Why can my Instagram account be disabled or blocked and how can I get it back?

Why can my Instagram account be disabled or blocked and how can I get it back?

Blocking an Instagram account is a topic that is becoming more and more known, millions of users use this platform as a social network to share content freely, and many of them remain in a locked state or disabled for various reasons.

If you want to know the cause of why Instagram can disable or block your account , so that you know what not to do, as well as how to recover it in case of being blocked, this article is special for you, we will explain how to recover blocked accounts.

Why can my Instagram account be disabled or blocked?

There are two types of blocks in this social network, the one that a user makes from his profile so as not to see yours, without harming you in the least; and the blocking carried out or carried out by Instagram. In this post we will talk about the second lock.

Instagram can block or disable our account whenever it likes to do so, but obviously it looks for the reasons for it. These are stipulated in the beginning when an account is created and the conditions and services established by Instagram are accepted.

Among the conditions of Instagram there are many prohibitions regarding the content that is shared, users when accepting these should comply with them; In the case of not complying with them, Instagram can appeal a block.

The content prohibited to upload is very varied, but usually has to do with violence, offenses, self-harm and encouragement, sexual or pornographic content and publishing copyrighted content.

inhabilitar bloquear cuenta instagram

You may have breached the Instagram law or executed any of the reasons set forth in the previous section, and in this way you generate a conflict with another user, so this user has the right to report your account to a possible crash.

How to recover my blocked or disabled Instagram account?

Because a person can request the blocking of another user through a lawsuit , and thus get that third party to be blocked or disabled in their account, Instagram gives the option to ‘excuse yourself’ and explain their version of why you’ve been sued.

If you were blocked for any reason that involves the demand of a third party, and you know that it is an unfair reason, since you have not violated the Instagram law , you can fill out a form that they make available so you can give explanations.

Maybe after that, you will get an answer, where they ask for a verification of your data to return the account. But it is only in this case.

Now, if you were blocked for violating Instagram law, no matter how much you ‘explain’ yourself , apologize, or swear to delete or delete your Instagram photos, or infringing content, Instagram will not return your account, and you will have to definitely forget about it.

This is why many users are not caught unexpectedly and then change their profile or page from public to private, in order to have less chance of being blocked by a third party demand. If you think to do this and you can’t, don’t worry, fixing it is a very easy process.

What should I do so that my Instagram account is not blocked or disabled?

If your account has already been blocked or disabled for any of the reasons stated, and they have returned it to you, now you must be very aware of the content you publish, as well as what you can comment on.

bloquear mi cuenta instagram recuperarla

Instagram usually does not forgive twice , and if your new fault occurs for a similar reason to the previous one, you will most likely have to give up your account, when it is blocked again.

If Instagram was able to disable or block your account once, you can be sure that it will have no problem doing it again.

You only have to comply with the Instagram law , do not share violent, offensive, pornographic content or anything that may incite disorder and discord among other users.

It is as simple as that, behaving as a healthy, responsible, and productive user does not have any difficulties understood. And this is what Instagram wants.

If you do not want to be blocked or disabled, read carefully the conditions and services that Instagram establishes when creating an account, and do not leave there.

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