Crisis Marketing on Social Media: How to Manage It

Crisis Marketing on Social Media: How to Manage It

social networks are one of the most effective tools for a brand or company and, currently, it is not contemplated to carry out a marketing strategy in which, at least, there is no social network. However, social media also has a risk. In fact, a very high percentage of companies claim to have experienced a crisis in social networks at some point, this is what is known as crisis marketing or social media crisis.

We explain below what it is and how you can handle this type of situation.

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What is crisis marketing?

The crisis marketing in networks social is a situation that, caused by a publication or any type of action within a social media, is putting the reputation of the brand or company at risk.

These situations may be due to a publication or action that the same company or brand has carried out and that has not been well received and is generating negative reviews from the audience. Although they can also occur when many users make public their dissatisfaction about a certain product or service. It has even been the case that this type of crisis is caused by an influencer after making a complaint public on his own social network live, which has an immediate impact.

Social networks, in addition to being a communication channel between brand and audience, they are also a showcase where both the good and the bad are shown. However, everything can be solved, you just have to analyze the type of situation very well and act accordingly, always in a professional way.

Crisis in social networks: how to act

A very high percentage of companies or brands that have an internet presence have faced or will face a social media crisis at some point. This means that it is very important to have all the necessary tools to overcome it and get out of it as less affected as possible.

We explain how you should act if you are in the middle of a crisis of this type or everything you should know if, in the future, you have to face one.

Do not ignore or delete the criticism

When it is present on the internet, and especially within one or more social networks, both positive and negative reviews will be received. As we have already mentioned, social networks are a communication channel between brand and audience, which means that it is very important that there is an interaction between both parties. That is, the brand must respond to users any type of doubt and react to both positive and negative comments .

Many companies make the mistake of responding only to a few users or even to those who give a positive opinion about a certain product or service. This is a serious error, it is expected that negative comments will be answered in a professional way and, above all, that a solution will be given to certain problems or incidents.

If the number of messages is very high, a balance must be found. This means stopping responding to positive comments that do not add value to the brand and responding to those that are more prominent. And, obviously, what you should never do is delete messages that, for some reason, you don’t like.

Monitoring your profiles

Any company should be interested in what they are saying about it. This means monitoring everything to know what is being said both inside and outside the profile of the brand or company. Here the community manager has a fundamental role, since he must be attentive to what is being said about the brand on social networks in order to give an answer.

In addition to responding to comments, doubts and criticisms, It is a way of knowing what the audience thinks about the brand and knowing what can be improved in order to offer a better product or service to customers.

Take care of your forms and language

The image that is given in social networks is the image that the audience of the brand will have. This means that you always have to take maximum care of the forms and the language so as not to lose professionalism .

When you have to respond to a negative message, the tone used should be positive and calm, it is even advisable to invite the user to resolve the conflict by private message. Although the resolution of the problem is not reflected publicly, it will be recorded that the brand has taken care to respond and that it has wanted to resolve the problem directly with the affected person. Both in the public message and in those that are exchanged by private message, a correct form and language must be used.

It is important to respond quickly to this type of message and, above all, before it do other users.

Attention to trolls

Trolls or haters are users who seek to provoke and offend in a social network, in a forum or in any online community. This means that the more followers a brand gets, the more likely it is to face these types of users on a frequent basis. In this type of situation you have to control impulses .

If you have not made any mistakes, the ideal is to give a polite, firm and conclusive answer. In case that comment, even and coming from a troll, refers to a mistake that has been made, it is best to acknowledge it and publicly apologize.

Practice active listening

Consumers like to give their opinion and expect to receive a response from the brand or company. However, one of the most frequent mistakes is ignoring much of the comments and not responding. This makes the user or consumer feel ignored and, therefore, the image conveyed by the brand is that of disinterest in what its customers say.

For users to feel heard and understood, it is It is necessary to respond to all or most of the comments , or at least react to them, whether positive or negative.

Send the comments to your team

Social networks are the responsibility of a specific department within a large company. However, the entire team that the form must know what the audience thinks about it because only in this way can they find a way to improve and grow.

It must be assumed that the most successful companies are horizontal and do not have managers, but leaders. This means that we are not talking about employees, but about the team, and that everyone must know the situation in which the company is in order to contribute and share ideas and participate in the achievement of objectives. So that part of the team that is in charge of managing social networks should share with the rest what is being said about them.

Options for improvement

You should try to come out stronger from any crisis in social networks. By this we mean that you have to analyze very well the mistake or mistakes made so as not to commit them again and, incidentally, improve. Through negative opinions, you can discover what the audience and customers dislike the most, as well as what they really expect from the brand. We must take advantage of all this information to improve and grow as a company.

Analyze the causes of the problem

Before any problem or conflict, ask yourself a very question simple, why has this happened? If it is a human error, if it is an error in the management of certain resources, if it is something specific or not, if it can happen again … This work is very Important, since once the cause of the problem is detected, it is much easier to find a solution and try not to make it happen again.

Seek to compensate your users

When there is a social media crisis, you have to identify the users who have started it. This is not an easy job, but you have to try to give them an official answer and compensate them . In fact, the majority of users who show their discontent on social networks do so in order to be heard and be compensated.

Ideally, all brands would accept their mistakes, apologize and, later, compensate the user for all the inconvenience caused. In this way, the image of the brand is cleaned up, which publicly demonstrates that it is capable of assuming its own mistakes and responding to them.

Follow the subsequent evolution

After making a mistake, especially if it is very serious, it is necessary to analyze the cause very well and try not to make it again. It is even advisable to study any type of action very well so as not to make a mistake that could generate a new crisis. In addition, and in order to recover online reputation, you have to work hard on quality content to gain the trust of users again .

Now you know what a crisis in social networks and how to act in such a situation to get as little damaged as possible. Of course, remember that it is as important to act quickly as professionally.


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