Instagram Stories views order

Instagram Stories views order

How do people appear in the order they view Instagram stories? Is there a connection or are they inserted randomly? If these doubts have been haunting you for some time and you would like to know what is the criterion used by the Instagram algorithm to sort the profiles that look at the photos and videos you share for 24 hours, you’ve come to the right guide!

In the chapters that make it up, in fact, I will show you how the order of Instagram stories views works. Specifically, I will tell you what is the criterion used to list the names of users who have played your content. In this way, in addition to being able to see who spies on you on the photo social network, you may also know which are the most active followers on your profile, similar to when you look at those who follow you on Facebook.


What is the view order of Instagram stories

ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram

The view order of Instagram stories will help you understand which ones are the most active fans , i.e. those who interact and view a profile more assiduously.

When you publish a photo, video or GIF in the stories section, the multimedia content will be visible to your followers for 24 hours. After a few hours or minutes, you can check who has seen that story by consulting the view order.

You can look at the list of names by entering one of your own Instagram stories publish and clicking on the eye icon . In this way, you will know for sure who has seen your story and you will understand who spies on you a lot and who, on the other hand, has found himself watching “in passing”.

What you can know looking at it

As you will have understood in the previous paragraphs, by consulting the details of the Instagram stories views you can get important information about who follows you, so you can adjust your profile and change the very nature of the stories, getting more fans and more interactions.

In summary, the list of views Instagram stories will be useful for obtaining in-depth data on:

  • Most loyal followers – those who, in fact, see every story you post;
  • Interactions – to understand if there is someone spying, for example, you could check if their name appears at the top of the list of views on a large number of stories;
  • Who looks at the profile (indirectly);
  • Who you chat with via Direct more often.

If you have had an Instagram profile for a few months or have few followers, the information contained in the views will probably be useless for you. In any case, try to think when you will have many followers: being able to derive this data on the basis of a large number of followers, would certainly bring you advantages in managing your Instagram account.

Which profiles can appear in the list

ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram esempio feed stories

Currently, both public profiles ( i.e. those who have set the account to be publicly accessible) and profiles set as private (users who have chosen privacy and have masked most of their options). For sure, however, it will be profiles that follow you .

As you may have guessed, therefore, Instagram stories do not fully respect the will of anonymity of a user: if a person with a private profile were to observe your public story, his interaction would also be public; this would make his name “visible” to the story owner.

Think about this the next time you try to see a friend or relative’s story on Instagram!

Who can see the order of Instagram stories

ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram profili

Not all information of the Instagram Stories view order is domain public: only the profile that publishes the story will be able to obtain the details related to it.

Therefore, neither of your followers nor other strangers will be able to know where their names are sorted in that list. They may only check some overall statistics, using third party tools and only if your profile is public. If I had a private profile, however, the information available to them would be very scarce.

How does the order of names in Instagram stories

Now that you I have given “a general smattering” on the subject, I will actually show you how name ordering works in Instagram Stories views . You must know, in fact, that this special list is unlocked only after a certain number of plays of each story. Read on to find out what I’m talking about.


ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram meno di 50 views

If your story had fewer than 50 views , the Instagram Stories view order is chronological and reverse : this means that the first user to appear at the top is the one who played the story for last; the user who first looked at the content you published, on the other hand, will find it at the bottom of the list.

There is no information that verifies this process, such as a timestamp with time and date. However, I can confirm to you that, after several tests, IG stories with few views follow this criterion.

In case you want to find out who follows you more or who spies on you, to find out maybe even the name of these people, you have to exceed the threshold of 50 views (see below for more details).

Over 50 views

ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram sopra 50 views

Has your story exceeded 50 views ? Then the matter changes. In this case, the Instagram stories view order is no longer chronological as seen in the previous chapter: the list is in fact “populated” according to the criteria of the social network algorithm .

Specifically, in a list of over 50 followers, you will see the names of those who have had most interactions with your profile in the first part . For interactions, likes, comments, reproductions of stories, Direct messages and similar social activities are obviously conceived.

What most influences the positioning in the order views Instagram stories, however, would seem to be visits to profile . That’s why the order of names is often used to see who is watching an Instagram account.

If you can’t-get-to-50-views

ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram contenuti di qualità

Have you tried everything, but can’t get over 50 views ? No problem, I’m here to help you. The best way to increase the views of your stories is to increase the number of fans : more followers means more people who could watch or be notified of your new stories.

To achieve this, all you need to do is publish always and only quality content, so that they can end up in the Explore section or in any case can be shared by other users of the photo social network. If possible, use a photographic app with filters, such as Retrica, use the right hashtags, go around the city or the countryside in search of inspiration and start following the big brands and brands worldwide.

With just these tips, you should be able to increase your followers and reach the fateful 50 views in a short time. However, if you wanted to know approximately how many followers you must have to exceed 50 views, in this case, neither I nor anyone else could answer your question. I can make an estimate, which could be around 200 followers , but it all depends on the interest the followers have in you.

You can not appear in the Instagram Stories order?

ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram esempio estensione IG stories

As mentioned a few chapters ago, you can appear in the Instagram Stories order regardless of the nature of your profile: just open the story to be immediately added to the list.

If you are trying to leave no traces on Instagram , and you don’t want to use third-party apps or tools, I suggest you ignore the stories completely: they they are perhaps the most effective method to “catch” an online user (maybe someone you ignore beautifully posts a story on Instagram and just waits for the moment when you press on them to “catch you”).

Alternatively , you may see Instagram Stories without being tracked . You can do this using applications developed by third parties (free) that allow you to download the stories published by profiles that do not have restrictive privacy settings, even those highlighted. I’m talking, for example, about storiesig and Chrome IG stories. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been blocked, you can act silently without any restrictions.

Can you block someone from seeing an Instagram story?

ordine visualizzazioni storie Instagram amici più stretti

In order not to show strangers and strangers your most sensitive Instagram stories, instead of blocking or hiding any published story from them (which, as I told you, they could download anyway), I highly recommend you use the Closest Friends List . By posting Highlights or Stories in this list, only followers who are part of it will be able to see them . Yes, you got it right: the stories published in there will be really private.

By doing this, you will share the stories with a small group of people, who will have free access to your stories (they can therefore leave a trace of their passage or even download them). All the other followers, however, will never know anything about those shares. This would allow you to keep private in more sensitive content. But be careful to choose people you trust, otherwise it will be useless.

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