ClubHouse: what is this social network and how does it work?

ClubHouse: what is this social network and how does it work?

If you think that in the world of social networks everything has already been seen, you are wrong! And it is that despite having been among us for so many years, the news of this world does not cease to amaze us. In 2020 Tik Tok swept to become the app of the moment, and now it is ClubHouse the one that is giving a lot to talk about.

ClubHouse is a new social network, available for iPhone and Android, with a most original approach: instead of sharing images or texts, now audios rule. You want to know more? Well, keep reading!

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What is ClubHouse and how does it work?

ClubHouse It is the social network that is growing the most and giving rise to talk in recent times. It is an app created in the United States by a group of former Google engineers, who know the digital and social environment very well.

To join, you have to download the app and register with an email, a password and a mobile number. Next, you have to wait for a ClubHouse user to invite you before you can start watching content and participating.

ClubHouse has a format halfway between radio and voice chat . Its basic operation is based on joining conversations in real time, either participating directly or being part of the audience. The two options are not totally exclusive, since audience members can “raise their hands” and take the floor if the moderators allow it.

The contents in ClubHouse are organized around two functions: the rooms and the clubs .

ClubHouse que es y como funciona esta red social

The rooms

The rooms or rooms are the places where a conversation takes place. There are three options regarding privacy:

  • Private room : It can be accessed by invitation only.

  • Social room : access limited to people to the ones you follow.

  • Public room : open to any user who wishes to participate.

When creating a room, you can schedule it by setting a specific date and time. Thus, interested people receive recommendations from the system and can join.

The clubs

The ClubHouse clubs work in a similar to Facebook groups. The clubs group users with similar interests, and within them several rooms can be created.

Currently, in order to create a club you must have created at least 3 rooms previously and have a certain level of engagement with the app.

Opportunities and challenges of ClubHouse

If you dedicate yourself to social media marketing, you may be wondering if you should have a professional presence at ClubHouse. We are going to review the opportunities and challenges of this new social network.

The opportunities of ClubHouse

  • Exclusivity. Without a doubt, the great key to the success of this app is that it has managed to play with the feeling of scarcity. Being an invitation-only network and not accessible to everyone, people want to be part of it. In turn, as each member can give a certain number of invitations, a viral phenomenon is generated.

  • Presence of celebrities and influencers. Another reason why this network has been so popular has been the presence of celebrities among its first users, such as the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk. This phenomenon has also reached Spain, where a specific community has already been created ( and several relevant people from culture and entertainment have started using ClubHouse, such as Luis Piedrahíta or the creators of El Mundo Today.

  • Ephemeral content. ClubHouse replicates the secret of the success of the Stories format in its early days: ephemeral content . As the conversations that occur in ClubHouse cannot be recorded, they cannot be shared on other networks. If you are not there at the right time, you miss the opportunity to find out what is happening.

  • The audio , a world to explore. Audio is not as exploited as video, text or images, but it has a lot of potential since it allows us to consume content while walking, commuting to work or doing other daily tasks. The rise of podcasts shows that it is widely accepted, but until now a social network dedicated to audio has not been created exclusively.

The challenges of ClubHouse

  • Security. As in all social networks , ClubHouse faces problems with content moderation around topics such as racism, machismo or the extreme right. As it is ephemeral voice content, it is particularly difficult to track what is happening and moderate it in time.

  • Monetization. At this time, as it is a very recent application, no plans have yet been announced to monetize the social network itself or to make it easier for influencers to earn money with it. Previous experiences with other social networks show us that this step will be key to long-term success.

  • Scaling up to scale. To succeed, ClubHouse will have to stop being an open secret and open up to a critical mass of users. But in turn, this will stop it from being perceived as exclusive, and it may lose some of its appeal to users. This is a delicate balance.

In conclusion …

Now is a great time to start experimenting with ClubHouse, since thousands of people have signed up and are inquiring into the application.

As is always the case in social media, the key to making your ClubHouse presence work is to create content and valuable information and find your audience niche. As there is still little content, it is quite easy to stand out and start building your community.

It is also important to link your presence in ClubHouse to other social networks. Users who already follow you on Twitter and Facebook will receive alerts of your ClubHouse activity, which makes it easier to start getting to know you.

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