Solution: ‘I cannot change my Instagram profile from private to public’ – How to make my account public

Solution: ‘I cannot change my Instagram profile from private to public’ – How to make my account public

Instagram is an application open to all types of audiences. This social network has a lot of interaction with people from all over the world, it consists of increasing your followers, that is, meeting more people from everyone.

Today we live the age of technology where we are open to meet and interact with different people from all over the world from our mobile devices or from the comfort of our homes.

Uploading photos and videos to stories, commenting, liking and #hashtags has become a trend in these times around the world. This innovative application has come to stay and every day to show us more the world.

What to do when I can’t change my Instagram profile?

One of the options to fix this error is to exit the Instagram application and restart your mobile phone. If it does not work for you then we open the play store application, click on the three lines that are at the top left of the screen.

Then click on the option of my App and games, located in the updates part; Suddenly you need to update the Instagram application , and update it and wait for it to finish updating to see the results.

cambiar perfil de instagram de privado a publico

On the other hand, if you still cannot solve the error, another option would be look for the Instagram logo on your mobile screen , when locating it we hold it down, uninstall the application and proceed to install again the same.

If still nothing can solve the error, the last option is to go to your browser of preference, when opening the browser, we go to the three points that are located in the upper right and select new incognito tab and there we will place www.

Later, it will ask us for our data, in order to enter our account . Upon entering, it will appear on the main screen of your profile located at the top, we click on it and then the option to edit profile or edit profile will appear on the screen.

If you still cannot change your profile in the email option we will place another email , associated with our Instagram account, when placing said email we press submit, you will immediately receive an email notifying you and We will click on the link that will appear in said email.

How to put your public account on Instagram?

The fact that you keep your Instagram account private does not mean that your followers will increase, because people simply want everything fast. By having your private account we do not appear in the explore section, that is, it is the fastest section that helps us grow our account.

The only option to be in the statistics is to have the public account. To achieve this we open our Instagram account, you will immediately be in the main menu of the application, turn the screen to your right and the settings option will appear.

In the private account option you will have the option to keep it private or public , that is, activate or deactivate it.

Make your Instagram account public and increase your followers

One of the first strategies is Engagement, that is, impact accounts, basically, if you have more likes, if you have some interaction with people, if they review your publications and increase organic reach.

icono de instagram publico

Instagram as it detects that you have more Engagement will recommend your profile more , a magnifying glass appears at the bottom of your open Instagram account and there you will discover many accounts, and that is where you should make your account appear.

It is recommended that you post constantly, at least every other day. You must also answer the comments that they make to you, use the #hashtags when publishing a photograph, in the end a hashtags is a filter, it is recommended to use three to four filters.

To gain followers on Instagram start by following profiles and in this way you will make people interested in you, you increase the possibilities for people to follow you. Comment, like, open and react to stories, open to live broadcasts, interact with other people.

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