4 easy ways to market with user-generated content

4 easy ways to market with user-generated content

The opportunities with User Generated Content (UGC) are endless and there are tons of brands already using it creatively to increase Instagram followers , Facebook fans and boost sales.

In this article we propose 4 types of user-generated content that you can start integrating into your marketing strategy right away, suggested by Later!

4 easy ways to market with user-generated content

UGC strategy n. 1: Publish and share user product reviews

This might sound simple, but if you don’t regularly share genuine user reviews about your products, you’re missing out on sharing valuable (and persuasive!) content with your audience.

According to a study by Stackla, the luxury travel organization, Leading Hotels of the World, has doubled its time on the site by featuring UGC on their web pages.

So UGC is something you should consider sharing on both social media and your website.

Customer testimonials, case studies and product reviews on the shopping pages can go a long way in helping your viewers make a purchase decision.

The Away luggage brand includes product reviews on their Facebook page, even feedback that isn’t 5-star brilliant reviews.

By sharing consistent and authentic reviews (and openly discussing issues with their customers on the public forum), Away is helping build a community that truly trusts their brand and products.

It’s also a good idea to think of use product reviews as part of your sponsored post on Instagram and Facebook (more on that later in this article!)

Research has found that 41% of consumers will be tempted to purchase a product with only 1 to 4 reviews. So if you can successfully target your audience with social ads, a product review as part of an ad can help a viewer make a purchase decision faster!

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UGC strategy n. 2: host a contest focused on UGC

One of the best ways to inspire users to share content on your behalf is to incentivize them, but it doesn’t always have to be money!

A survey found that only 32% of people created and shared UGC because they wanted to win a prize.

Instead, 60% preferred to share UGC because it allowed them to get more likes or have their content featured by a popular brand.

And this opens up a perfect opportunity to host a UGC-led competition with your community.

Just as Apple hosts its annual Shot on iPhone competition, many brands jump on board with the opportunity and engage their followers in a little healthy competition.

The Over design app hosts a monthly challenge that encourages their Instagram and Facebook followers to use all the elegant tools and features in the app to help them meet the competition brief.

Their followers can then submit their designs by tagging them with the hashtag #OverDesignChallenge!

The winning post is then shared (and tagged by the user!) in their feed!

Canon also hosts a similarly styled competition on Instagram and Facebook, each week has a different theme or skill to help the audience level up their photography skills.

The branded hashtag of the UGC competition, #CanonFanPhoto has over 450,000 submissions, which means that Canon’s audience is very engaged and ready to create great content for the brand!

One of the best ways to raise UGC for your brand on social media is to create a branded hashtag, especially if you plan to focus your efforts on Instagram.

With a branded hashtag, you can ask your users to include the hashtag in their posts , so you can easily search and find content you want to share.

Later it will make this process even easier: you can search for the branded hashtag, select the UGC posts you want to use and then schedule them on your feed!

Then just add, even automatically, a photo credit to the caption and tag the original creator!

The Skincare and Lush brand, use UGC to raise the voice of their customers in their content marketing strategy.

If you’re ready to create your own UGC competition and branded hashtag too, you can upgrade to Later’s paid business plans to get access to all of Later’s UGC tools and features!

UGC strategy n. 3: organize acquisitions on social channels

A social channel takeover usually involves a person temporarily “taking control” of your account to give followers a peek inside your company or products from a new perspective.

As an entrepreneur, you can partner with an influencer or client to have them publish your posts on Instagram Stories, host a Facebook Live session or reply to tweets in real time, providing your audience with insights not only about your products and services, but the advice and opinions of your acquisition partner.

And while some may be organized as sponsored content with influencers, other types of acquisitions may come from your wider network, such as your suppliers or manufacturers, making it an easy strategy to implement!

On Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, acquisitions are a powerful tool when you want to showcase your products and services, using the voices of the people who love your brand the most.

UGC strategy n. 4: Establish Influencer Partnerships

Influencer marketing is on its way to becoming a $ 8 billion dollar industry by 2020.

And when it comes to Instagram, influencer marketing delivers great results – with an average engagement rate of 3.21% vs.1.5% on all other social networks, Instagram users are more likely to comment, share and share the content they consume. It will also be easier for you to see your Instagram followers increase.

And when you combine it with UGC’s strengths and persuasion buying, you have a strong recipe for success!

Finding influencers or brand ambassadors to work with is a great way to have a continuous flow of high-quality UGC.

