10 strategies to gain visibility on social networks

10 strategies to gain visibility on social networks

Social networks have become a fundamental part of any marketing strategy . They are also one of the best tools that a company or brand has to gain visibility, in addition to generating web traffic and communicating with its audience. However, even though visibility in social networks is one of the key factors to achieve success, many times you do not have the tools or knowledge to achieve it.

We explain how you can gain visibility on social media and why it is so important.

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Why have a good social media presence

Having a good presence on social networks has numerous benefits for a brand. One of them, and also one of the most persecuted, is the increase in sales . Social networks allow you to reach thousands of people, many of whom may be interested in your products and services and become customers. It is even a way of getting to know the public much more, so that future campaigns can be geared towards meeting their needs and concerns.

Social networks are also a channel through which can be done. advertising at a much lower cost compared to traditional media, since it is not necessary to invest a large amount of money. To this must be added that ads on social networks can have a global reach and, therefore, the brand can make yourself known internationally .

Being on social networks is also a way to communicate with customers, answer their questions, respond to their suggestions and solve all their doubts . This means that it is a way of gaining trust and being closer to the public , as well as knowing their opinions.

For all this we consider that being within the social media is practically indispensable. However, to obtain results it is necessary to take into account certain aspects and follow a strategy.

Strategies to gain visibility in social networks

To gain visibility in social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, it is necessary to follow a strategy. It’s not about creating large amounts of content, it’s about doing it carefully and thoughtfully. Here are the keys to gain visibility on social networks.

Create quality content

The basis for any profile on Facebook, Instagram or any Another successful social network is create quality content . This means that you have to take care of both the texts and the photographs, images or videos.

If you are going to use text, in addition to providing information of interest, it must have a careful wording. Grammar and spelling are very important to convey professionalism . In the case of using images, photographs, videos or any other audiovisual element, in addition to being interesting and striking for the public, it must have a good visualization quality.

All content published on networks must provide useful, interesting or eye-catching information to the reader .

Publish in the best hours of your audience

You have to choose the time of publication taking into account the type of audience to which the content is directed. It will be necessary to take into account aspects such as nationality, age, profession, education … To know in what time slot, even what days of the week, there are more people who may be interested in this publication and thus generate greater engagement .

When the publication must be made on a specific day at a very specific time, it is best to schedule it or put a notice to avoid forgetting. In addition, we recommend that the best content is published in hours and days of more activity and that less important is reserved for hours and days of fewer connections.

Redirect to your profiles in other social networks

Each social network has its audience and has its type of content, but this does not mean that redirects between the different profiles cannot be made. The same should be done on the same web page, on the blog, in the newsletters … The idea is that it is easy for the public to find you.

By this we do not mean that you are constantly being bombarded with users with links. It should always be done discreetly, without being too invasive or it could cause the opposite effect on the user.

Includes Call to Actions

A Call to Action or a Call to Action consists of telling the user what to do next. It is usually displayed in the form of a button or text and is strategically placed within the content to encourage the user to click on it.

Call to Action is considered a button that invites the user to register on the web , to download a file, to visit the website … Even to visit his profile on networks. The message is usually direct and clear so that the user is totally clear what to do.

Look for the interaction with your followers

One of the strengths of social networks is that it serves as a communication channel and unites brand and users. Being on social networks does not consist only of publishing content, it implies interacting with the public, answering their questions, solving any type of problem they may have … You can even seek interaction with followers .

Instagram is a social network that can be very useful to seek interaction with the public, since it allows questions, surveys and actions that encourage the user to participate. But it is also possible through Facebook, since you can make surveys and use the reactions as a response.

These types of actions are very useful to get to know the audience better at the same time as they makes a participant.

It is committed to making direct and new formats

Instagram, one of the fashionable social networks, has different types of content, so To succeed in this social network, we recommend making the most of all of them, especially directos.

Going live is, for a brand, a way to gain visibility and interactions. In addition, it has been found that those who direct frequently manage to increase the organic traffic of the web. It is also a way to show yourself to the public in a closer way.

Make collaborations with related accounts

Social networks allow you to meet other people or brands of the sector. We recommend making the most of this and contacting those who may be more like-minded to start a collaboration .

Collaborations must aim to benefit both parties. It’s not about competing, it’s about helping each other and giving each other visibility.

For this type of actions, the ideal is to join people or brands that are not direct competitors, but work within the same sector or that despite being different sectors there may be some kind of connection.

Contests are also a very good tool to make yourself visible on social media. This is a very common type of collaboration, since users, in order to participate, must follow the different profiles that organize it.

Study your hashtags well

hashtags are keywords related to the publication and that allow the user to reach it.

The use of hashtags, when it is done in a coherent way and is integrated within the content and branding, allows the user to reach the publication or profile. It also helps increase the visibility and reach of the message.

Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post, although it is not recommended to abuse them. It is also advisable to use less generic and more specific, since the latter tend to have much less competition. Although there must also be some popular ones, as long as they have some kind of relationship with the publication.

Take care of your copy

As we have said, It is very important to publish quality content, but it is also necessary that it attract the attention of the user. By this we mean that it is very important to take care of the copy .

The copy is the text that presents the brand and the content to the audience, so it must be taken care of as much as possible. In addition to getting your audience’s attention and persuading them to stay, you must communicate your message in a clear, simple, and eye-catching way. In other words, it has to be the perfect hook.

Connect emotionally with your audience

Any brand that wants to gain visibility on social networks should try understand the audience and connect with them emotionally. This means that you must try to understand what their concerns, needs, problems, fears are … and offer them a solution.

To achieve this it is important to convey that behind social networks there is a team of people who cares about each one of the followers. Using a close language can be a good way to get closer to the public and connect with it.

We can conclude that social networks are an essential element for any company that wants to make itself known and stand out. However, getting it requires work and effort so that the content is really of quality.

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