Is selling on Instagram legal? Do you need a VAT number?

Is selling on Instagram legal? Do you need a VAT number?

If you want to start an e-commerce business, and you are thinking that Instagram could be the right promotional channel for your business venture, you are probably also wondering in which way you can conduct your online store in compliance with the provisions of the tax legislator. And, you are probably wondering if you can sell online on Instagram without VAT.

So let’s try to clear up some small misunderstandings, in order to lead you to start your ecommerce as soon as possible, in compliance with the law!

Sell on Instagram

First, please note that there are no specific rules for Instagram . Selling on Instagram means selling! And, therefore, it is not convenient for you to try to identify particular rules for the placement of your products on social networks, but to try to respect what are the provisions that the tax legislator has provided for you and for all those who, in your same situation, I am currently looking for a simple and effective way to sell online.

Open the VAT number to sell online

Having clarified the foregoing, let’s take another small step forward by remembering how despite some important benefits such as that of the minimum regime , a person approaching the world of online commerce must take into consideration the need to follow up on a series of obligations that should not be underestimated.

So if you intend to sell goods online on a regular and habitual basis (and therefore not occasionally) you must obviously take into consideration the idea of ​​respecting all the requirements currently provided by law, such as registration in the Business Register , the registration with the INPS and the “feared” payment of IVS merchant contributions, which is at least 3,200 fixed contribution per year.

In short, if you are looking for a lean and inexpensive way to sell online, know that it doesn’t exist. Or, better, know that the VAT number and registration with the INPS management are fundamental and mandatory steps for those who want to start a career in this sector: therefore better to take them into account, avoiding looking for alternative and “creative” solutions, which they cannot be applied for those who usually want to sell their products online.

The only possibility is therefore that you want to do occasional sales activities. In this case – except, we repeat, that the requirements of the usual sale do not exist – you can avoid opening a VAT number, limiting yourself, during the sale, to drafting a simple receipt without indication of withholding tax (as it is not a question of services of a professional nature), to be declared among the different income in the UNICO model.

Given the complexity of the subject, if you wish to know more, please contact a trusted consultant / accountant, possibly an expert in issues related to online commerce, and share with him everything that would be appropriate to do in order to regularize your position as an online seller, possibly even before you start!

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What do you think? How are you selling your products online? Is there any suggestion you’d like to share with all of our readers?


Tips for selling on Instagram

If you intend to sell on Instagram , you should know that it is such an important channel that it cannot be “underestimated”, or left to the uncertainty of the moment. In short, like any self-respecting marketing channel, Instagram must be carefully “addressed” by every willing entrepreneur, especially now that the platform that introduced new features, becoming an increasingly reference platform for direct sales for e -commerce.

The numbers in support of you, on the other hand, speak for themselves. Thanks to its continued growth, e-commerce shopping through Instagram, and the opportunities for advertising exploitation on the social media platform are skyrocketing. With more than 1 billion active users per month, with the forecast that by 2020, advertising revenues on Instagram should almost triple compared to last year, reaching 4.65 billion dollars, and with 72% of the users who claim to have purchased a product after seeing it on Instagram, you should have all the most useful elements to be able to place the right dedication towards this social platform.

But how to sell on Instagram with the best chance of success?

Below we have summarized some tips that we recommend you to consult with particular attention: let’s find out together!

Curate the Instagram profile page

We’ve talked about it dozens of times: when it comes to using links on Instagram , you only have one chance to act: your profile bio is in fact the only opportunity to insert a link hypertext that Instagram offers you.

Remember that links in Instagram photos and videos are not linked “hypertextually”, and that users must have at least 10,000 followers before adding links to stories.

But what does all this mean?

It’s simple: it means that your profile page is fundamental to your strategy, and that it can only be of the highest quality. Optimize your Instagram profile page , using the bio section to add a good call to action that will lead your users to a landing page they can convert to.

Make your CTA and your link stand out, using a language in line with the habits of your target, perhaps helping you with emojis and other elements.

To better track and measure Instagram sales results , launch an Instagram-specific landing page as part of your e-commerce strategy.

In short, rather than connecting to your website’s homepage, users should be able to connect to exclusive landing pages, which allow them to make purchases instantly directly from the Instagram link. This tactic also allows marketers to directly follow the success of an Instagram shopping campaign more easily and instantly.