When you manage to find and recruit an influencer as your regular brand ambassador, you are guaranteed to have UGC content that perfectly fits both your aesthetic and your like-minded follower audience. / p>

The best tips for using user-generated content on social platforms

By now you should feel safe to join UGC right now!

To help you plan and strategize a little more, we share our top tips for UGC on each of our favorite social channels: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Once you have your UGC plans in place, check out some of these tips and hacks to make sure your strategy is always on time!

Tips for using user-generated content on Instagram

There are a few key tips you should keep in mind when you first go out in UGC for your Instagram feed, which will help you increase Instagram followers:

1. Maintain the aesthetics of your Instagram

Your Instagram aesthetic is a big deal and you shouldn’t compromise it when it comes to sharing and reposting UGC. Therefore try to keep the colors and fonts of the brand.

2. Create themes for your UGC while reposting

You don’t want to just randomly repost Instagram Stories as soon as they arrive, as that will mess up the content of your scheduled Stories and isn’t always the most compelling story to watch.

Instead, think about how you can group your UGC into different themes.

3. Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Organize Your UGC

We strongly recommend that you create an Instagram Stories highlight for your product reviews only, which makes it easy for anyone who visits your profile to know immediately how great your products are.

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Tips for using UGC on Facebook

You may think Facebook isn’t as UGC-friendly as Instagram, but don’t be fooled! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and put UGC at the heart of your Facebook strategy.

Here are some of our top tips for using UGC on Facebook:

1. Regularly hosts live Facebook events

Benefit regularly hosts Facebook Live events featuring influencers and brand ambassadors for their followers, plus they’ve even created a dedicated playlist for their live videos , making their live events evergreen and easily accessible to the audience to tune in later!

2. Integrate UGC into your Facebook profile home page

UGC creates brand loyalty and affinity, so it’s a good idea to give UGC prestige posts on your Facebook page.

3. Don’t forget to tag users in your reposts!

It’s easy to forget to tag the original content creator on Facebook, but it’s an important step if you want to legally repost UGC in the feed!

If you’re unsure, or if the creator isn’t active on Facebook, be sure to reach out to them to confirm their handle or ask if they’re happy to be reposted on Facebook without a tag.

4. Optimize your Facebook ads with UGC

Facebook ads with UGC elements have proven to be more effective in driving sales and conversions than standard product shots.

So it’s worth thinking about including some form of UGC in your ads – whether it’s a customer review or an influencer tutorial, it’s a surefire way to increase your effectiveness of your ads!

Glossier has really optimized this by creating an advertising campaign focused on UGC-style videos of their best-selling and newest products.

Thanks to these real user examples, Glossier instantly becomes much more aspirational and recognizable, making their products much more attractive to potential buyers!

Tips for using UGC on Pinterest

Pinterest was built for community building and re-sharing of high-quality content by creators, so it’s easy to jump on board with UGC curation on your Pinterest profile!

Pinterest boards are actually just folders for your Pins.

By saving UGC pins to cards, you are creating a valuable content catalog for your followers to discover.

Also, curating the pins on your boards is what the Pinterest community is all about – it helps spread the pins to a wider audience and gives well-deserved compliments to other Pinterest creators!

How to measure the success of user-generated content

Just like all of your social marketing efforts, it’s important to identify which type of UGC is helping you achieve your goals.

Pay close attention to the trends and patterns you are seeing within your social analytics along with your UGC posts – have you found that some UGC Instagram posts get a lot of engagement, but the same post flops on Facebook?

Or are you seeing a lot of shares and tags for a certain branded hashtag?

Metrics like increasing Instagram followers, shares, saves, comments, likes and engagement rates are important to track so you can continue reevaluating your UGC strategy for the future.

This way, you will be able to better serve your audience, manage your time and continue to deliver killer UGCs for your marketing strategy!

And if you use Later to plan and schedule your social media posts, you need to check out Later Analytics!

The huge benefit for users is that tracks and measures engagement rates and other important metrics on Instagram and other social platforms like Pinterest and Twitter in one place, so it’s super easy to compare and counter performance and stay on top of your campaign reports!

Congratulations! You are now armed with everything you need to create a user-generated content campaign killer!

Whether you’re planning to host a Facebook Live, post UGC on your Instagram feed, or embed product reviews on your pages and commercial ads, using UGC strategically in your marketing can really boost your sales and grow your online community.

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