Instagram Stories: The Complete Guide

Instagram Stories: The Complete Guide

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Instagram stories allow you to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

How to use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are always visible at the top of the Instagram home and all Instagram accounts can share stories, from your best friends to the most popular profiles.

When someone posts a new Instagram story, their profile photo will have a colored border.

To view the history of a profile, all you have to do is tap on its profile photo, so as to view in chronological order all the stories that have been published in the last 24 hours.

Once a story is displayed, by tapping on the left and right edge of the screen you will be able to navigate between the stories of the profile while by swiping you can go to the stories of the next profile.

Unlike the photos and videos posted on the instagram profile, in the stories it is not possible to like or public comments but only through Direct messages.

Instagram Stories

How to publish Instagram Stories

To publish a story on Instagram you will have to click on the camera-shaped icon at the top left of the screen, alternatively you can publish stories simply by swiping to the left .

come aprire instagram stories

Once the camera is open, you can take photos or videos as you always have. Once you’ve taken the photo or recorded a video, you can use various filters or add text and other interactive content.

Esempio instagram story

Extra tip: how to add content to your stories

In Stories you can also publish images and videos already on your device, to do this click on the preview at the bottom left to view the contents saved on your smartphone.

Once you’ve selected the content you want to post, click the add button to use it as the content of your story.

How to use stickers in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories stickers are super easy to use and will allow you to add extra content to your Stories.

To add stickers to your stories, click on the smiley face icon at the top right or by swiping upwards so as to open the menu containing the stickers and all the other elements that you can add to your stories.

stickers instagram stories

Resize and move the stickers in the stories

You can move the stickers simply by dragging them to your preferred position, while to resize them all you have to do is pinch with two fingers.

How to add the sticker with your position

To add your position in the Instagram stories, open the stickers menu and select the sticker “Luogo”.

Once this is done, you will be shown a list of all the places near your position and a search bar in which you can type the exact place where you are:

luogo instagram stories

Then, select the desired place and the sticker will be added to your story, by clicking on it you can also change its color.

Instagram stories - Sticker Luogo

How to add a hashtag sticker

You can add a hashtag sticker by clicking on the hashtag sticker in the stickers menu. Once selected, you will be asked to write the hashtag to insert as a sticker.

If you want to learn more about how to make the most of the power of hashtags, read this guide in which I talk about how to use hashtags on instagram.

Inserire sticker hashtag instagram stories

Stories about Place and hashtags in the explore section

When you are looking for a hashtag or a place in the search section of Instagram, you will have noticed that by clicking on the colored circle of the preview you can view the stories in which that hashtag or place was used.

instagram stories sezione esplora

If your profile is set to public, your stories may also be featured in this section.

How to add the poll sticker

In the Instagram stories you can also use the sticker to create interactive polls where you can ask your followers questions and they can vote for their favorite answer.

Once you’ve taken a photo or video for your story, open the sticker menu and select the survey sticker .

After that, you’ll be prompted to write a question and customize the answers. Once the survey is published, people will be able to respond.

instagram stories sticker sondaggio

Once one of your followers has answered the survey, they will be able to see which answer is the most selected. Also, by opening the details of your story you will be able to see which of your followers answered the question and which answer they selected.

How to add the sticker countdown

Use the countdown sticker to create anticipation among your followers and increase engagement for the launch of a product or special event.

instagram stories sticker conto alla rovescia

To add this sticker, select it from the stickers menu after taking a photo or video.

After that, enter the name of that countdown and customize color and add a date and time. Once the countdown has been created, it will be reusable once it has reached the given stability.

Also, if one of your followers taps the countdown, they will be notified once the countdown is over.

More stickers for Instagram Stories

Instagram has made available several stickers that you can use in your stories and these are increasing more and more, allowing you to customize your stories making it more interactive and fun. Here is the list of other stickers available on Instagram:

  • Time : Add the current time to your stories
  • Temperature: Include temperature in your stories
  • GIF : Add a GIF to your stories through Giphy
  • @Mention : Tag another Instagram account in your stories
  • Question: Ask your audience a question, the answers will be sent to you as a DM
  • Chat : Ask a group of people a question through your story
  • Music : Share your favorite song through your stories
  • Quiz : Create a multiple choice quiz that your audience will be able to answer
  • Emoji Slider : Ask a question in a fun way using a slider and applying an emoji that your followers will have to drag left or right to answer

come aprire instagram stories0


Instagram Stories, as well as Instagram Hashtags , are a really powerful tool that will allow you to make your photos and videos even more fun and interactive.

Try combining the stickers available to increase engagement with your followers and make your Instagram stories truly unique!

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