9 tools to measure results on Instagram

From social listening to engagement metrics, companies on Instagram are spoiled for choice when it comes to apps and tools to track your results on Instagram.

However, focusing on the right Instagram analytics tools can be tricky. The recent rise in popularity of the platform, coupled with frequent changes to its API, makes it difficult to find a reliable long-term solution.

That’s why today we’re bringing you a full list of Instagram apps and analytics tools , put together by Sprout Social that you can use in tandem with your other social media management tools to master your main marketing metrics.

Given the diversity of the platform and its content, it’s often best to have multiple sources of insights on Instagram based on your priorities.

Maybe you focus on stories and user-generated content. You may be running advertising and influence campaigns frequently.

Regardless of your goals, the following combination of free and paid Instagram reporting tools can help you step up your data-tracking game ASAP.

Use these Instagram analytics tools to become an expert user and measure results on Instagram

  1. Sprout Social
  2. Iconosquare
  3. Phlanx
  4. TapInfluence
  5. Cure
  6. Union Metrics
  7. Bitly
  8. Keyhole
  9. Instagram Insights

1. Sprout Social

In addition to providing you with intuitive Instagram scheduling and posting capabilities, as well as supporting engagement through real-time tracking, Sprout allows you to quickly analyze Instagram data at both the post and profile level.

Sprout’s Instagram analytics identify your brand’s best performing posts.

The analyzes within Sprout’s Sent Messages and Instagram Profiles reports are extremely useful for finding out what we do well and how we can improve the overall experience of our customers.

And with a suite of intuitive reporting options, it’s easy to create detailed, presentation-ready reports with the click of a button.

Whether you’re looking at hashtag trends to inform future content or assessing team performance to optimize operations, you can do it at scale by measuring everything from follower growth to engagement on different products. brands or positions at the same time.

Sprout’s Instagram analysis tracks the best performing hashtags

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete solution without a focus on Instagram Stories.

In addition to providing essential story-related metrics like clicks, saves and replies, Sprout helps you ensure your stories have a long-term impact.

Sprout gives you the opportunity to measure the long-term performance of your Stories instead of settling for the typical two-week snapshot provided by Instagram natively.

Sprout automatically analyzes your stories

Sprout Stories analysis extends beyond Instagram’s two-week limit.

Want tips for creating great Instagram Stories? Read: How to Create Instagram Stories for Your Brand

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics tool tailored for agencies and brands that manage multiple accounts . The capabilities of the platform include competitive hashtag and growth tracking not unlike those of Sprout.

In addition to its comprehensive analytics platform, Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram audit for business profiles. This tool ensures that your profile is “complete” and adheres to the platform’s best practices.

The audit evaluates your 30 most recent posts and the general settings of your account.

A third-party Instagram check is a smart way to ensure your profile is optimized
Considering how competitive Instagram has become, it never hurts to have some sort of “second opinion” about your presence.

3. Phlanx

Unlike some of the more in-depth Instagram reports on this list, Phlanx is pretty straightforward.

Phlanx’s Engagement Calculator analyzes the engagement rate of a given Instagram account. Although the tool is marketed as an influencer, any personal or business account can be linked.

Phlanx measures Instagram’s commitment to both influencers and brands.

The engagement rate is calculated by dividing the number of likes and comments a post receives by an account’s follower count.

Tools like Phlanx are invaluable to spot accounts with fake followers or determine if an influencer’s posts are receiving legitimate engagement. Likewise, Phlanx can be used to track competitor engagement beyond to your account.

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4. TapInfluence

Speaking of influencers, Instagram analytics apps can be used to directly identify social media influencers.

And that’s exactly what TapInfluence does.

TapInfluence’s platform analyzes a database of over 50,000 influencers to help brands find the right solution for their influencer campaigns. Businesses can search by industry or specific tags based on that. they are looking for.

The platform then provides a snapshot of various influencers, including their rates and cost per engagement . Having all of this data in one place helps save a lot of time when reviewing influencers.

TapInfluence measures the performance, commitment and cost of over 50,000 influencers

TapInfluence also provides real-time benchmark reports based on industry data to help brands understand how their influencer campaigns stack up.

The TapInfluence analysis measures the data of individual influencers against industry benchmarks

5. Take care

The boom in social selling through user-generated content signals the need for Instagram analytics tools that keep you informed about your best-selling products.

Curalate is a platform that curates user-generated content to help brands sell their products directly from Instagram. The “Like2Buy” trackable link allows brands to track the ROI of their social campaigns . In addition to engagement and sales metrics, Curalate monitors tags and mentions, facilitating the identification of UGC (user-generated content) .

To learn more, read: 4 easy ways to market with user-generated content

Dedicated social sales platforms like Curalate have a double duty to determine your most valuable content, while evaluating the direct financial returns of your Instagram campaigns.

6. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a robust marketing intelligence platform that helps brands monitor their media and industry trends.

In addition to Union Metrics’ full range of features, brands can take advantage of the platform’s free Instagram account control tool. The control provides a detailed report that includes your main hashtag, the analysis of the most engaged followers and the average post engagement.

The Union Metrics account control is an excellent tool for conducting an audit on Instagram

Anything that makes it easier for you to check social media presence for free is a plus. Like Iconosquare’s free Instagram analytics tool, brands can use Union Metrics to get a better understanding of their account analytics at a glance.

7. Bitly

As illustrated by Curalate, your Instagram bio is an incredibly valuable asset.

Tracking your bio link is a must for tracking the success of your social campaigns. This rings true if you’re trying to sell products or just drive traffic to your site.

Bitly is a proven link tracking tool that’s fair game on Instagram for budding businesses and big brands alike.

Bitly links can provide more information about the clicks you get from your Instagram bio

In addition to bio URLs, Bitly can also be used to track links included in your paid Instagram campaigns.

Bitly’s analytics include both organic clicks and social ad clicks

8. Keyhole

Instagram reporting tools that measure past performance are the norm, but it’s also useful to analyze data in real time as well.

Keyhole provides real-time hashtag tracking for Instagram, perfect for social media contests, brand campaigns or other marketing efforts involving hashtags.

In addition to seeing how many times a hashtag has been used, Keyhole also displays additional data such as top posts containing your hashtag, most engaging posts, and related hashtags.
Doesn’t do it never hurts to have new hashtag ideas on the deck, especially considering that around 10 tags are considered “optimal” for Instagram engagement.

The Keyhole hashtag cloud can give you an idea of ​​the related smart tags to add to your posts

9. Instagram Insights

Finally, you can’t overlook the native reports provided by Instagram.

Instagram Insights reports cover impressions, engagement, reach and top posts among other metrics. These data can be broken down over a few months or even years, which is crucial for historical performance.

Plus, you’ll have access to analytics and follower demographics so you can find out what percentage of your audience are men / women, age groups, and even where the majority of them come from. part of them.

Knowing who you’re talking to on Instagram is undoubtedly useful. You may have a target audience in mind that you want to reach, but the only way to really know who is involved in your posts is to look through your Instagram analytics.

Native Instagram analytics via Insights provide demographic metrics on posts and stories

Facebook ad manager also provides analytics of results on Instagram

As a side note, we should also mention Facebook’s Ads Manager as another native tool that analyzes paid posts.

Facebook has some of the most reliable and in-depth social media ad analytics around. In short, brands have a lot of data to determine the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of their Instagram ads.

And with that, let’s wrap up our list!

Ready to try today’s best Instagram analytics tools?

Gone are the days when companies guessed their presence on Instagram.

With today’s wealth of Instagram tools, businesses of all shapes and sizes have the power to optimize their posts for engagement.

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