10 social networks that you should take into account for 2021

10 social networks that you should take into account for 2021

By Tanit de Pouplana, published on March 16, 2021

You do marketing = “31.31498” marketing On social media, you know that it is important to be where your target audience is. And you also know that their preferences keep changing as new networks appear. Therefore, we are going to review the 10 social networks that you must take into account to be up to date in 2021 .

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10 redes sociales que debes tener en cuenta para 2021

The 10 social networks to watch out for account in 2021

  • ClubHouse . This new exclusive social network for iPhone is giving a lot to talk about. The secret of its success is based on exclusivity and the feeling of scarcity (it can only be accessed by invitation) and in its unique format, since it is based on voice conversations instead of texts or images.

  • TikTok . Without a doubt, the social network that swept the most in 2020. It currently has 800 million users and, after overcoming the obstacles derived from the possible ban in the United States, it is expected to continue growing in 2021.

  • Twitter Spaces. This network is the beta version of the new Twitter audio functionality, launched in December 2020. The approach is very similar to ClubHouse: at the moment it is only available for iOS and only a select group of users chosen by Twitter can create their own space to start a conversation.

  • Twitch. This platform is a hit with video game fans, as it is primarily based on broadcast live games. In April 2020, it racked up almost 1.5 billion viewing hours. Little by little, it is opening up to other topics and user groups, so it should not be lost sight of.

  • Caffeine . A platform created by former Apple designers to create live broadcasts for friends and followers. Broadcasts are displayed in a feed, and users can react with emojis and comments.

  • Instagram Reels . Another of the new social networks of 2020. In this case it is a direct competitor of TikTok, with similar functionalities to create videos and decorate them with special effects, music and transitions.

  • Houseparty. This network owes at least part of its success to the 2020 lockdown and the rise of video chats. It is based on creating groups of up to eight users with special effects such as video filters, stickers and others, at the same time that the live conversation takes place.

  • Goodreads. This is not a new social network, but it is growing in popularity. This niche platform for readers to share recommendations has a very loyal audience and can be very useful within a social media and marketing strategy that includes ebooks.

  • Medium. This blogging platform hosts up to 1.4 million new articles per month, which makes it a very interesting site for content marketing.

  • Nextdoor . A network that skillfully combines social media and local marketing. Users can join one of the 236,000 neighborhoods defined within the application to keep up to date with what is happening in their neighborhood.

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