SEO on Instagram: 8 techniques to improve your profile

SEO on Instagram: 8 techniques to improve your profile

Did you know that there is a way to SEO on Instagram ?

“No, come on Francè, isn’t it enough to do SEO on Google ?! Now should I also do SEO on Instagram ? ”

Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds: these are just a few rules to keep in mind to make finding your posts easier.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

SEO on Instagram helps to increase the organic growth of your profile. Let’s see how:

1. Optimize your Instagram profile

The first step to increase the organic growth of your Instagram profile is… to optimize it. If people visiting your profile find an untreated account, SEO on Instagram what’s the point? Visitors will leave your profile without following you.

So how do you optimize your profile?

Many often put
these bases aside to go to the next steps because yes
he wants everything immediately, but without these bases he risks not having
Followers and interactions.

2. Include keyword in username

To get more exposure when a person searches for a certain keyword, the thing to do is to include a keyword in your Instagram username and profile name.

If, for example, you manage a restaurant profile you will enter something like @ristorantenome or @nomeristorante .

If you are, again for example, a lawyer you could enter the keyword like this @avvocatonomecognome or @firstname .

So if a person goes to enter the word “restaurant” or “lawyer” in the Instagram search bar, like the examples above, you will have an extra chance of appearing at the top of that search.

3. Use your secondary keywords in the bio

Well, now that you’ve written the main keyword in your name
user, you can write secondary keywords in your bio.

In some cases it may not even be mandatory, but if you manage a profile of a pastry shop, for example, you could enter a keyword such as ‘wedding cakes’ or ‘artisan panettone’.

If someone goes looking for one of these secondary keywords as well, your profile may appear in the top places in searches.

4. Use hashtags as if they were keywords

To get discovered through hashtags, in addition to looking for suitable ones for your profile and for your niche, you should also use custom hashtags that can be the name of your brand or username, or a hashtag inherent to the post you are to publish.

This increases the
ability to be found (unlike always using
same hashtags).

5. Storytelling

One of the most powerful ‘weapons’ to use on social networks is
definitely the storytelling.

When storytelling on Instagram, you also include words
secondary key inherent to the post you have to publish so from
create an engaging caption to attract new followers e
satisfy those who already follow you.

6. Take advantage of the Alt Text

The alt text of
Instagram is a very similar (if not the same) feature as that
of blogs and websites when you insert a photo inside a

It can be exploited
then this function to give a title to the photo you are going to
post (or have posted) on Instagram.

For this function
you must click on ‘Advanced settings’ on the screen before
publish the photo.

Once done,
scroll down and type your alt text. After writing the
your alt text, share your photo normally.

I know you are
asking “What are the benefits? What good am I
passage? ”.

The advantages of writing an alt text are the same, as I said above, that a website has: if used on a blog it is possible to position yourself better on Google, used on Instagram, instead, will help the algorithm to know the details of a post for more visibility.

7. Analyze the statistics

If it’s your first time
that you use these SEO techniques on Instagram to grow in a way
organic, then you should analyze the stats to see if
this new strategy is working as it should.

As with any
strategy, analyzing the data makes you understand if something works or
it needs to be improved. Keep an eye on your stats
understand which contents work and which don’t.

8. Techniques to avoid

When it comes to SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is Google.
You must know that Google is not the only one to penalize users who
they use ‘illegal’ techniques to position themselves better: the same
social networks do it too.

Just think about what Instagram has done to all users who
used bots.

But what are the
things to avoid in order not to be penalized and have the shadowban on
Instagram? Let’s see them below:

  • Copying content from other accounts
  • Using bots
  • Following or unfollowing multiple accounts too quickly
  • Buying followers

SEO on Instagram is a very useful strategy for the long term, so you need patience and time.


Well, we’ve seen how to SEO on Instagram in order to achieve organic growth of your profile.

You already knew
these rules? Let me know in the comments.

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