Advertising on TikTok: complete guide to start your campaigns

Advertising on TikTok: complete guide to start your campaigns

The TikTok social network has been one of the great surprises of the last few years in digital marketing. Although it remains unknown to most people over the age of 30, its numbers are impressive: 1.5 billion downloads of the application and 800 million active users each month.

In addition, TikTok has managed to connect with the centennial public, which makes it a very interesting asset for brands that target the youngest. We are going to see the series of advertising formats that the network has launched to help advertisers reach their audience. Don’t miss this guide on TikTok advertising !

But first … is advertising on TikTok for you?

TikTok is a great opportunity for advertisers to seek to advertise. Its number of active users already surpasses Twitter and Snapchat, but it is also less saturated with ads than other networks, as it is a new and relatively little known advertising option.

In early 2019, TikTok launched a beta version of its advertising platform for the first time. Since then, big brands like Nike and Apple Music have used TikTok advertising to promote their products with unique and very attractive ads.

campana de publicidad en tik tok nike

Nike campaign in TikTok, called “Dance dance Revolution”.

The advertising on TikTok offers some exciting creative and targeting options, and when used effectively, it helps you access one of the most lucrative user groups. But as is always the case in digital marketing, just because one option has a lot of potential doesn’t make it suitable for all businesses. So before launching into this new platform, I recommend that you ask yourself two key questions.

What kind of people are you targeting?

Yes Your brand is especially aimed at the youngest, ads on TikTok can be a good investment for you. Keep in mind that 66% of TikTok users are under 30 years old , and 41% are between 16 and 24. In the same way, many videos that are trending on TikTok are related to topics such as high school or homework.

Of course, we also have to be aware that many social networks are popularized first among the youngest users and then they are extended to other audiences. So even if advertising on TikTok isn’t right for you right now, it’s a good idea to learn about it so you’re prepared.

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Do you have the budget for TikTok advertising?

TikTok is a good advertising solution for big brands like Nike, Disney or Grubhub, but it may not be profitable for small businesses right now. But in a few months or a year at most this will change.

Since advertising on TikTok is new and there are still few ads, the costs have been high so far. Although things are changing and if you optimize well, costs can be reduced a lot. The TikTok campaigns they do not require a minimum global investment, but they do suggest you put 20 euros per day; recommends starting with an investment large enough to show results and thus see better metrics.

TikTok in numbers

According to the venture capital firm Klieners Perkins, TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes on the app each day.

On the other hand, a report by Prioridata and Statista confirms the current dominance of the market in number of downloads by TikTok and surpassing applications like Instagram.


But, according to an AppTopia study at the level of engagement, the figures change a lot.


So it is important to take this information into account, to see if it is worth it or not to include TikTok in our digital marketing strategy on social networks. It will all depend on our final goal.

What formats does advertising on TikTok offer?

If you think TikTok advertising could be a good idea for your brand, let’s start by looking at the ad formats available on the net right now.


It is a format of Preferential video that shows your brand or company in the best possible location on TikTok, the objective is that you have good visibility and attract the user’s full attention with narrative, sound and visual elements.

The benefits They are:


In-Feed Ads

You can tell the story of your company or brand as if you were a creator of TikTok, because you can integrate video content in the “For you” feed of the users of this social network. You can upload videos of up to 60 seconds with automatic playback and music.

People can click on “Like”, leave a comment, share, follow you or record videos with the same melody.


Brand Takeover

Large-format advertisement that appears when users open the application. You are limited to one advertiser per day. It allows you to attract people’s attention through a full-screen experience. They can be static or dynamic content.


Hashtag Challenge

In this type of campaign, the brand presents users a video with a challenge and encourages them to give it a try and upload the video to their profiles with a certain hashtag. It is a very interesting format as it takes advantage of the virality and power of the content created by users.


Image: Social Media Today

Gamified Branded Effect

This tool encourages brands to invite users to use their facial expressions, gestures and postures to interact with the brand or its products. It is a filter with more than 20 different formats.


Branded Lenses or branded effects

In this format, the brand can create custom augmented reality filters for users to incorporate into their content, similar to Snapchat and Instagram.

campana de publicidad en tik tok nike0 Image: Social Media Today

How to create a campaign in TikTok advertising step by step

1) Create a TikTok Ads account

To launch your first TikTok advertising campaign , visit the TikTok Ads home page and click the “Create an Ad” button.

campana de publicidad en tik tok nike1

The TikTok advertising platform since the beginning of July 2020 is now available to everyone in Spain ( self-service ), the process is now fully automated. When you click on the button you will be able to do the entire registration process and in a couple of minutes you will have your advertising account open on the TikTok social network.

