagram

richieste di messaggi Instagram opzioni Blocca Elimina e Accetta

Once you have found a message request, you should make a decision, or choose whether to accept it or reject it .

To perform one or the other action, you have two possibilities:

  • Open the request in question and choose one of the options Block , Delete or Accept;
  • Act on the DM request without opening it , swiping the chat ( if you use iOS) or by pressing and holding your finger on it (if you are using an Android smartphone or tablet).

Regardless of the technique used, choose Accept if you want start a conversation with the user who wrote to you, bearing in mind that he will then see that you have viewed the message and that, from now on, he can contact you again if you do not want to chat with this person, whatever the reason, select Delete .

What happens if you accept a message request on Instagram

When you decide to accept a DM request on Instagram, the user who sent you the message will know that you have viewed it . In addition, he will be able to see when you are online (information “Active now”) or your last access time , unless you have hidden your activity status on IG.

In any case, this person will not be able to see the contents published on your profile (posts and stories) in case it is private. That is to say that your privacy will still remain protected, until you accept him as a follower.

Block or ignore a message not accepted on Instagram

richieste di messaggi Instagram opzioni Blocca Segnala Ignora

If you have a pending message request, you could also ban the account that wrote you, by tapping the Block button. This action is in effect equivalent to blocking a user on Instagram. This profile could no longer search for you or contact you via the social network.

Alternatively, you could just block his DM messages, as well as choose the Ignore option. The latter would allow you to refuse the chat in a “soft” way, that is, not to block the contact, which could contact you a second time. However, he may realize that you have read the first Direct he sent you (and therefore, he may decide not to contact you again).

Retrieve a message request on Instagram

It may happen that you delete by mistake a message request that you wanted to accept instead. Between study and work you spend a lot of time of your day on your computer or mobile phone, answering e-mails, phone calls, chats… In short, making confusion is human, especially in the whirlwind of notifications in which we live every day! And there are not rare cases in which the request is canceled with full knowledge of the facts – therefore not for a simple oversight – only to change your mind when it is too late.

If you wish to know if – and how – it is possible to resolve the issue, I suggest you read the tutorial related to recovering Instagram Direct conversations.

If it comes from a profile fake or it’s a virus

Not infrequently (but fortunately not too frequently) it happens that a message request comes from a fake IG profile or is the work of a malware .

In these cases, the correct procedure to follow is to report the Instagram account that is bothering you.

If you can’t access the message requests on Instagram

Another possibility to consider, is the inability to access Direct, especially DM requests.

In some cases, this could be a simple app bug, so you won’t be able to do much, if not wait for the developers to solve the problem and allow you to return to using this social network as usual; in other situations, however, a temporary blocking of the profile may have occurred. Read the guide dedicated to the action blocked on Instagram for more information.

If a chat is moved to Instagram message requests

Then there is a curious anecdote I want to tell you about: Sometimes, a Direct conversation automatically ends up in DM requests , even though you follow the profile or have been accepted.

this happens if you or the recipient suddenly decide to block . Sometimes the move is temporary – that is, the counterpart is banned (on purpose and in an agreed manner) – to hide the Instagram chats. This is an effective method for those who do not wish to be spied on Direct.

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