Instagram stories questions: what they are and how to do them

Instagram stories questions: what they are and how to do them

You are looking for a suggestion on which TV series to start, which book to buy or which new song to listen to. Your friends in the “offline world” have run out of ideas, and therefore you are thinking of asking for help from your followers on Instagram, but you do not know which is the best tool to engage them and receive a good number of advice. Fortunately, from summer 2018, questions in stories on Instagram are available, a function that – probably – is right for you. You may have already heard about it by watching the content posted for 24 hours by the users you follow.

The “Question Sticker” is in fact a square that appears on IG Stories usually with the phrase “ ask me a question “. Sometimes you will also have answered these questions by writing your opinion in the space provided. But now you would like to use this function to ask your followers something and receive suggestions on specific issues, but you just don’t know where to start, right? Do not worry. In the tutorial that follows I will explain what questions in Instagram Stories are and the steps you need to use to add them. I will give you some suggestions on the most original topics to discuss in order to interact with your followers and not bore them. Finally, I will also tell you how to see the replies you have received and how to possibly repost them to continue the conversation.


Are they anonymous?

punto interrogativo su sfondo nero domande Instagram

Before we begin I would like to clarify a little to avoid embarrassing moments with your community. Often on TikTok there is a trend that shows how to anonymize Instagram questions. If you’ve seen these videos, you may have felt relieved and maybe you thought that you can finally ask a question to a person you follow without showing your username, a bit like worked a few years ago. But, I must tell you, if you’ve really tried to do it, you’ve fallen into a nice joke!

To date, in fact, on Instagram it is not possible to answer a question anonymous form and what the tiktokers did was insert in their stories a fictitious clause “ This user will not be able to see your identification “, which translated means “this user will not see your identity “; but unfortunately this is not the case, at least for now.

What can you ask?

When you put the question sticker in your story , by default the message “ ask me a question ” appears. You can leave it like this and your followers can indulge themselves in asking you anything they want.

Alternatively, you can change the phrase in the box by entering a custom question , to which the community can give a dry or more articulate answer: you can for example ask for advice on films, books or things to do, as well as get to know your followers better (e.g. by informing yourself about their interests). But if you are looking for a dry answer between two or more options, the most suitable tools for you are surveys or questionnaires.

How they work

There are two ways to insert a questionnaire into an Instagram story.

Specifically, you can:

  • Use the “Create” mode : by swiping towards right, after clicking on the camera icon (top left) and, from here, select the circle with the question mark;
  • Take a picture or upload it and insert the sticker ” Questions ”. Once the box appears, you can leave the pre-set phrase “ask me a question” or change it by clicking on it and choosing a topic to talk to your followers about for as long as the story is active (24 hours).

Those who follow you will be able to reply by writing in the space provided and you, in turn, will be able to comment on the messages received in a new story.

If you want to ask on Instagram direct

If you are doing an Instagram live and you want to ask your followers a question, just enter the Question Sticker as if it were a simple story. Those attending the live, by clicking on it, can write whatever they want.

Your community can otherwise interact with you by writing in the space provided at the bottom of the screen. The comments will appear in a stream on the left of the screen.


Below, I’ll explain how add questions in Instagram stories from app (ie using smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS operating system) or from PC.

From app

    Open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon (top left);

  1. Take / upload a photo or record a video;
  2. Select the sticker icon (the little square with the smiley top) and enter “ Questions ” with a tap.

I remind you that you could also enter the question box from “Create” mode , by doing swipe to the right before taking the photo, in the IG Stories.

From Instagram Web

  1. Connect to Instagram Web using a browser (eg Chrom e);
  2. Click on the three dots (top right) and follow the path Other tools> Developer tools ;
  3. The screen will split you in two. In the window with the codes, click the icon with the two screens (top left);

  4. Reload the page with CTRL + R if are you using a PC, or with cmd + R from Mac. In this way, you will view the social network as if you were using the app on a mobile device;
  5. Then click on the camera icon (top left), select the photo or video to include in the story, then add the question sticker .

Ideas and examples

Now that you know how to add questions in Instagram Stories, you just have to think to the content . If you are short of ideas, you will find some suggestions in the next paragraphs. However, always try to be original and creative, so that your followers can appreciate.


One of the reasons we use social media is entertainment. You could then use the questionnaires to play a game with your followers, even without prizes, but only to spend time together.

For example, you could organize a quiz, do a riddle or ask how to say a specific word in the various Italian dialects. Receiving and posting the answers is sure to be fun and generate more interactions.

To pick up

The question box could also be a good springboard for getting write and hook up on Instagram. Let’s say you are interested in someone you know is an art expert. You could ask in the stories for advice on museums or exhibitions to see. If this person replies to you, you may want to take this opportunity to thank them and continue talking in the DMs, but remember to don’t be pushy if you see that they don’t reciprocate.

To know the followers

On Instagram we are always focused on showing who we are and what we are passionate about, so much so that sometimes we forget about others. In this regard, you might consider using the question box to get to know your followers better. If you’ve never interacted with your fanbase, you might want to start with simple questions, like your favorite movies or books, and as the relationship builds up, you can start asking for something more personal.

Remember though that the report must be two-way , that is, you too will have to expose yourself a bit, telling something about yourself when you comment on their answers.

With text on the forehead

You may have also seen your followers’ Instagram stories, where the question appears on their forehead: is it a facial filter . Over time, in fact, Instagram filters have evolved, and from masks that transformed you into a dog, now they allow you to play alone or in company.

Among the most famous filters for making quizzes, there are “ 100 Questions ” and “ Head of Quiz ”.

With music

You can also use the Question Sticker to ask for music suggestions . The procedure to follow is the same as I have explained so far to insert the question box in a story and you can do it both from the “Create mode”, or by adding the sticker, after uploading or taking the photo.

After inserting the sticker, all you have to do is click on the musical note . By default you will see the question “ Which song should I listen to? “, which you can modify to your liking.

Your followers will respond by clicking on the button “ Choose a song ”and they will select the most suitable soundtrack from the Instagram music library.

Be creative

As I’ve shown you so far, there are tons of excuses to ask questions in Instagram stories. The Question Sticker is also an excellent tool to interact with your followers and start a conversation, but remember that it is not always obvious to receive answers , especially for the countless contents we are subjected to every day.

So if you want your story to emerge from this tide of images and videos that populate the social network and receive many interactions, try to always be creative and original. It is really impossible to give you advice on this, but you can try to study your community and understand what it is interested in, then “put your own”.

Check the answers to the questions by Instagram

  1. Wait for someone to view the story and leave a comment;
  2. You will find the answer in a horizontal stream , above the view counter;
  3. To continue the conversation, you can also share the replies received in a new story , perhaps by expressing your thoughts.
  4. I remind you that – as in the order of IG story views – only you can see the name of the followers who have written something in your question box. In fact, the shared answers will all appear anonymously publicly.

    If they-don’t-work

    If you can’t use Instagram’s questions, it might be that the social network has temporarily blocked this function on your account (shadowban). Maybe you have exceeded the limit of likes, comments, followers and published content, or you have done something wrong.

    The action blocked on Instagram can last from 24 to 48 hours . Sometimes, however, it could be a definitive block: it depends on the severity of the infringement.

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