How to generate leads on LinkedIn: the steps to achieve it

How to generate leads on LinkedIn: the steps to achieve it

LinkedIn is the flagship social network for B2B marketers. Being focused exclusively on the professional environment, it is one of the best places to find contacts that can become new business opportunities.

And yet, when we talk about social media marketing, LinkedIn is still a network relatively little known. To unravel all its mysteries and help you boost your business, here we tell you the keys to generating leads on LinkedIn .

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Como generar leads en LinkedIn los pasos para conseguirlo

10 LinkedIn lead generation tips

1) Complete your profile

You already know that first impressions are important, and in the case of LinkedIn, it depends entirely on having a complete and up-to-date profile.

Your profile shows what you can offer to potential customers and suppliers, so it must be attractive and stand out from the competition. This is especially important for entrepreneurs and freelancers who are looking for new clients and projects.

Therefore, the first step to generating leads on LinkedIn is to give your profile a complete review and make sure it includes all relevant information about your work experience , positions, training, professional achievements, languages, etc. Mention the most important projects you have worked on and ask your colleagues and bosses for recommendations.


The next step is to create a company page for your business or your brand, with all the details about your company: size, location, years in operation, products and services, etc. Don’t forget to include your logo and the URL of your company website.


2) Don’t forget about SEO

Do you think SEO only works for Google? Error: the same principles can help you to optimize your presence on multiple platforms, including your profile and your company page on LinkedIn.

Optimizing your SEO on LinkedIn will help you to Your name or brand appears when users search for related products and services, both on and off LinkedIn.

As if you were trying to rank your site in Google, the first step is to identify the keywords for the you want your profile to appear. Remember that it is interesting to add both broad terms and “long-tail” words that target more specific leads.


Once you have chosen your keywords, the next step is to incorporate them in different places of your profile and your company page, such as job titles, description or skills. If you need ideas, you can try doing a search for your keywords on LinkedIn and analyze the results that appear first.

3) Connect with the people who visit your profile

Every time someone visits your profile, LinkedIn sends you a notification to let you know . Well, these notifications can be a very interesting resource to generate leads.

When someone visits your LinkedIn profile, it is likely that they are interested in your products and services . Therefore, it is always a good idea to follow up to try to convert these visitors into leads.

4) Search for connections on LinkedIn

Remember that yes you want to generate leads on LinkedIn, you don’t have to wait for other users to come to you: you can go and find them .

LinkedIn is a platform designed for the networking and offers advanced search filters that can help you find relevant leads, including the company a user works for, previous jobs, location, interests, and much more.

So I encourage you to use all these search options to find potential leads and send them a contact request. Once they accept it, they will be able to see your content and receive your messages. If you do a good initial search and your publications really add value, it will be very easy to get new leads.

5) Publish attractive content

Optimize your Your profile and Company Page will help you improve your visibility on LinkedIn. But to retain the attention of your visitors, you need to publish quality, original and relevant content.

As marketers know, “content is king”. Posting on LinkedIn will help you position yourself as an expert in your sector.

Keep in mind that on LinkedIn, the quality of content is key. The audience is made up of professionals, in many cases of high level, who want to be up to date with the latest news and obtain unique perspectives. Therefore, your videos and articles have to be able to contribute something valuable to your sector.

Remember that you can enrich your publications with graphics, videos, presentations, statistics and other resources. If you need ideas, take a look at the top phrases of the most shared headlines on LinkedIn according to BuzzSumo:

  • The future of …

  • X ways to …

  • … you need know

  • … of the world

  • .. .of the year

Finally, remember that timeliness is key. Post content regularly so visitors see that you are always up to date and try to contribute your insight on the hottest topics in your industry.

6) Create publications that stimulate conversions

Remember that your content is a tool to generate leads. It is better to avoid excessively promotional texts, but it is interesting to link your publications with your website to generate conversions. Therefore, don’t forget to include calls to action and links whenever relevant .

7) Use LinkedIn Pulse to generate leads

LinkedIn Pulse is a news platform integrated with LinkedIn, although you can also use it as a standalone application.

The interest of LinkedIn Pulse is that the articles you publish here can be discovered by a much larger audience , multiplying the reach you would get with your own blog or LinkedIn profile. Therefore, posting on LinkedIn Pulse can help you reach a broader and more relevant audience and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

For maximum effectiveness with LinkedIn Pulse, take note of these recommendations:

  • Post articles on the latest trends in your industry . Keep in mind that Pulse is basically a news platform, so current affairs are key.

  • Optimize headlines . Headlines are the first impression users receive of your article, so they should be attractive enough to encourage them to continue reading.

  • Includes images . “Text only” posts give the impression of being boring, dense, and difficult to read, so don’t forget to enliven yours with images. And remember: quality is key, so don’t settle for standard stock images.

  • Add links to your website: remember that your goal is to generate leads, so you must link your article on LinkedIn Pulse with your own website in order to attract potential customers.

  • Promote your articles on other platforms (for example, other social networks where you have a brand presence) to increase their visibility.

8) Use LinkedIn Ads

If you want to expand the reach of your content beyond your existing connections and followers, you should start exploring the different advertising options offered by LinkedIn .

The easiest way to start using LinkedIn Ads is to create promoted posts with your most valuable content, but you also have more advanced options such as advertising in video or private message campaigns.

One of the great advantages of LinkedIn Ads is that it offers very precise segmentation, since it has large amounts s information on the professional profile of users. Therefore, it can help you reach the right audience.

To multiply the chances of success of your ads, make sure that the messages match the specific targeting and include attractive calls to action.

9) Ask your professional contacts for help

Your office colleagues and your bosses can be your greatest allies on LinkedIn . Here are some ideas to help you:

  • Explain that you are trying to improve the presence of brand on this network and ask them to publish your content on their profiles . In this way, you will multiply the visibility and credibility of your brand and generate more visits to your site and leads.

  • Ask them to complete their LinkedIn profiles, including links to the company. In this way, you will get visibility every time someone visits their profiles.

  • Ask them to validate your professional skills in your profile .

10) Join LinkedIn groups

Join groups LinkedIn is a very effective way to broaden your potential audience and generate more leads.

The first logical step to start is the groups in your sector, but then you can broaden your horizons with groups that are related in some way to your niche and can help you grow your business. LinkedIn itself has a guide to choosing the right groups and joining them.

Of course, joining a group is just the beginning. Once you are in, you will have to contribute to the conversation by publishing quality content . You can even publish links to your own articles or lead generation pages, as long as they are relevant and add value to other users. In this way, you will be creating new professional relationships and positioning your brand among the public most interested in it.

You should also look at the degree of engagement of the groups, because they have fallen into disuse a bit, already that LinkedIn has wanted to enhance the personal feed, stories, videos and live broadcasts, to be more like other social networks.

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