How to create leads on Facebook step by step

How to create leads on Facebook step by step

Facebook Lead Ads has become one of the most used marketing objectives in Facebook campaigns . This type of campaign allows to generate leads directly on Facebook , allowing the creation of native forms and the data of potential customers being saved on the same social platform for later download. We explain what exactly it consists of and how it can be used for lead generation.

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What is Facebook Leads Ads?

Facebook Leads Ads is one of the types of advertising objectives most used today.

Until not many years ago, companies that wanted to capture leads through Facebook did so through a link that redirected to a landing page, there the user could choose between filling in or not a contact form and provide your data to the company. With the arrival of Facebook Leads Ads, this process is streamlined because the data is obtained from Facebook itself. In other words, it is a tool that allows the exchange of information between customers and brands without having to go to a landing page .

Generating leads on Facebook is much easier with this tool because the ads on Facebook Lead Ads are displayed with a native Facebook contact form , so it is not necessary to the user leaves Facebook for the company or brand to get their data. In addition, these types of forms are designed so that the user has to write as little as possible. And the more direct and simple it is for the user, the easier it is to get conversions.

Cómo crear leads en Facebook paso a paso

Benefits of Facebook Leads Ads for your company

If companies should start incorporating Facebook Leads Ads in their marketing strategies, it is because, basically, it makes it much easier to get quality leads . However, we want to highlight other benefits:

  • Get data from the target audience: Facebook usually recognizes the user’s data, so the user will only have to submit the form. In some cases it may be necessary to enter information manually, but it will not be too much. The faster and easier the process, the more likely the user will accept.

  • Allows you to capture more leads : traditional ads led to a landing page, so many users did not fill out the contact form. By eliminating this step, it is much easier to capture leads. When times and processes are reduced, the chances of getting leads increase.

  • Cost savings: the objective of the campaign is achieved in very few steps and without leaving Facebook. The fewer steps there are, the more effective and also more profitable a campaign is.

  • More data: lead generation is direct, so the information on the database can grow very fast. The best of all is that the data of the users that are obtained are from profiles that may be interested in that product or service, so we would be talking about quantity and quality at the same time.

  • Improves the user experience: as it is not necessary to fill in a form manually, for the user it is much more practical and simple.

  • Greater confidence for the user: although the data is collected from Facebook, the user can change or delete it at any time. This power of decision creates trust and security in the user, since they always have control over that personal information.

It is clear that using Facebook Leads Ads has numerous benefits for a company, since, above all, it provides data from users who have been interested in one of its products or services. We must remember that the ads that appear to a user are always related to her tastes and interests, so the chances of them clicking on it and agreeing to fill out and send the registration form are very high.

Guide to gain leads on Facebook

To gain leads on Facebook it is necessary to create an ad that captures the attention of the Username. Although the product or service may be of interest to you, if the ad is inappropriate, unoriginal or inconspicuous, the user will not click on it and, therefore, their contact information will not be obtained.

The steps to create a campaign are very simple:

  • The first thing to do is go to the Power Editor, inside Facebook Lead Ads, and give Create Campaign and choose Lead Generation ( Lead Generation ) as the objective.

Cómo crear leads en Facebook paso a paso

  • The second thing will be to configure the ad set. This step is very important, as this is where it determines just about everything: the fan page, the daily budget, the start and end date, and the target audience for the campaign. To choose the audience profile you must select demographic data, interests, behaviors …

Cómo crear leads en Facebook paso a paso

  • The third step is to configure the ads. Ideally, make 4-6 ads, each with an image and text, to increase reach. This step also includes the creation of the form, which must have a name, a selected language and the data fields that the user must provide. Finally, the ad must be linked to the privacy policies of the company and to a web page that gives thanks and the instructions that are deemed appropriate. Once this is done, all you have to do is configure the ad as you would any other: with text, image, call to action …

Cómo crear leads en Facebook paso a paso

To download the leads you have generated a Facebook Lead Ads campaign, just go to the fan page, select Publishing Tools and go to the Leads Ads Forms section. From here you can download the list of leads . This list can be imported into a CRM or email marketing tool, manually or by connecting with a Facebook integration with the application.

Cómo crear leads en Facebook paso a paso In addition to launching a good advertising campaign on Facebook, there are other aspects that can influence When it comes to getting leads, such as publishing posts that are attractive in which the offer is indicated and trying to get that long-awaited Like or even shares and comments. It is also a very good idea to post videos or use Facebook Live, run a contest or giveaway, add a call to action button, etc. All the actions that are carried out within Facebook, always taking into account its algorithm, can generate greater engagement and increase the number of leads. By this we mean that many times it is not enough to create an ad and it is necessary to publish interesting content.

Tips to optimize Facebook Leads

In order to Make the most of Facebook Leads Ads and get good results you can create several ads to find out which one works better and get a greater reach.

It is also very important to correctly select the type of audience the campaign is aimed at, since it will not attract the attention of a teenager in the same way that it will attract an adult’s. Depending on the type of audience the campaign is aimed at, select that the ad appears only on devices that are connected to a Wi-Fi line because there is a high probability that the user is at home and has time to watch Ads.

Another option is to run two campaigns , one with Facebook Lead Ads and the other with Conversion that leads to a landing page. Although Lead Ads have been found to tend to perform better, in some cases it could be the other way around. Launching two campaigns is a way of knowing what the public prefers. This option, however, requires a greater investment of money and time, so it might not be feasible for everyone.

In addition to ads, Facebook Lead Ads can also be used to create contests , something that usually attracts the public quite a bit.

We also advise you to use the double opt-in to have the best qualified leads in the database. The double opt-in is a process that consists of confirming the contacts that have entered a list. What would be a kind of filter to choose who enters and who does not in the subscriber list.

Any of these tips can be very useful to optimize the work of Facebook Lead Ads, which, as you have been able to verify, for this reason it has become an essential tool within marketing campaigns.

However, despite all its advantages, this tool also has certain disadvantages that must be taken into account. One of them is that there are users who leave their data without being aware that they are doing so, so they may not be truly interested in the product or service. Hence, we have suggested the use of the double opt-in. Another drawback is that there are users who have an email account linked to Facebook that they do not normally use. So these two situations should be taken into account when using Facebook Lead Ads.

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