The best tricks to take and improve the photos for Instagram that you do with your iPhone

The best tricks to take and improve the photos for Instagram that you do with your iPhone

Although it is true that Facebook is still the main social network in the world if we analyze them solely by their number of users. We cannot lose sight of the fact that Instagram is the same or even more popular right now. In fact, Instagram has established itself as one of the most successful applications among photography lovers and users in general. And that is why everyone wants to surprise their followers in it, for this we want to show you some tricks to take and improve the photos for Instagram that you take with your iPhone.

Some of the very specific characteristics that has this service are related to the possibility of editing photos, adding filters and effects of all kinds, and then sharing them both within the platform and through other social networks.

How to Take Good Pictures for Instagram with an iPhone

Now, so that the photos look good on Instagram. Beyond all the adjustments that we can make later, it is important that they be good photos from the first moment , and that is what we want to teach you.

In particular, we are going to offer you a series of tricks to take good photos for Instagram using iPhone. Taking into account that Apple devices have always been characterized by their good cameras.

Of course, everything You need to be able to take advantage of the tutorial that we are going to teach you is to have an iPhone as well as an account of the social network, to later be able to upload the photos to Instagram.

subir fotos instagram iphone

Tips for taking good photos with iPhone

Well, it The first thing you have to take into account in this type of case is that a blurred photograph is not worth us, and that is that even when you can apply all kinds of filters and effects to it later, you will not be able to solve that defect .

Secondly, you must be respectful of both the framing of the image and the details that appear around it, and remember that Instagram only allows you to upload square photos. Therefore, if you want to adjust them you need to have an application like InstaSize.

If you have already considered these initial questions, then you are in a position to take into account other suggestions to take good photos on Instagram, some a little more advanced. For example, whenever you can take photos during the day, looking for the contrast between lights and shadows.

Another good tip that we think you should take into account is the use of unusual angles, such as the contrapicado, that is, from above the object, which will generate new sensations in your followers.

In some cases, but of course not in all, you can add frames to the photo to highlight it a little more, as for example happened with the Polaroids, which in fact became historically famous for it.

aplicar filtros fotos iphone

Another important aspect to take into account with this social network is the use of filters, of which we have already spoken before, and although they must adapt to your tastes, of course, many of our favorites are those that give it a vintage or retro touch.

Likewise, many Instagram users have achieved good recognition within this network social betting on capturing moments of the day to day but from a different perspective, showing the beauty of the world around us. We of course talk about issues such as your pets, a clothing accessory, a cup of coffee, a plant or tree, etc. Everything can lead to a good photograph.

And finally, of course, although it is true that Instagram editing is not bad at all, do not lose sight of the fact that there are many good applications to manage your Instagram account, as well as to retouch images before uploading them in this social network, such as Snapseed.

How to improve the photos taken with my iPhone before uploading them to instagram?

Even after following the suggestions to take good photographs, it is always a good idea to retouch and take into account some tricks to significantly improve the quality of your photos before uploading them to Instagram.

How to Improve Photos of Instagram The Best Tricks

Tricks to improve Instagram photos

One of the main tricks to improve your Instagram photos Instagram is always making sure that you pay attention to all the details , among these, the configuration of your equipment is very important to achieve the best quality photos. In fact, most of the tips that can help you are only complements to this.

Taking the correct plan, the best landscape, with the right degree of light … these are things that often go unnoticed , but if you want to have perfect photos you can never forget the details. We guarantee that if you take maximum care of everything, you will achieve that your photos acquire a new level of quality.

Step 1: Avoid using the Zoom

Any photographer who appreciates It will tell you to avoid using zoom when it is digital and not optical. These are the ones that have mobiles. Since it will automatically force the images to significantly lower their quality, becoming pixelated. This is especially important in the case of cell phone cameras.

Make sure you always get as close as possible to what you plan to photograph. It does not matter if it is a person, object or anything, it is something very important to always keep in mind.

evitar hacer zoom fotos iphone

Step 2: Pay Attention to the Light

You must have a good eye to differentiate the contrasts between dark and light, as well as avoid taking photos in very low light. Despite the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, many still have trouble taking photos in the dark.

However, if you still can’t avoid taking a photo in low light, try the different filters offered by the social network. Some can significantly improve the images in these cases.

Step 3: Experiment with the Framing

Just because Instagram photos have to be square doesn’t mean they have to be fall into the monotony of repetitive frames . In fact, this is a detail to which ironically very little attention is often paid, even though it is very important.

It is always a good idea to try to take the photo from multiple perspectives . Be it crouching, standing, moving, from another place … In general terms, it could be said that you should make an effort to look for asymmetry.

If the main object, for example, is on the sides and not in the center , It can be innovative since it is not usual. Try to take advantage of this. You will be surprised by the incredible photos you can take just by applying this principle.

Step 4: Adjust the exposure manually

The iPhone has a fixed aperture camera, so you cannot change the amount of light entering the lens. However, can be slightly modified by changing the ISO or lighting of the image. To do this, touch the camera screen by the edges and slide your finger up or down, a vertical bar with a sun will appear. The higher the sun is, the brighter the image will be.

mejorar exposicion fotos iphone

Step 5: Lock auto focus and auto exposure .

This is how you keep the light and focus stable while you move and frame the image. This is useful to prevent the mobile from changing the lighting in the photos if you want all of them to come out with the same.

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