“Why don’t I have music on Instagram?”. Here’s how to fix it

“Why don’t I have music on Instagram?”. Here’s how to fix it

“Why don’t I have music on Instagram?”. Maybe it was available until recently, but now it’s gone.

This problem affects many users on Instagram. You have already tried to clear the Instagram cache, force the app to stop, updated Instagram, uninstalled and installed the app again, launched the phone out of the window: but nothing, it doesn’t work (now the phone you launched outside the window). 🙂

This is because the problem is different: Instagram decides which accounts should have the music, even if the criterion of this decision is still half a mystery.

But there is a solution (maybe even more than one).

In this article we see how to get music on Instagram and solve this annoying problem once and for all.

How to get music on Instagram

I manage several Instagram profiles and on some I have functions that I do not have on others: among these there is also music.

Fortunately on the profiles where I needed the music I never had any limitations and the music was always there waiting to be used.

On others where it wasn’t present, however, I tried several things (like those at the beginning of the article) but only one thing worked: switch to a creator profile .

If you have a personal profile or a company profile , you need to switch to a creator following this simple procedure:

  • Go to Instagram and then to Settings
  • Then to ‘Account’
  • Select “Switch to a creator profile”

That’s all, very simple.

Note that if you have a company and advertise on Facebook and Instagram, switching to the creator profile may entail some limitations in the Business Manager.

As you might have guessed from the name, a creator profile is different from a company profile and is suitable for content creators. And since these creators must, in fact, create content among the availability of tools that Instagram makes available, there is also music.

But what’s different about it?

The differences are only a couple.

The first is message management : the creator profile has two folders called ‘General’ and ‘Main’ where you can give more importance to some profiles rather than others.

For example, you can use the ‘Main’ folder for messages received from friends or followers with whom you often exchange multiple messages and the ‘General’ folder where you can leave the rest of the messages.

This feature can be very useful if you receive a lot of messages a day.

The second concerns the statistics of the profile : in the specific section, in fact, in addition to the classic data also available with the company profile, it is possible to find out the number of followers obtained during the last 7 or 30 days (depends on which period you select) and the number of people who have unfollowed the profile.

In my case, making this transition from company (or personal) profile to creator profile (in profiles where music was not present) has always worked and brought up the music function.

If that doesn’t work, then I recommend setting your profile category to “Personal Blog” .

Go to your profile and select the ‘Edit Profile’ button under the biography, you will find the words ‘Category’ where you can make this change.

In both cases (both this and the transition of the creator profile) wait 3-4 days, the music may not appear immediately on your profile.

If neither method does not work then I recommend that you create your stories with one of the apps recommended in this article and insert the music you have on your smartphone.


Well, we’ve seen how to get music on Instagram by solving one of the most annoying problems currently on the platform.

Once you’ve done one of these steps (or both) let me know in the comments if it worked! 😉

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