2) Create an ad campaign

In this tutorial we will teach you how to create an advertising campaign on TikTok step by step.

Once you are inside the interface of TikTok advertising , you will have to click on the “Campaign” tab and then on the “Create” button.

campana de publicidad en tik tok nike2

Next, choose a objective for your ad. At the moment, TikTok advertising offers five main options: reach, traffic, video viewing, conversions, application installations and, as a novelty, the lead generation.

campana de publicidad en tik tok nike3

Now you will have to choose the budget for the entire campaign. You can choose between the options of “Daily budget” or “Total budget”.

In both cases the system requires you to enter a minimum investment depending on the days you want the campaign lasts. For example, in the Cyberclick account he asked us for a minimum of 20 euros a day. You can always configure it as a total budget and have the campaign active for several days.

3) Configure the locations, details and segmentation

The next step is to create a ad group within the campaign. It is at this level where the locations and segmentation are decided, that is, within a campaign you can have different ad groups intended for different audiences as well.

Regarding locations , one of the most useful features of the TikTok Advertising control panel is that you can select exactly which platforms you want the ads to show on. That is, you can not only place ads on TikTok, but also on the entire family of related apps, which includes Vigo Video (India only), Helo, Pangle, and a number of news feed apps.

campana de publicidad en tik tok nike4

If you are not very familiar with them, you can limit yourself to TikTok or select automatic locations. This way, TikTok will calculate where it can get the best results with your ad and place it there.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite locations, follow the instructions to enter all the details necessary to start publishing your ad: URL, display names, images, categories, etc.

A very interesting section in this section is keywords , which allows you to select up to 20 terms to describe your website or application. These keywords will be used to show your products to the right audience, so think carefully about your choice.

Finally, the “ Targeting ” section allows you to define the target audience of your ads. You can configure parameters such as location, age, gender, languages, devices and more.

If you want to launch your ad to a particular group of people, for example, to make a campaign of remarketing , you can create a custom audience through existing TikTok user identifiers. You just have to upload the list of IDs in a CSV and TXT file.

4) Set the budget, duration and objectives of the ad group

In the “ Budget & Schedule ” section (budget and calendar), select the budget of the ad group (which logically comes from the larger budget of the campaign). Once again, you can select the amount you are willing to spend per day or the total amount you want to invest during the duration of the campaign.

Then select the dates during which you want the campaign to be active. The “Dayparting” option allows you to choose specific hours of the day or days of the week to display the ads.

You can also choose the rate at which you want the budget to be spent: “standard” distributes the budget evenly throughout the campaign, while the “accelerate” option invests it as quickly as possible during the set period.

Afterwards, you can select the optimization objective from the ad group:

  • Conversion : Your ad will show to people with the most possibilities of converting for your product or service. To track actions that lead to conversion (for example, downloading an app or filling out a form), you can create conversion events and track them using a pixel. The payment model for conversion goals is oCPC (cost-per-click optimization), which ensures that ads are shown to users most likely to perform a certain action.

  • Click : Your ad will be optimized to attract the maximum number of clicks possible and will be charged based on a cost-per-click payment model.

  • Impressions : Your ad will be optimized to show as many times as possible and will be charged based on a cost per thousand impressions payment model.

Finally, you can enable or disable the “Smart Optimization” option. If enabled, your bids will constantly be optimized to increase conversions. If your goal is clicks or impressions, it is better to have this option disabled.

5) Design your ad

The TikTok ads consist of images and videos in horizontal, vertical and square formats. To make life easier for advertisers, this network offers a tool called Video Creation Kit , which includes video and image templates that you can customize with your own images. In addition, it also has more than 300 free background music options.

Another very useful tool is the Automated Creative Optimization , which allows you to upload up to 10 images, 5 videos, 5 ad texts and a call to action and then combines them between yes to create multiple ads. Afterwards, the tool will test these ads and keep the most effective combinations.

And finally, you can also use the Landing Page to Video tool, which captures images of high quality from any landing page URL you provide and then automatically combine these images with music to create video ads.

6) Optimize your ad

You are now ready to succeed with your TikTok advertising ! Finally, here are some tips to optimize your ads and make them even more effective:

  • When you launch an ad in Brand Takeover format It is especially important that you use high resolution images. Please note that the images will be displayed full screen and highly visible.

  • Focus on a single call to action at the same time, for example, download your application or use a coupon on your website, but not both at the same time.

  • Please note Note that the space for text is limited to 80 characters . If you need more space to explain your product or service, you can insert text in your images or videos.

  • And as always, don’t forget to tests with different creative elements and segmentations to improve your advertising on TikTok more and more.

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