Restrict an Instagram account: meaning and how to do it

Restrict an Instagram account: meaning and how to do it

The interaction between users is the core of any social network. Every day, through likes, comments and messages, an enormous amount of information is exchanged, which indirectly characterizes the digital behavior of users. Over time, the development of these technologies has meant that the options used to regulate relationships between human beings have been more refined. If before, for example, to protect yourself from haters or in any case from friends who are a little too curious, you had to block the reference Instagram account, now there are other solutions, which can be adopted based on the case in which you are. One of them, is the one that allows you to limit an Instagram account .

In the tutorial that follows, I’ll tell you specifically about this option, which allows you to apply a series of restrictions without however be noticed. Furthermore, you could use it reflexively for other purposes, not necessarily related to the actions performed by the profile you intend to circumscribe (by reading below, you will understand what I mean). Remember, however, that applying a restriction to an IG profile is an action that, consequently, involves considerable automatisms, although it will be difficult for the restricted profile to realize that you have activated this option. In a similar way to when you silence posts on Instagram, in fact, the limitation will be enabled without warnings. Finally, keep in mind that the restrictions applied are also compatible with other functions of the social network: for example, you could condition a profile you follow and, immediately after, mute the content it publishes. In this way, you would have the opportunity to regulate relations with your followers or with any other user in a specific way.


What does it mean to limit an Instagram account

come limitare un account Instagram

Limiting an Instagram profile allows you to restrict the display of comments that are posted by a user on your posts , as well as hide Direct chat between message requests. The follow will remain unchanged and your published content, such as stories and posts, will continue to be shown to this person.

By doing this, you will be able to moderate the activities of one or more users without losing or removing the follow, that is, without be disturbed if the subjects in question text you repeatedly. Unlike the block, therefore, the limited accounts will be able to find you and (if they believe) contact you, follow you and consult your gallery of posts or your Stories section.

What happens if I limit an Instagram profile

As I told you a little while ago, at least initially, the limited user shouldn’t notice anything . This person will continue to see your new content on their feed and will be able to contact you via Direct, as well as like posts and comments.

The main problem will be that they will not receive any likes or replies to the comments he has put on your content, nor will he be able to obtain an answer from any exegesis he has made on the comments of other users. Nor will he get any responses or notifications of viewing in Direct. This might make him suspicious, especially if he is a person in your circles, that is, who has multiple friendships in common.

Restrictions that apply

restrictions that are applied following the limitation of an Instagram profile are the following:

  • Automatic removal of comments, which will become invisible to others and visible only to you, to the limited account and, possibly, to other users you choose;
  • Deactivation of Direct notifications for the conversation between your account and the limited one, with relative automatic movement of the chat (and the message history) in the “Message requests” section.

Precise that Direct messages will keep coming to you. However, to view them, you will need to go into Direct and, later, Message Requests. Otherwise, you won’t know you’ve received them.

Profiles that can be restricted on Instagram

Accounts to which a limitation can be applied are the following:

  • Public and private profiles;
  • Followed and unfollowed profiles;
  • Pages and profiles that you have blocked;
  • Follower.

As you can see, this is a setting that can also be applied to unknown profiles. You can then activate it in any situation.

How to activate an Instagram account limitation

Let’s see now how to limit an Instagram profile based on device used. Continue reading taking into account the operating system installed on your phone, tablet or PC.


limitare un account Instagram iOS

Using iPhone or iPad , open Instagram and use Search to find the profile or Page you intend to limit. Once the account is located, tap its name to access its diary . From there, tap on the three dots (top right) and choose the Limit account option.

Once this is done, Instagram will activate all instant this option, and will provide you with some preliminary instructions. To confirm, however, the words “ with restrictions ” and “ You have added restrictions to will appear ”.


limitare un account Instagram Android

Like iOS, also on Android You can apply restrictions to a profile. First, start the Instagram app and tap the button with the magnifying glass icon . Then, perform a search for the user you want to restrict and, as soon as you find them, tap their name.

You will enter the post gallery of that profile. Simply, tap the three dots (top right) and select the Limit account option. You will see the same instructions and wordings above for iPhone and iPad.


limitare un account Instagram PC

Use Instagram Web or the IG Windows 10 app ? So, know that you can use both to delimit the activities of a particular Instagram account.

To do this, connect to the social network and log in, via browser or desktop app . Then, searches the profile and enters its dashboard. In that section, click on the three horizontal dots (next to the name) and choose the option Restrict account , colored red.

L ‘setting will also take effect in the apps for iOS and Android (that is, it will not be necessary to repeat the procedure on smartphones and tablets, unless you manage multiple profiles).

As I just described to you, the restrictions applied are considerable, but still not easily intercepted once active. However, keep in mind that you could also use them in a temporary and agreed way with the limited Instagram profile.

Let me explain: if for example I was chatting on Instagram in secret and if you don’t want other people picking up your smartphone to discover you (for privacy reasons), you could limit your profile, so that your new Direct messages never appear as a notification, but only as message requests. In addition to not losing the chat history, therefore, you would not arouse suspicion.

This and other situations could be solved precisely by the temporary restriction of the Instagram profile. Obviously, you will have to be the one to apply this function wisely and appropriately. But be careful don’t overdo it : too many toggles could result in a blocked action on Instagram.

You can remove a limitation to a Instagram profile?

The limitation of another Instagram account is reversible . To remove it, just follow the same procedure described above, with the difference that you will have to select as the last option Remove restrictions .

However, don’t forget that the algorithm of the social network could “Don’t look kindly” repeated activations and deactivations. This could lead, as mentioned above, to a shadowban, or a temporary blocking of that option.

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