Notification sounds on Instagram: How to change them on Android or iOS

Notification sounds on Instagram: How to change them on Android or iOS

For many people, notifications are one of the most essential functions of each messaging application or social network , because it is that alert that alerts them that a message has arrived from someone or of the application itself, in case there is a new configuration or update. That is why knowledge of Instagram notifications is essential for the use of said mobile application.

And for this reason the same users who own a smart device are looking for a way to customize each notification of each application in specific, so that when a notification arrives they know which application it is about.

However, not all applications allow you to modify notifications, at the moment the one that has that option is the WhatsApp messaging application.

Although most people who normally use social network applications seek how to modify Instagram notifications to be able to differentiate it from others.

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It should be noted that this action cannot be performed from the Instagram application itself because the application itself does not have the option to configure these options, but that does not mean that there are no other methods to do so.

We will show you how to do it below:

How to add a custom sound to Instagram notifications

The only Instagram value that we could modify with respect to notifications is to activate or deactivate them in different cases, such as when an account begins to follow us, or when other users begin to react to a publication that we have uploaded.

For this we will have to first access the Instagram application that is installed on our mobile device, and then access the notifications option in the settings section found in the upper right panel of our profile.

Once inside this option we can see all modifiable values ​​, in this case we can only activate or deactivate notifications.

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As we mentioned earlier, changing the notification tone is an action that cannot be performed directly from the Instagram application , the only way to change it would be from the notification settings found in the settings of the device.

Next we will teach you how to change the notification tone of the applications of your phone.

Sounds in Android

Customizing Instagram notifications depends mainly on the operating system with which your mobile operates , for Android the configuration is as follows:

  • The first thing you should do is access the phone’s settings, and then go to the notifications section .
  • Once inside this section, look for the notification tone option, where various options will appear, including a ringtone, message tone and alarm tone.
  • Select the message tone option and choose the tone that you want to apply for the notifications of the applications.
  • And voila! you will have the message tone changed to that of your preference.

Similarly, it is also possible to customize Instagram notifications through external applications such as BuzzKill , which you can download on Google Play.

Sounds in iOS

While to customize Instagram notifications in a mobile with iOS operating system , the process is different but just as simple for everyone.

By simply following the following steps you can customize the Instagram application to your tastes and needs so that its use becomes lighter.

  • To modify the sound of Instagram notifications you must enter the phone settings section to access the iPhone settings.
  • Within the settings menu you must click on the notifications option , and then locate the Instagram application within the list of applications.
  • Once inside the Instagram notifications option, you can configure everything related to it , from sound and volume to previews.

Another option available to configure Instagram notifications is through the application and its internal settings to activate or deactivate specific notifications.

  • You just have to enter the application and go to the profile tab , where you will then have to mark on the gear-shaped icon.
  • Then you will have available the configuration menu with the Push Notifications option to customize the Instagram application to your tastes and needs.

To differentiate Instagram notifications from other applications there is an alternative and that is that we could simply change the notification tone of said applications instead of trying to find how to change Instagram’s, as in the case of WhatsApp or Telegram

Since these applications offer the alternative of being able to modify the tone of the message or call notifications of the same application, below we will teach you how to change or modify the notifications of the WhatsApp application easily.

Change notifications in WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers several modification options in terms of notifications, with this application you will be able to change the notification of the contact or group you want so that it has a different tone or in case of having an LED light on your device so that it has a different color.

Next we will show you how to change notifications in WhatsApp:

  • To start configuring the notifications of the WhatsApp application it is necessary that you have the application updated to its latest version, which you can do by going directly to the official Google Play Store and looking for the WhatsApp application.
  • Once the application is updated you will have to open it and access the settings, entering the button with the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner and then in the notifications option.
  • Once inside it, you will be able to find all the modifiable parameters of WhatsApp notifications, both for messages and calls.
  • Access the option you want to change the tone, and select the message or call tone that you want to set for the application. This option can also be applied to specific contacts or chats.

Is it possible to customize the notification sounds without using third-party applications?

As we previously explained, it is possible to change the sound of Instagram notifications without the need for external applications that take up storage space.

However, to obtain a greater variety of options at your disposal it is recommended to install external applications from Google Play for a better experience.

Aside from BuzzKill the one mentioned above. There is a wide range of safe and quality options such as AcDisplay, Glimpse Notifications and Edge Mask.

Apart from this, in the internal configuration of the mobile through settings you have at your disposal the tools to customize Instagram notifications. In the same way, it is also recommended to configure all the notifications of the rest of the applications installed on the mobile to optimize its use.

How to put a sound to messages in the inbox on Instagram

Like the rest of Instagram customization settings, you have the option to put sound to private messages from the application. Just enter the application and then the profile tab to enter the configuration option and Instagram Push Notifications.

Within this menu of options you will be able to customize the inbox of private messages , activating or deactivating notifications of message requests.

In the same way, you can also enable or disable notifications when you have a incoming video call request and the sound of it. Other options available to customize within this menu are posts, stories and comments, as well as new followers and live videos.

How to turn off or disable Instagram notifications temporarily

In case you need to pause Instagram notifications for any reason, you just have to take the same steps previously explained to enter Push Notifications.

Within the Push Notifications drop-down menu you will have available among the first options the function of pausing all notifications for a period of time.

In this way you can automatically schedule when Instagram notifications will be enabled again, saving time and facilitating optimal use of the application. The downside of this option is that you can only disable notifications within a time parameter from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

Therefore, depending on the specific needs for which you need to disable Instagram notifications, it is recommended to do it from the mobile settings.

To perform this action you only have to enter the mobile settings and then to notifications to select the Instagram application and disable them manually.

It is also recommended to set an alarm to remind yourself to reactivate Instagram notifications once you have completed your personal or work commitments.

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