Swello: a complete tool to optimize your Instagram strategy

Swello: a complete tool to optimize your Instagram strategy

Develop your Instagram strategy thanks to Swello, a French and collaborative platform that allows monitoring, scheduling Posts and analyzing results.

Swello helps you set up your social media strategy on Instagram.

Instagram is used more and more by businesses, but managing one or more accounts on this platform takes time, and developing your social presence can quickly become very time consuming.

Swello is a complete tool for managing your presence on Instagram: monitoring, programming, analysis, team management … The French platform incorporates multiple features that will save you considerable time on your actions.

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Create content easily using the tools integrated into the platform

In order to facilitate the creation of content to publish on Instagram, Swello provides various tools that will allow you to create optimized publications before they are scheduled:

  • The Swello Pixel image editor , which offers to create visuals adapted to the formats of social platforms. Add an image, filters, text, shapes… If you have franchises or a large number of accounts that must respect the same graphic charter, typographies, colors and templates are also available.

  • The shared library, which facilitates teamwork thanks to the collaborative storage of your media (photos, videos, GIFs) and your texts. For example, in the case of Instagram, this makes it possible to store and reuse groups of hashtags. Time saving guaranteed!

  • The editorial calendar, which offers a synthetic calendar view of all your publications and references all the chestnut trees in partnership with the BDM, and events on which to communicate.

  • Instagram Posts and Feed Preview , a tool that allows you to preview your entire feed, including content waiting to be published. This will give you the ability to render all of your posts up front, and adjust the visuals as needed.

Quick programming of all your publications

For a clear organization and optimal efficiency, the scheduling of posts on Instagram is an essential feature.

Swello offers users with a professional Instagram profile to post live images and videos to the platform. Concretely, this means that the tool will automatically publish your Post on the social network at the specified time, without any action required on your part. A real lightening of the workload and a guaranteed saving of time. In addition, it is entirely possible to add user tags (up to 20 mentions per post) as well as locations and hashtags (up to 30 maximum) to your posts.

Regarding other types of content, namely Stories, carousels or the IGTV format, Instagram does not yet allow their programming. On the other hand, Swello has planned everything: their publication is carried out by sending a notification to your smartphone at the scheduled time.

Access statistics for your Instagram posts

Key figures for a global analysis

It’s hard to measure the effectiveness of your Instagram actions without data. This is why Swello offers, directly within its platform, a clear dashboard that contains the main insights: the number of publications, subscribers, comments, shares or even impressions and engagement rate. These statistics will appear as graphs for easy reading, at a glance.

You can choose to analyze insights over the period of your choice and up to 2 years upstream. Then, it is possible to export your statistics report in PDF, CSV or PNG format.

Another advantage of Swello statistics: the possibility of discovering which are the 10 Posts that have performed the best on Instagram according to the number of shares, comments and reactions generated.

This feature is particularly interesting since it allows you to discover the best publication dates and times as well as the type of content that most engages your community.

Instagram Stories Statistics

In order to optimize your Stories as well as possible, it is possible to access, directly via Swello, various key figures such as:

  • The number of Stories published over a chosen period,
  • The number of people affected,
  • Saved impressions,
  • The number of dropouts,
  • The number of users who have skipped to the previous or next Story.

You will also access a graph that shows you the times when your audience viewed your Stories the most, by comparing the number of published content against the average impressions received. Finally, the top 5 of your Stories will highlight the most engaging types of content.

Cross-posting Instagram content on other social platforms

In addition to managing your Instagram presence, Swello makes it easy for you to grow your presence on other social platforms through simultaneous scheduling. Concretely, it is possible to program the same content on all your social networks with a single click: select the social profiles on which you want to publish, add text, media, a date and a time and the turn and done!

A feature that can also be useful for developing an employee advocacy program. Indeed, each employee will be able to become an ambassador of your brand by cross-posting the content directly on their social networks.

Affordable prices for a complete and intuitive platform

Thanks to its clear, intuitive interface in French, Swello promises a quick start and a certain time saving. The collaborative aspect and the multiple functionalities of the platform make it possible to optimize its social media strategy and focus on the essential: the content. On the security side, the tool uses SecNumCloud servers which guarantee a high level of reliability.

Swello is used by many large accounts such as Sony, Back Market, or Disney and by the French Government recently, which adopted the solution for the management, animation and analysis of the social profiles of the different ministries and of their decentralized services.

Regarding prices, the tool offers a Medium offer at € 11.90 excl. tax per month, with user access, 5 social profiles and access to all programming features. The Large offer at € 35.90 excl. Tax per month includes 5 user accesses and up to 15 social media. Finally, the Enterprise plan starts at € 59.90 excl.tax per month and adapts to your needs. A 7-day free trial is also available to test the tool before adopting it, without having to add your credit card!

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