Top 10 Instagram Story Apps of 2021

Top 10 Instagram Story Apps of 2021

What are the best apps for Instagram stories? There are so many, how to choose?

Instagram Stories are among the most used features of the platform. There are those who use them for short behind the scenes, those to tell their day, those to sell or promote their posts on the feed: in short, they can be used in different and creative ways.

They are also very engaging and you can reach your audience in a different way than the classic posts in the feed.

You can’t do without this feature and, fortunately, there are many apps that allow you to create or modify them in a short time by adding some creativity to make them even more graphically pleasing.

In this article, therefore, I want to recommend the best 10 apps for Instagram stories of 2021 .

10 apps for Instagram Stories

Over the past few years, I’ve tried dozens and dozens of apps to create content on Instagram . Some have functions that others do not have, others more effects, others even more fonts.

So let’s see which are the best apps for Instagram Stories to create quality templates, videos, or images.

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I’ve been using InShot for a few years now and it’s pretty much perfect.

I mainly use it for video editing and you can really bring out very high quality content. Sometimes I also use it to edit images quickly or to change the format based on the social network where I have to publish.

In fact, it works to change the image or video format, allowing you to adapt content in a few seconds: a truly spectacular function.

It has a ton of transitions and effects for videos, some free, while others available for the paid version (but it’s worth it).


I use Canva to create just about anything. From images for social media, covers for this blog, infographics, ebook covers, graphics for my print on demand products and much more.

They have also recently updated the app to make it similar to the desktop version and now even from smartphones you can create your own content much faster (before it did not contain all the functions available on the desktop).


This is another great app I’ve been using recently to create stories, Reels and some posts. It has nice animations and effects and there are some fully customizable templates.

I have created several templates that can be useful for different occasions, so I only have to edit the image and text to create a new content.


Over has many different fonts and templates to create stories with both photos and videos. It includes hundreds of different animations that you can choose from to create your content – the possibilities are truly endless.


Unfold is suitable for creating minimalist Polaroid-style content or other very simple templates, but at the same time beautiful to look at and create.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe products need no introduction. With Adobe Spark Post you can create very high quality content without any difficulty.

You can choose from hundreds of templates and edit the content however you like.


With Patternator you can create backgrounds, stickers and GIFs for your stories very quickly and easily. It absolutely deserves to be among the best 10 Instagram story apps .


With Magisto you can create videos or collages (always videos) by simply adding your photos. Choose a template and the app turns your photos into a video.


Quik is GoPro’s app for creating videos: the results obviously can only be spectacular. Again you can create your video by simply uploading your photos. You can add music, effects and dozens and dozens of templates are available.


With VSCO you can edit your content by adding different filters available in the app and adjust them according to your preferences.

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I’d say it’s okay in the meantime. 🙂

I recommend that you try out the apps you don’t know and evaluate how you are. We don’t all have the same ways of working and creating content, so some, while on this list, may not be right for you for several reasons.

But I assure you that they are among the best I’ve used in recent years. I will continue to try others and, if necessary, I will include them in this list to advise you: so save this article as a favorite.

Well, we’ve seen the best 10 Instagram story apps for creating content easily, effectively and quickly.

Do you know any other apps that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments.

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