Stim Social: The Complete Guide to Grow Your Instagram Profile

Stim Social: The Complete Guide to Grow Your Instagram Profile

automate the various operations you perform daily on Instagram and thanks to which you can grow your profile.

If you have come to this guide it is probably because you are already subscribed to Stim Social but you have understood well how to use it correctly.

Don’t worry, here you will find every single step to configure it correctly and maximize its effectiveness and thus be able to gain followers and increase the likes of your photos.

If you are not registered yet, you can do it now by clicking HERE to take advantage of 5 DAYS FREE TRIAL exclusively for my readers.

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1. Registration to Stim Social

As can be easily understood from the title, to start using this fantastic tool you obviously need to create a new account by registering, to do so just click on the button on the homepage.

1.1 Stim Social Account Creation

Once you have entered the data for the creation of our Stim Social account, to allow Stim Social to automate Instagram it will be necessary to enter the login details of your Instagram profile (Figure 1).

accesso account instagram

Don’t worry, the site is protected by high security systems and will not communicate your access data externally to anyone.

1.2 Verify Instagram profile

Once registration is complete, Instagram will have to verify your account to complete the registration so as to allow Stim Social to operate on your profile. (Figure 2)

verifica profilo instagram

1.3 Select 5 target Instagram accounts

The last fundamental step to make Stim Social work properly is to select 5 Instagram profiles related to your Instagram niche , through these profiles Stim Social will start interacting with the followers of these profiles to allow you to get new followers , increase the likes and engagement of your Instagram profile. (Figure 3)

selezionare account targets Stim social

If you don’t know what niches are, I suggest you read this article I wrote specifically: The importance of Niches in Influencer Marketing

Tip: select profiles that have different volumes of followers and above all that do not exceed 10K otherwise you risk not getting concrete results from using Stim Social.

After selecting the accounts, you will be in front of the main control panel. With this ends the first Step related to the guide on Stim Social .

2. Stim Social settings configuration

Now begins the most important part, which is where I will help you configure Stim Socia l so as to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram profile right from the start.

I remind you that 5 FREE TRIAL DAYS are available for the readers of my blog via the following link: SOCIAL STIM LINKS

2.1 Social Stim Dashboard

The Dashboard is the main section from which you can view a forecast of the growth of your profile followers, the latest content you have published and you can activate and deactivate all the automations, as well as choose your preferred usage plan.

dashboard Stim social

Specifically, through Stim Social, here’s how you can automate your Instagram profile :

  • Auto-like
  • Self-comments
  • Following / Unfollowing
  • Auto-Send Direct Messages

My personal advice is not to turn on auto-comments and auto-direct because people will notice that you are using a automation.

2.2 Select Account Targets

In the Targets section you will have several options to choose from to automate the auto-like and auto-comments operations.

In the Accounts tab you can select Instagram profiles as the target from which to “target” followers.

account targets Stim social

in the Hashtags tab you can select a reference hashtag as a target, while in Locations you can select one or more places as a target on which to act to interact with other Instagram profiles .

Personally, I do not recommend selecting hashtags that are used too frequently because you risk getting lost in an account chaos, thus decreasing the effectiveness of automation.

2.3 Main settings configuration

The Settings section is the most important part, as this is where you can find all the options relating to the automation operations carried out by Stim Social.

To help you speed up the configuration, I suggest you set the various parameters as in the image below, so as to save you some time.

impostazioni Stim social

Obviously under each option there is a short description so you can understand what it refers to, so I suggest you read them carefully so you understand what each item is for.

3. Analyze Social Stim Statistics

In addition to all the functions I mentioned in the guide, Stim Social offers two very useful sections, namely Reports and Activity.

stim social

Specifically, Reports shows the statistics relating to the effectiveness of each selected target with percentages and numbers of likes and followers obtained by each individual target chosen.

In Activity instead you will be able to view all the actions that have been performed automatically by Stim Social through your Instagram profile.

azioni Stim social

4. Select Stim Social plan

Obviously Stim Social is a paid service as it is designed for professional use of Instagram.

Fortunately, there are 4 different plans designed for every budget and above all also designed according to the needs of use.

piano stim social

Here is a brief description of the packages:

  • Plan Fast : the initial plan that allows you to take advantage of all the automation operations of your Instagram profile, except for the automatic sending of Direct to a base speed.
  • Piano Turbo: this plan speeds up automation operations by 50% compared to the previous plan, resulting in a increase in effectiveness .
  • Plan Extreme : the best plan that increases the speed of operations by 100% compared to the Fast plan. In addition, thanks to this plan, you can activate automatic Direct messages.
  • Pro Plan: Designed for professional use, this plan includes the features of the Extreme Plan

Here ends the complete guide dedicated to Stim Social , as you may have guessed it is a very powerful tool that can help you further grow your Instagram profile, get new followers and increase your like of your photos.

NB: Remember that, thanks to my blog, you can use it FREE FOR 5 DAYS by registering by clicking on the following LINK .

See you next time,

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