Integrate Instagram on Shopify

Integrate Instagram on Shopify

Instagram can be an excellent opportunity for visibility and conversion for all those who manage an online store . On the other hand, attractive product images and effective synergies can significantly increase the sales of an item.

Well, there are many ways to get a practical integration between Instagram and a Shopify storefront . But which are the main ones?

Connect your store on Instagram

The first and simplest “integration” you can do is to use your link on Instagram to connect your shop. Always keep in mind that on Instagram only an actual and clickable link is allowed, while it is not possible to insert links in the subtitles of the image. The only clickable link you have permission to post is in your bio – make good use of it!

For this link, however, you have two options. The first is to link Instagram to the home page of your online store . This is certainly a good option, but it still tends to work best if your store is large enough. The other option is to rotate the link on an occasional basis, directing it not to your store, but to specific product pages to try to focus traffic on a given product for a month, and so on.

Publish new products on Instagram

Another way to integrate the two sites – your store and Instagram – is to make sure that every time you launch a new product, the images are then posted to your Instagram feed. Of course, if you’re not particularly prone to launching new products, such as if you’re only doing one or two, and launching a third one is a big deal on the horizon, you probably won’t need to automate this process, just stick to create posts at product launch or schedule them ahead of time.

It is also true that many of you may have to manage shop windows with frequently updated product listings. An example could be a business that sells phone products: new smartphone models are coming out all the time, and unless you want to limit yourself to a few brands, it is likely that you will be able to manage dozens of releases for each season.

Even in this type of scenario, every time you add a new product you can manually insert the ad on Instagram , but it will take a lot of work. Therefore, it is better to automate things and schedule the outputs, so as not to flood your feed in too close moments.

Fortunately, there are a number of different options for handling this task , but probably one of the best is’s Auto Post.

What do you think? How do you go about creating integrations between Shopify and Instagram?


Having introduced the above, we are pleased to go a little further and try to understand what you must do and what you must NOT do if you want to sell on Instagram .

Let’s start with positive actions, that is, all those actions you should do if you really want to sell on this social network, in synergy with your store on Shopify.

Don’t be afraid to sell on and with Instagram

If you’ve taken social media profile management courses, you’ve probably always been told to “show the human side.” Well, it is true. But be careful not to overdo it!

In fact, there are several recent studies conducted on Instagram that show that users follow brands mainly to look at their products, whether they are cameras or personal computers, wind turbines or pens.

Well, it’s good to show your human side. But remember to add product photos to your Instagram content calendar frequently, to give users what they want and to remind them – kindly! – that you are a company that has products to sell.

Use photos to communicate

It may seem trivial but… people are on Instagram to look at the photos!

So if you believe that they will wait until the caption to discover that maybe you have launched a new promotion, you are very wrong, and you will run the serious risk of sliding another image to the right.

So, use images to communicate, with all their might. If you have a promotion such as a 50% discount on your old collection, show it in all its beauty in the image, avoiding the user being forced to learn more by reading it from the caption.

Then make shopping even easier for Instagram users by using the homepage as the destination URL. Remember that – as we have said several times on these pages – there are no usable URLs in an Instagram news feed, and therefore you should take advantage of the link in the bio, and maybe a shorturl in the image.

Install an application that facilitates your sales

Some pretty clever apps can sync with Instagram to make it easy to sell to all brands, from any industry and of all sizes.

The topic is quite interesting but… it’s not the focus of our in-depth study today. But keep following us, because we will talk about it shortly with an ad hoc article. In the meantime, you can learn more with some other articles on the topic that we have prepared on our site, and taking a look at what the main fashion brands do!

Use other people’s content

Instagram is an amazing source of user-generated (often unsolicited) content. So, if while browsing Instagram profiles you’ve found a nice photo of your product while it’s in use, why not ask permission from the Instagram user who posted it to use it in your next publication?

Not only is there nothing wrong with it, but it will also allow you to show that you are very attentive to what your followers and other users are doing, confirming your participation in the community of your customers and the entire ecosystem of users of your products.

Now that Instagram ads are available to all users, why not do a quick study of the sponsored posts currently appearing in your newsfeed? After all, taking a look at what your competition is doing is a very effective way to learn how to sell on Instagram.

So look at which sponsored posts get a high number of “likes” and positive comments. Try to understand if you can find common traits in them that you could then exploit in your next content marketing campaigns.


Now that we understand what you should do in order to improve your sales opportunities on Instagram, it’s also time to consider what you should NOT do.

Thinking that selling on Instagram is like selling on other social channels

Since Instagram is a real-time “visual” network, it clearly stands out from its social media competitors!

And the above also means that you need to try to drive the sale with an engaging image, rather than words. Take the time to get the right photo by selecting one that tends to be square in shape, easy to identify and free from lighting problems.

Forget the “problem” of the Instagram hyperlink

Instagram wants you to stay on its platform to view images, and not leave them to go to another site, whatever it is. For this reason, it is not allowed to use links that can be touched in the captions of the photos.

Therefore, avoid forgetting about this and underestimating how lazy people can be!

Don’t think your users will highlight a URL in your caption and then paste it into a mobile internet browser, unless it’s really something you can’t miss. If you really want people to go to your e-commerce page, you have to direct them to the only place where Instagram allows you to insert a followable external link, namely the URL slot in your bio on the social network.

Don’t be clear about promotions and sales

We actually said a few lines ago that Instagram users don’t like reading captions. And when it comes to simple “showcases”, this is certainly true. But once you’ve caught their attention with a promotional sale, try to nip potential customer service questions in the bud by providing every useful detail.

In particular, try to focus on the start and end dates of the promotion, and explain whether the sale is online, in stores or both. If it’s online, let them know immediately which promo code to use or let them know that no code is needed.

Isolate Instagram from the rest of the channels

We don’t think you want your Instagram sale to remain a secret. So, always remember to promote your Instagram sale whenever possible, using the other channels on which your brand is certainly present, such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Inform all your followers of what is happening on Instagram, avoiding believing that those who follow you on Facebook are necessarily also present on the “photographic” social network (or maybe they are present, but they are not your follower!).

Then give a preview to your list of e-mail addresses, thus leaving the social channels. In particular, try to focus on the part of your database that you believe is already present on Instagram or that in any case may be interested in your promotion, in order to increase the number of people participating in this sale.

While you may not be able to get more sales, by doing so you could at least get more followers!

Neglect the rest of your funnel

While these ideas may have piqued your interest in managing your next product sale on Instagram, don’t let this detract from Instagram’s “core” strengths, spread brand awareness, build relationships, collect user generated content and conducting market research.

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