Recently Deleted Instagram: How It Works

Recently Deleted Instagram: How It Works

Recently Deleted ” is an Instagram feature, which I’ll tell you about in this guide. If, at least once, after deleting a post or a story from your Instagram profile, you regret it and hoped to be able to go back in time, well … I’m sure you will find this option very interesting.

If you are ready to learn more, let’s get started.


What is it

“Recently deleted” is a hidden virtual section where Instagram collects the contents you delete from your profile : photos and videos published as posts or as stories, stories that were featured or in the archive, reels, IGTV and even private messages (Direct).

After some time, these items will disappear permanently, but in the meantime you have the option to change your mind and restore them, thus making them reappear on your account.

Obviously, the items in the “Recently Deleted” folder are visible only and exclusively to you (or to other people who have credentials to access your profile). To be clear, it’s a bit like the “Trash” of operating systems, or like the “Recently deleted” album in the Photos app on iOS devices (or in the iCloud portal).

therefore remember that this function could be used by third parties to spy on your Instagram account, especially to read the “compromising messages” that you may have deleted from the chat history. However, they should have access to your device.

What content ends up in this section

eliminati di recente Instagram

The elements that end up in the “Recently Deleted” section on Instagram are:

  • Posts (both photos and videos);
  • Stories, uploaded in the last 24 hours (both photos and videos);
  • Stories, expired that are now in evidence or in the archive visible only to you;
  • Reels;
  • IGTV;
  • Direct messages or conversations .

Retention time and executable actions

The contents you delete remain in the “Recently Deleted” folder for 30 days .

You have about a month to think about it and choose what to do with it, that is:

  • You can destroy them permanently before of the automatic expiration, in a manual way;
  • You can make them “expire” , that is, let Instagram make them disappear – so that they self-destruct – after this period of time;
  • You can restore them , making them visible again on your account.

Things work a little differently when it comes to stories , which – you know – are short-lived content. Your chances are always the same (delete them, expire them or recover them), but you will have to make a decision quickly: in fact, the stories that are among the “Recently Deleted” will disappear permanently after just 24 hours .

See and recover the contents in “Recently deleted”

Now let’s see how to access this section and how to manage the contents that have been transferred in there.

From iOS

If you use an iPhone or a iPad , here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Tap your profile photo (bottom right);
  3. Now press the three horizontal lines that you find at the top right;
  4. Select “ Settings “, then “ Account “;
  5. Tap on” Recently deleted “;
  6. The virtual folder will be divided by typology (posts, stories etc.). Choose the category you are interested in;
  7. Scroll until you find the element you are looking for;
  8. Tap on “ Restore ”And confirm.

From Android

If you use a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, please these steps:

  1. Open the app, go to your post gallery and then in “ Settings “;
  2. Choose the item “ Account “;

  3. Tap on the option “ Recently deleted “;
  4. Choose the category among those available;
  5. Scroll until you find the element you are looking for;
  6. Tap “ Restore ” and confirm.

Differences between “Recently deleted” and “Archive”

Before the introduction of the “Recently Deleted” folder, there was only the In archive stagram, which is apparently similar. In reality, these are quite different functions.

Archived posts on Instagram don’t expire, which means you can decide to restore them even after months or years. This is a nice advantage, it is true, but the archive has several other limitations: in fact, you cannot move IGTV reels or videos into it, and stories automatically end up in the archive only if they have been online for 24 hours.

Related Risks

I think it is very important to underline that, when something ends up on the Internet, and especially on social networks, you can never be sure of having permanently deleted that content. Even when you delete or edit an element on your Instagram profile, remember that someone may have taken a screenshot (or recorded the screen of their smartphone) and therefore kept a real “copy” of your post or story, which could therefore continue to circulate without your permission.

The advice I would like to give you, therefore, is to pay close attention to what you post.

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