7 Social Selling Tips to Sell More Using Social Media

7 Social Selling Tips to Sell More Using Social Media

The way of selling and buying is increasingly digital and that is why it is absolutely necessary for your company to implement a model of Social Selling for sell more through social networks.

For a transaction to occur, buyer and seller have to come together in the same channel, obviously, right? So, think for a moment … Where do your customers move? Where do you find them? Companies are obliged to find that moment to coincide with them and, currently, it is in social networks where they are. What about you?

On the other hand, we know that there is a goal that all businesses have in common and that is to increase profit. Don’t you include yourself in them? I certainly do.

If we put these reflections together, it seems very easy to see why the title of this post. So, if you want to increase your sales and want to find a channel in which to match your Buyer Persona, I invite you to take note of the advice I give you about Social Selling .

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7 consejos de Social Selling para vender mas usando las redes sociales

In which social networks can you do Social Selling?

This question is asked me on numerous occasions because, generally, we associate Social Selling and LinkedIn . And, in part, it is a logical marriage due to the business-focused nature of this social network, although it does not exclude the others.

Thus, the answer that I can give you is clear and simple: in all of them.

Let me explain, briefly, how you can approach each social network to apply a sales model based on Social Selling.

How to use Social Selling to sell more with LinkedIn

We all think of LinkedIn as the quintessential B2B social network (or B4B, as David Tomás remembers in this blog). However, I who almost “live in it” can tell you that this pattern is less and less fulfilled and other relationship models enter businesses that include end consumers, liberal professionals, government entities, etc.

LinkedIn is no longer so for companies and much more for businesses in general.

So, I encourage you to stop by if you want to find partners, strategic partners, clients or any profile that is willing to talk about that: business.

Don’t put any more tags on it and try to have an active profile there.

How to use Social Selling to sell more with Twitter

Twitter is a good social network to complement the digital actions that you prioritize on LinkedIn, although it has the limitation that not everyone likes its usability. This implies that it is possible that the person you are looking for is not there.

Its serious and open nature makes the users who are in it express their opinion on various topics in a more sincere way. And that’s good for you because it helps you get to know your customer better .

How to use Social Selling to sell more with Instagram

Instagram is a social network for branding. Since it has a very informal and leisure-focused use, we usually find the most human part of brands and organizations.

Go ahead and show it yourself, either through the day-to-day life of your company, employee birthdays, values ​​or, in general, your character as a company.

How to use Social Selling to sell more with Facebook

I hope you don’t grind your teeth when you pronounce Facebook. I also think that it is not as well received as a few years ago, but it is still the one with the most active users … Why is it necessary to manage Instagram? There I leave it.

In any case, in many Latin American countries it is still the favorite network of many people.

Facebook reminds me a bit of LinkedIn in terms of structure: personal profile on the one hand and company page on the other , which makes many of the advice I’m giving you for one they serve for the other, at least in a generic way.

Therefore, if you want to do Social Selling to sell more with it, I recommend that you have as friends the people with whom you are interested in doing business.

How to use Social Selling to sell more with other social networks

It would be endless to stop at all of them, so let me do this chapter to group others networks that are protagonists in the life of your potential client:

  • Pinterest : it has a high conversion rate in eCommerce and is very useful to bring traffic to your website , which is where you describe your products / services or where you attract customers with your blog.
  • YouTube : excellent for tutorials, demos and demonstrating your know-how through video.
  • Snapchat : used for its fun filters, above all. If your company fits there, go ahead.
  • Tik Tok : keep in mind that your young audience does not have a high purchasing power, which makes it difficult for them to buy, but thinks they can be a Buyer Persona, prescriber or influencer ( that not influencer).

Social Selling Tips to sell more

Now that we are all situated now is the time to take action. Let’s see the 7 basics so you can increase sales. Are we going to do it?

1) Humanize your brand

We have been a long time in which we do not stop talking about this topic, but really, if you want to sell with Social Selling, show the more human side of your brand: your values, your CSR, if you support sustainable development, etc.

Businesses are closed between people, so I recommend that you do not restrict yourself in putting labels on your business. Forget if you are B2B, B4B, B2C, B2 “all the letters of the alphabet”. Your client does not care about all that. What he wants is to be proud of buying from a company that feels like him . Are you that brand?

2) You don’t want to sell

Yes, to sell you don’t have to sell. Reflect on this: do you like to be sold or do you prefer to decide what to buy? I imagine your answer.

In Social Selling it is key to apply Inbound Marketing, a strategy in which Content Marketing is the protagonist.

What I want to tell you is that you prioritize the publication of valuable content on your social networks. Give to your clients your knowledge, your experience. Focus on the benefits that your product / service offers and not on how great they are, their good price or how very top your company is.

3) Talk to your client

Let me remind you of a typical topic that we say over and over again in marketing: social networks are networks and they are social.

They are networks because they are connection.

They are social because they are conversation.

If you want to apply Social Selling to sell more, it is not enough to be in them, you have to be in an active way, that your client sees you, that he knows you. And that means talking and talking. Think about it, how did you meet your partner, your friends, your colleagues, your boss, your employees? Conversing and only then did you come to your current relationship.

I’ll tell you a secret: the online world is the same as the offline one.

4) Boost your Personal Brand

Personal brand is what differentiates you from your competition . We are all trained and educated in the same society and with the same values. The educational systems are very similar in all training centers, we see the same news, the same criticisms and cultural movements.

Therefore, if you want to stand out among the more than 7.5 billion people in the world, you have no choice but to be yourself and show your client that you are different and authentic.

Make your personal SWOT and highlight your strengths to others. Internally, correct your weaknesses and, if you need it, do not hesitate to start a mentoring and enhance your professional career.

5) Create a strategic alliance between employee and company

To sell more with Social Selling it is helpful that employee and brand go hand in hand. In the end, both parties have to get a Budget at the end of the year and it is easier to reach it when you create a common strategy.

For this reason, I recommend that you design the planning of the actions of each person on your team and that you monitor the objectives that each one of you sets for yourself.

Remember that the sum of the parts is more powerful than each one separately .

6) Build trust

If I ask you what is the main reason why your customers don’t buy from you , what do you say? It does not help me that the answer is “by price”, because it is not like that.

For more than 20 years I have sold transport and logistics and now, since 2014, I sell training services and sales digitization. Experience tells me that you sell when you have a good feeling with the person in front of you, with your Buyer Persona. So, seek that trust by talking, showing your honesty, your worth, your generosity, your support, your humanity .

I wanted to leave this advice until almost the end because that is where all of the above converge. Building trust is the key to selling more with Social Selling and without Social Selling. “ It is THE key to sell “. Never forget it.

7) Analyze your results

You don’t know if something works until you measure the results. Therefore, if you want to know if you sell more with Social Selling, write down the results you get with your publications. These are the most relevant, probably.

  • Followers or contacts.
  • Scope.
  • Engagement.
  • Number of visits closed.

By way of conclusion I want to encourage you to really start your path and that of your company in social selling. It is not about turning your back on physical visits with your clients, on the contrary: it is about facilitating them and forgetting about the cold door.

Are you willing to apply these 7 tips in your day to day based on a Social Selling strategy to sell more?

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