Also keep in mind that, considering that Instagram is a mobile platform , your landing pages must also be suitable for consultation on mobile devices, and therefore adapt perfectly to smartphones or tablets.

Sell with Instagram Stories Ads

Another way to sell on Instagram is to use stories. The ads in this continuous flow of vertical contents can have the usefulness of “pausing” between the contents published organically by brands and users, and due to their particular nature, it seems that they have a greater involvement than what happens with other forms of potential interaction on the same social network.

However, if you want to promote your products organically through Instagram Stories, there are several ways to do it in order to increase the effectiveness of your actions. For example, you can provide details on the launch of a product through vertical graphics, you can use Instagram Live to offer a “backstage” or a “behind the scenes” to take a more or less indiscreet look at new products or promotions, you can interact with customers through Instagram Stories surveys, GIFs, questions, location tags and hashtags, etc.

Remember that all you need to do is… be creative enough, using Instagram Stories to your advantage. Plus, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you can link your Instagram Stories to a designated landing page, and drive sales directly from your content.

Create previews of upcoming products

If you want to create a keen interest in the launch of a new product, Instagram can be your secret weapon, to be unleashed at the right time and at the right opportunity.

On the other hand, it is also a particularly effective solution. Considering that you still have to create product photos for your ecommerce store, why not take advantage of having this content readily available and share it with your followers on Instagram? Loyal fans will certainly appreciate having an exclusive preview of the new products and to start targeted conversations waiting for the actual launch, creating enough hype!

You can also take advantage of this little trick in an even more delightful way. If you want, in fact, you can make an exclusive sale for your Instagram followers by encouraging their participation. Doing so is very simple: along with your new product photos and videos, add a unique promo code to your post or story. Only Instagram followers will therefore have access to the sale, further strengthening their loyalty to your brand. Remember to use high-quality images and content on your new product, as Instagram shoppers are unlikely to interact with careless content from your products.


Use high-quality photos with a precise style

Considering that we have introduced this theme in the last few lines, we can only briefly return to the photographic aspect.

Although 77% of shoppers recently said they prefer to see user photos rather than professionals, at the time of purchase, this doesn’t negate the need for high-quality shots!

So try to put the need to take high quality photos of your products at the center of your strategy, avoiding underestimating this aspect which, as you will soon be able to touch, will be fundamental for the success of your strategy. marketing.

Also, as you take these photos, try to use all the creativity you have for this purpose, in order to develop a distinct and easily recognizable style against an increasingly large (but not always so careful) competition. This style should obviously be consistent throughout your Instagram marketing and sales activity, and beyond. Do your best to reflect the personality of your brand through this trick, whether it be through the use of different filters, graphics or colors.

Of course, the usual rule applies to… don’t go beyond the point where you can’t go! Therefore, if you are not skilled and experienced enough to be able to manage this sector of your marketing strategy on your own, ask for help from some expert photographer, specialized in e-commerce services, who will certainly be able to provide you with the best information to get to a fantastic result!

Stimulate contests and promote your Instagram profile

The Instagram contests , as we have repeatedly had the opportunity to recall on these pages, have the undoubted ability to reach and engage potential customers in a very effective way, highlighting your products as soon as out, or those you want to pay particular attention to.

So, whether you have just opened a new blog, whether you have been running an e-commerce business for some time, or whether you want to develop digital products and online courses, or furthermore you simply want to promote the your Instagram profile on your website, you need to work on this front, trying to contextualise all your initiatives in a homogeneous way.

Remember that a contest is generally able to give a particularly significant edge to your business, and that regardless of the type of contest you choose to launch, you must always highlight the advantages of your products, following the rules of Instagram and working on using this social network to build a good database.

Of course, you can increase the reach of your contest and the participation of potential users / customers by promoting your Instagram profile on your website. A mix of professional photography and user-generated content will entice site visitors to join this initiative.

In short, from the Instagram Stories announcements to the launch of contests, from the use of careful photography to the more dedicated strategies for engaging e-commerce brands, you should have dozens of different levers at your disposal in order to incentivize shopping on Instagram.

As always, our suggestion is to create a unique and personalized strategy for this purpose, avoiding embarking on a project whose arrival you don’t see, and you don’t know the way. A good strategy, planned with some expert consultants, can instead improve the reach of your marketing activities and the strength of your brand.

If you want to talk about it with our community, use the spaces below, commenting on your ideas and insights to be able to start a more effective presence on Instagram, aimed naturally at the sale of your products.

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