Instagram: Send messages in the shape of a gift or hearts

Instagram: Send messages in the shape of a gift or hearts

Do you want to send gifts on Instagram or hearts ? Well, here I bring you the step by step of how to do it, quick and easy so that you can enjoy this tool. Instagram has made many updates and this is one of them, which you can enjoy together with your friends and family through the chat on this platform.

Why is the chat gift option not activated on my mobile?

At this point, it would be normal for the update to send messages in the form of a gift on Instagram to be activated on each cell phone. In any case, if not, you shouldn’t worry either, as the function is relatively easy to activate. If you want to do it, read the following information .

How to activate the new Gift Messages function on Instagram?

The first step is to update the Instagram platform so that this function can be enabled for you since it is new. The second step is that you have to go to your profile and go to the horizontal bars at the top right of the phone.

Once you click, you go to the configuration option and then to the account part and now you continue to go to “personal account”. It should be noted that this is an important part of doing it.

mensaje de instagram en forma de regalo

In the event that you have your account in professional, just make sure to go to this option change account to personal and that’s it . With this step the option will be shown on your mobile phone, so I emphasize that it is important to do it.

Steps to send gift or heart messages on IG

Now you must go to the messaging and press on a conversation, once done, write a message and a magnifying glass will appear on the left side above the keyboard. By clicking it, the different stickers, gifts and hearts will appear, in fact, they can even be mobilized.

And voila, now you have to enjoy this incredible option with the people you want and if you dare to create stickers or effects for a special occasion you can do it too and it is an incredible option.

Can I send gift messages via Instagram from an iPhone?

Yes, the feature to Send messages in the shape of a gift or hearts of Instagram is available for both Android and iOS devices. If the option does not appear on your mobile, it is probably because it is not activated, in which case, simply follow the steps indicated above .

How to create my own stickers for Instagram

At present, figures have been created where you can communicate with people without saying a single word. These are stikers and there are even many of them with movement, so you can also create the yours totally personalized, your way, your way and with your own tastes.

So here I bring you the steps to be able to do it, it should be noted that you have to download an application in which you can create them. This is called Anny stikers and it is available in the Play Store for Android application.

The first step is to download this application on the phone from the Play Store platform, after it is already installed on the device, you will open it by clicking on it. Once this step is done you will give “create stickers” .

The second step, you will see the option to add the text you want and coca an icon so that it is with the text that you have put in your preference.

icono de mensaje de instagram

The third step, you click to select, there you will get the option to open the image inside your device , that is, the photo gallery. Once you have selected the photo you have chosen, it will be on the sticker, and voila, steps completed, they will be saved on your mobile device in the gallery part.

There are also other applications to create them from your mobile and not only the stickers but also question backgrounds so the steps are also simple, making your creativity fly by animating your Instagram stories.

Steps to put stickers with countdown on Instagram

On the other hand, there is also the option to place stikers in countdown on your Instagram, many people use this incredible option. In fact, they are useful mostly for birthday events or similar events so that people are aware of how long it would be until that event.

First, you have to open the Instagram application and then go to “upload a stories” , here you will see the option at the top of the screen to place stickers.

After that, various windows will appear, in which you will take the “countdown” option and it is to place bluish with purple for more detail. That said, you will write the name of the event at the top, you will select the date in the bottom part with the end time of such event. And voila, it also has options such as activating questions since Instagram is very diverse with its options.

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