ClubHouse: how to use it in your digital marketing strategy

ClubHouse: how to use it in your digital marketing strategy

social networks are an essential element in any digital marketing strategy. This forces brands to be constantly updated on those that are in fashion and the type of public behind each of them. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok had their moment of glory, and although they are still growing, especially TikTok, now ClubHouse arrives. In this article we explain the benefits of ClubHouse and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

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ClubHouse como usarlo en tu estrategia de marketing digital

Benefits of ClubHouse for companies

ClubHouse is a social network created in the beginning for iOS devices, but it is already available for Android. One of its strengths is that it is between a radio show and a voice chat, allowing users to join conversations in real time, either as a participant or as a listener. Or put another way, it is a social network with audio rooms. But what benefits can a social network of these characteristics have for a company?


It can only be accessed by invitation . That is, only users who are already inside can send invitations, which are limited. By this we mean that through ClubHouse you can reach a very small audience with a concrete and specific profile. In addition, the fact that it is so exclusive makes it much more attractive.

Live content

ClubHouse content is live and ephemeral, as conversations cannot be recorded or shared on other networks. This means that only those who are online and in that particular room will be able to listen or participate in it. Users who are not connected will lose the opportunity to know what is happening.

Creating audio content without large investments

All you need is an iPhone or a mobile with Android system and an invitation to access this application and create or consume content. This means that those brands that manage to be present in ClubHouse do not need to invest in recording material .

Empathy and proximity with the audience through conversations

Live conversations bring the brand closer to the audience than any other type of content. Normally people can speak in a small number, but you can “raise your hand” to ask to speak. But although not everyone present can speak, being in a real-time conversation generates greater empathy and proximity to the speaker , since everything is supposed to be spontaneous and more natural.

Greater probability of going viral

Within such an exclusive social network it is much easier to become known and go viral. For this reason many Brands want to be within ClubHouse, since other social networks such as Instagram or TikTok are very crowded and it is very difficult to stand out.

Tips for incorporating ClubHouse into your marketing strategy

Although accessing ClubHouse is not easy because an invitation is required, if you have the opportunity to do so, you should keep the following in mind:

Have members of your team participate in rooms or conversations in your sector

Take advantage of the fact that you are inside so that members of your team also enter and participate in rooms or conversations in your sector. Through interesting conversations you will be able to attract potential audiences and gain brand awareness.

Hold sessions answering questions from your audience

In order for the public to feel involved in the conversations, answers their questions in some sessions . Allowing them to speak, ask questions and give their opinions will bring you much closer to him, as well as give you a lot of information about what is expected of your product or service.

Sponsor events in meeting rooms. third parties

Take advantage of sessions held in other rooms to sponsor events of your brand . Of course, do it in those rooms where there may be an audience interested in this type of event.

Create informal conversations on a topic of interest

One of the ClubHouse’s strengths are spontaneity, something that is lost on other social networks, even podcasts. So try to sound natural and show your more human side through these conversations in real time so that the public will trust you more.

Show what’s behind your business

Any topic can be discussed in the rooms, but we advise you to try to explain what’s behind the brand and fully open it to listeners . Talking about future projects, about what day-to-day life is like in the company, how to work … This type of information is usually very interesting and is a way of opening up.

It is a good alternative to corporate podcasts

Being in ClubHouse does not mean neglecting other social networks or stop publishing other types of content. In fact, if you are thinking of launching into the world of podcasting you can test how the audio format works through this application.

You must have consistency in your content

To stand out and be known you must create content on a regular basis . Even if it may be within a few specific days and a specific time slot much better to make it much easier for users, especially those most loyal.

You have to be attentive to the trends

Although ClubHouse is an application that has had great popularity, especially because of its exclusivity and difficult access, it is still too early to know what its growth will be and if it will really manage to gain a foothold within of the world of social networks as did Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, among others.

Despite this, it is worth trying, since it is a social network that is not as crowded as others, so creating quality content through those conversations could go a long way.

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