How to be invisible on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

How to be invisible on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

With social networks we have got into the habit of making known every most intimate aspect of our private life even to those we do not know, further reducing the concept of privacy and confidentiality.

While it can be useful to use social media for some purposes, for others it would be better to try to scale their use or hide some activities, so that not everyone knows about us.

For this reason we have decided to offer you a guide to being invisible on social networks , in particular we have chosen the most famous and used in the world, in order to make your user experience safer and satisfying.

How to be invisible on Facebook

It is undoubtedly the most used social network in the world, given that being completely invisible is impossible due to its very nature, there are some operations that can be done to make your presence less visible.

You will surely have noticed that next to the names of your contacts their online status and last access appears, two tangible signs of their presence and activity on Facebook, well, you can disable this feature .

To do this, just go, from PC, to Options, by clicking on the gear icon located at the bottom right of the chat window and choose the item Deactivate activity state

You can also choose whether to disable the activity status for all contacts and become invisible for all, or, select the item Disable the activity status for all contacts except … By choosing the names of the people to add who will not be able to see the Online status; lastly, you can also do the exact opposite, by choosing Deactivate the activity status only for some contacts, in this case the names of the people who will be shown the status of online activity are entered.

To complete the operation, from the chat options screen you can also forward and select the Disable calls / video calls item, which will prevent anyone from calling.

Also from the chat list you can decide to deactivate the chat with a specific person so as not to be contacted, just open the chat with that person and then at the top right make a click on the settings icon and then choose Block.

Another operation to be invisible is to disable, again from the Settings, the item Show when you are active, so that nobody is able to see the logins on Facebook.

Also, remember that you can also limit the privacy of posts you publish by choosing between Everyone, Everyone Except and Friends and discourage search engines from showing your Facebook profile in web search results. .

How to be invisible on Instagram

Instagram is another widely used social network that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young people. Also in this case it is possible to limit the visibility by choosing a more privacy-oriented approach.

Open the application and click on the little man-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner of the screen and then on Settings.

Choose the Privacy and security item to access a series of useful settings in order to limit visibility.

By choosing Activity status, you can remove the lever on Show activity status, this prevents other people from knowing the time of the last activity on Instagram. You can also block and restrict comments under posts and stories to give you more control over profile activity.

Also, if you prefer a much more radical approach, you can go to Privacy and Security and make your account completely private. With this choice, all contents will be invisible to those who are not followers, to become one, people will have to make a specific request.

To do this, go to Account privacy and activate the lever located next to Private account from the pop-up menu. Finally, you can also block people, in this case you have to press on the three dots at the top right of the screen and then select the Block item.

How to be invisible on Twitter

Finally, let’s see how to increase privacy also on Twitter which continues to have a high number of users using it every month, despite having suffered a slight decline in recent years.

If you want to limit visibility on Twitter, you have to launch the application from your smartphone, press the icon of your profile picture and then on Settings and privacy, finally on Privacy and security from the next pop-up menu.

Also in this case it is possible to choose whether or not to make visible the account and the tweets both already published and future, to do this you must activate the lever next to Protect your Tweets .

By activating this option, people will have to send a request to follow your Twitter profile, you will have the possibility to decide whether to approve the request or not.

It is also possible to make decisions regarding the possibility of tagging you in the photos, but also block a specific account, simply go to the symbol with the 3 dots in the upper right corner screen of your smartphone and then select the item Block, by entering the name of the account to be blocked.


It is not always possible to be completely invisible on social networks due to their very nature of sharing. Anyone who uses any type of social network must be aware that they are choosing to share their life with other people.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide some useful tools to reduce privacy, it will not make you completely invisible but it will certainly allow you to protect some aspects of your life on social media.

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