Instagram shadowban: what it is and how to avoid it

Instagram shadowban: what it is and how to avoid it

What is this Instagram shadowban that many users complain about having received on the platform? The shadowban , in a nutshell, does not show your post in the hashtags you use and, therefore, your content is only shown to the followers of your account.

In this way you are penalized by putting the growth of your profile at risk. This ban can be really annoying as it can affect your editorial calendar and limit the growth of your Instagram profile. In this article we will see in detail what shadowban is and, above all, how to avoid it.

Instagram shadowban: how to avoid it

The reasons for falling into the shadowban are many, but this does not work as for the blocking of ‘Like’ when you put too many in a short time or the ban you receive for putting the ‘Follow ‘to other users too quickly: in that case Instagram warns you of having received the ban with a notification.

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Instagram in fact it could use the shadowban if you always use the same hashtag in all your posts or if you use one that cannot be used, for this reason I always say to change them.

Another reason why Instagram could penalize your account is the use of bots or the use of unaffiliated third-party sites and apps that allow you to schedule posts or view a list of users who no longer interact with your profile.

Instagram shadowban: how to get out

Knowing if you are in shadowban is very simple: just check, after publishing a post, if your content appears in the hashtags you used. This procedure can be done with the same profile, but it would be better to check with another account or ask a friend for this favor.

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If your posts appear in the hashtags you used, you are safe. If your content, on the other hand, does not appear then Instagram has made you a nice present. * red alert *

Don’t worry, the shadowban is not permanent and it is possible to solve this problem.

Ah, another way to understand if you ended up in shadowban is to have the business account: checking the insights, in fact, if you don’t find the string “Give Hashtags” in the post statistics then it is very likely that Instagram has ‘beaten’ you.

To exit the shadowban you have to
follow these procedures:

  • Unlink any third party programs you have linked
    to your account (bot, app, etc.)
  • Don’t always use the same hashtags, Instagram does
    deems spam
  • Remove hashtags from the latest posts you published
    (check the stats to understand which post the
  • Do nothing on your account for two or three days. With
    this I mean to post, comment, like and reply
    to messages. You don’t have to do a single interaction

After two or three days try to publish a post with different hashtags than usual, if you are still in shadowban stay still for a few days and then try again.

Test with Triberr

This tool is truly phenomenal. There is no need to register, just enter your username and voila. Triberr checks your latest posts and shows you in red the hashtags where your content isn’t showing. This way you can eliminate the culprit hashtags and add more to your strategy.


Well, we’ve seen what shadowban is , how to avoid it and how to get out of it . Have you ever been penalized by Instagram with the shadowban ? If so, what strategy did you use to get out of it? Let me know in the comments.

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