Instagram suggestions: what they are and how to delete them

Instagram suggestions: what they are and how to delete them

Instagram plays an increasingly important role in our days. And if you – like me – often use this social network, you know that it often suggests pages or profiles to follow: this is a function common to all social networks on the Web, whose goal is obviously to make sure that generate the greatest number of interactions between profiles; it is often useful, for example, to find people with particular nicknames, or to find interesting pages, whose contents are in line with their interests.

For some, this function is convenient and helps to “flesh out” the array of profiles and pages followed (so-called follow), while others just don’t like it. What thought do you belong to? You’ll tell me along the way, if you like. In this tutorial, I’ll explain what Instagram suggestions are and how to delete them. Let’s go!


Who are the suggested Instagram profiles

suggeriti Instagram

The suggested Instagram profiles are active and not blocked accounts that are proposed by an algorithmic calculation based on the posts viewed, the followers and their activities on the social network, especially the most recent ones. They can be classified as the most interesting profiles “for you” according to Instagram, with which you have had – or may have the opportunity – to interact (through likes, comments, Direct, etc.).

First of all , you will find profiles of people with whom you are already connected through Facebook, whose e-mail or phone number you may have registered. Then you will be offered profiles based on your activities and also on the public places you have recently visited (eg you may see the page of a place where you were a few days ago and that you still do not follow). In short, sometimes the places of interest also count, as I already told you in the guide to hook up on Instagram.

If you have more than one IG account, the profiles you follow – or who follow you – on the main one may also appear in the suggestions of each one. When you open a new account, however, Instagram suggestions are usually shown based on popularity and, if it’s a page, also depending on the industry you’re in. After following someone, on the other hand, some profiles with which that follow interacts more often may be proposed, which you too may find interesting.

Can Does your Instagram profile appear among the suggested ones?

If the profile is of the public type, the answer is affirmative, as well as for pages . As I told you a little while ago, in fact, the algorithm shows among the suggested profiles also those that are followed by similar people or pages; if a Facebook friend opens an account on Instagram, for example, it is very likely that your profile will appear among the suggestions.

On the basis of what does Instagram propose the suggested accounts?

I don’t know how much he understands you about the practical functioning of social networks, but you probably already know that almost everything that happens in the feed of posts and stories is the result of choices of an algorithm : of course, exactly it is impossible to know how it was programmed, because no one would be interested in letting it know, but what is certain is that all algorithms tend to reward interactions and “push” so that others happen.

So it is not surprising that, in the case of Instagram suggestions, profiles or pages with which there are already links are shown: as I told you in the previous paragraphs, one of the criteria is to be connected with this page or profile outside of Instagram, for example on Facebook.

Also the order where these profiles are shown is decided by the algorithm, and is a little different from the order of the Instagram Stories views.

Where they are the profiles suggested on Instagram

suggeriti Instagram sezione Suggerimenti per te IG Web

Before proceeding, it is good to know how to identify each section in which Instagram could propose profiles or contents. They are not always in the same place, in fact, and the view changes depending on whether you are connected to Instagram from desktop (browser or app for Windows 10) or from mobile (app for iOS and Android).

As for the PC version, that is Instagram Web , when you log in to your account, you will find the suggestions on the right sidebar, on the main page. You will only see a few, but you can browse them all by choosing the “ Show all ” option. You will also see them from the Explore section , at the top, and from there you can also choose the same option to view all their names.

From mobile , instead, Instagram suggestions are found as you scroll through the feed : at a certain point, you will find a section (which you can browse horizontally) containing the names of profiles and pages, and you will be allowed to follow them.

suggeriti Instagram opzione Trova persone da seguire

In case the account had just been created , Instagram suggestions would appear in the main section, at the top of the feed. You could also find them in the section “Profile” , where you would be offered 4 options to complete it: “Add your name”, “Add a bio”, “Add an image profile ”,“ Find people to follow ”. By tapping the latter, you will be able to analyze the suggestions more accurately.

Other content or profiles that may interest you can be found in the “Search” section of Instagram, but there you may also find posts published from accounts you already follow. Additionally, you can also find hints in Direct messages (to enter, tap the paper airplane icon).

When you search for a profile or page, the algorithm acquires this information, and then shows you that name in the” Search “section. You may confuse this activity history with suggested profiles, but in reality that list has nothing to do with them. These are, in fact, searches made by you, which will then appear if you go to position yourself on the bar of the “Search” section.

Types of contents and accounts suggested by Instagram

To briefly summarize, the Instagram algorithm proposes:

  • Public personal profiles (in the post feed);
  • Pages or business or creator account (in the post feed);
  • Posts from users who already follow you (in the “Search” section);
  • Posts from users who do not follow you ( in the “Search” section);
  • Users with whom to chat or exchange content (in Direct messages).

Remember that on this social network you will also receive suggestions in the Stories: in the feed you will find the stories of your friends, while during the playback of a timed content, periodically, you will see some of the pages or profiles that you do not follow. In that case it is sponsored content, which therefore responds to other rules and is not governed by the same algorithm that suggests profiles and pages.

How to delete the users suggested by Instagram

suggeriti Instagram sezione Persone suggerite

Here we are at the question you were probably wondering at the beginning of this guide, or how to delete the suggestions from Instagram. First of all, connect to Instagram from desktop or mobile. So find the “Suggested” section of your interest, for example the one that is present in the post feed.

This will display the list of suggested accounts from Instagram. At this point you can click on the X located in the upper right corner of each suggested profile, so that it is no longer shown to you. You can also choose the Show all option to see more pages and profiles, and delete them from there, again by tapping the X button .

Instagram will not ask for confirmation of this action, so only remove the suggestion if you’re really convinced. Once deleted, this profile should no longer be shown in “Suggested”, but it is not certain that it will not reappear later. To hide it permanently, the only solution would be to block it on IG, so that the privacy system does not let you look for it or see it anymore (you could even do it temporarily).

How not to appear in the Instagram suggestions of other users

suggeriti Instagram opzione Suggerimenti di account simili

For some reason, you may not want your profile appears among the suggestions of other Instagram accounts. Let’s see how to solve:

  1. Access Instagram Web (from PC);
  2. Move to your profile , selecting the thumbnail of your main photo;
  3. Choose the option Edit profile ;
  4. Below, after the email, phone and genre, you will find the item Suggestions of similar accounts : if checked, your profile will be shown to other people; if you don’t want this to happen, you just have to uncheck the tick.

How to hide Instagram friends in tips

To prevent the names of friends or people you talk to often – who you don’t follow – from reappearing among the suggestions, I suggest you:

  • Delete your Instagram history , to prevent searches from being stored in the social network activity log;
  • Create a second Instagram profile with an invented name, to chat with certain people you know or perform activities in private;
  • Block the Instagram account that is suggested to you , to prevent it or the content it publishes from being proposed again.

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