Banner Ads: 20 Creative and Powerful Examples

Banner Ads: 20 Creative and Powerful Examples

Need inspiration for your Facebook banner ads ? We have what you need!

At Cyberclick we love to see examples of creative ad campaigns, as they always help us see things from another perspective and give us new ideas. And if we can see concrete examples of the formats that interest us, even better! So today we’ve collected 20 Facebook banner examples to help inspire you.

20 Facebook Ads That Work and Why

1) Worlwide Breast Cancer

This NGO focused on the early detection of breast cancer came up with a happy idea to raise awareness of this problem in a didactic and even fun way: representing the warning signs of breast cancer with lemons .

The result is a advertisement or simple, but without a doubt it remains in the memory of those who see it.


2) Birchbox

Birchbox is a cosmetics distribution company that has succeeded thanks to videos specially adapted for mobile phones, with close-ups, product demonstrations and introductions especially designed to call the attention ntion of your target audience.

3) Save the Children

The secret of the success of this NGO in its Facebook advertisements is based on the power of custom audiences .

This conversion-focused campaign was especially aimed at people who had previously donated and the 1% of users with the most characteristics in common with them.


4) Slack

I love this campaign because it combines a universal truth (nobody likes to waste time in meetings!) with one of the most original aesthetics for a productivity app. Thus, you get the attention of your audience at first sight with this advertisement .


5) Dollar Shave Club

The advertising of this brand is fantastic and very creative in all formats, and the Facebook advertisements were not going to be the exception. Here they dare to openly contradict all the brands that create feminine hair removal products in pink. And as they say, it is time to update gender stereotypes.


6) Heal

Simple but effective, this banner ad quickly wins the trust of users. The keys: a copy of the clearest and most direct , an image with a real person and the endorsement of a well-known brand.


7 ) Kay Jewelers

A great use of the video on Facebook allows this brand to tell a most emotional story in just a few seconds. In addition, it works perfectly without the need for audio, a very important factor since Facebook users do not usually activate it.

Anuncios publicitarios: 20 ejemplos creativos y poderosos

8) is a task management tool that is compatible with multiple operating systems … among them Mac. And precisely in them they are inspired to combine their logo with the original colors of Apple’s apple . The result is very clean and visually clear and also takes advantage of the power of an established brand to make itself known with its advertisement .


9) NatureBox

The secret of this banner ad is as simple as effective : choosing an interesting point of view. In this case, the overhead photograph allows the variety of snacks included in the product to be clearly represented and is most attractive.


10) Athos

Product image or aspirational image? In this case, Athos does not hesitate to combine both resources, thereby clearly showing how the app works and inspiring us to exercise at the same time.


11) Shopify

With this ad , the Shopify ecommerce solution shows that it knows its target perfectly: the people who have a creative hobby but until now they had never considered monetizing it . Their goal is to inspire them to finally take the leap and start selling their own products online.



12 ) Google

It’s no surprise that one of the market leaders in online banner ads knows how to advertise on different platforms. Despite being located on Facebook , this campaign clearly conveys Google’s brand identity. In addition, the text is direct and clear without losing an aspirational point.


13) Boston Sports Club

The image of this ad leaves no doubts about the product offered. In addition, the woman’s gaze is strategically directed to our right, drawing attention to the text. All elements are clearly conversion focused , so we can expect good results.


14) The New York Times

Who said that the newspapers do they have to be boring? This New York Times ad attracts millennials with an engaging headline and a most colorful illustration. It’s hard to resist clicking!


15) Tortuga Music Festival

Do you want to promote an event on Facebook? Take note of the keys that this ad offers: an impressive photograph, key data (in this case, the bands that play) and dates. Save-the-children4

16) Bustle

This ad is an example of promoted posts , one of the most popular ad formats on Facebook. If you choose this option, you need to have content capable of attracting attention and an impressive image.


17) Amazon

Another example of an event promoted from which we can point out several ideas: clearly show an example product, take advantage of user evaluations and be very clear in the messages. In addition, the warm colors add an extra attractive factor.


18) Winc

The keys to this ad : a clear and simple image, retargeting aimed at users looking for related content, an irresistible offer and a very powerful call to action.


19) Shutterfly

This campaign takes advantage of one of the most interesting formats for brands on Facebook: multiproduct ads . Each image shows a different offer, so you can reach different audiences with a single ad. But all of them are consistent with the aesthetics of the brand.


20) Allbirds

A video of just 9 seconds that takes advantage of simplicity and white space to tell us what we need to know about the product. And last but not least, the image’s format makes it stand out clearly in the latest Facebook news section.



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